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In the month of March 2018, we added the profiles of team members on Meta: [[1]]. We also identified potential team members, module writers and reviewers who will approach in April with a proposal to join our team.

Advisory Board[edit]

We identified the need for advisors to help shape the project and started conversations with potential advisors. We hope to have a 5-member advisory team by the end of April.

Confirmed Advisors (As of March 31)[edit]

Soraya Chemaly -- Director, Women’s Media Center


For the literature survey, we posted a call for volunteers on the WikimediaIndia-l mailing list, which attracted some interest. We followed up with the people who expressed interest and gave a comprehensive briefing to them over the phone. Unfortunately, we could not engage with the volunteers further because of their lack of responsiveness.


For the first month our expenses have been mainly salaries.


We have posted the project timeline on [[2]]. The timeline has details on milestones and activities. We will update this as and when there are changes.

Literature Survey[edit]

We identified approximately 50 academic papers and approximately 12 non-academic texts and reports for conducting a literature survey. We have drafted research questions for the literature survey. Here is the first draft: [[3]]. We will sharing a near-final draft at the end of April.

Other Work[edit]

Submitted a proposal to conduct a session on the project at Wikimania 2018. This session would enable us to disseminate the project and seek feedback from the Wikimedia communities present at a large platform such as Wikimania.