Grants:Project/Chinmayisk/Community toolkit for Greater Diversity/September Update

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Drafts of the following sub-modules were completed and sent for review to the team.

  1. Why do we need to identify privilege?
  2. Why is ignorance of (one’s own) privilege or lack thereof, bad for the sum of all human knowledge?
  3. Identifying privilege
  4. Lived experiences
  5. Why do we need to use various wiki-based tools?
    1. To impart tangibility to the idea of the knowledge gap and to support assertions with verifiable data
    2. To quantify the lack of diversity among contributors and in the content
  6. What tools do we use?
  7. What are their limitations?
  8. What do we empirically learn from what we find using the tools?
  9. Creating safe spaces for events
  10. How to determine the needs of the group


We invited designers via various public forums and through our trusted networks to submit their portfolios for the website and module graphics work.

Event Logistics[edit]

We obtained confirmation from the following participants for the event: [[1]]
We made travel and lodging arrangements for all participants and members of the organising team.


The expenses for this month include

  1. Salaries for the Project Lead and Resource Persons
  2. Ticket booking for the participants
  3. Hotel bookings for the resource persons