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Eugene Egbe[edit]

Eugene Egbe

Eugene Egbe is a software engineer from Cameroon. He is an active member of the African Wikimedia developers’ community and has worked on various software applications in the Wikimedia ecosystem, including the ISA Tool and Scribe. For OpenRefine’s SDC project, Eugene develops the Wikimedia-specific features, including the Wikimedia Commons reconciliation service.

Joey Salazar[edit]

Joey Salazar is a software engineer from Costa Rica, graduated in China, working in Internet Governance spaces in Europe and America. Continually advocating for free speech online and open source technologies, Joey focuses on policies, standards, and protocol implementations, in particular regarding the DNS and related privacy and censorship considerations. In this project, Joey takes care of software development in OpenRefine’s own codebase.

Lozana Rossenova[edit]

Lozana Rossenova works as design researcher for this project.

Sandra Fauconnier[edit]

Sandra Fauconnier shrugging while giving a presentation at Public Domain Day 2018
Sandra doing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯</shrug> at Public Domain Day 2018

Sandra is an art historian who works on digital projects in the cultural sector, and a Wikimedian since 2003. In recent years, she has mainly been active on Wikidata and Wikimedia Commons. She edits Wikimedia projects in her volunteer capacity as User:Spinster and professionally/paid as User:SFauconnier. In this project, Sandra is working as product manager.

Antonin Delpeuch[edit]

Antonin Delpeuch is an active OpenRefine developer and acts as a mentor and advisor in this project.