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Project Grants This project is funded by a Project Grant

proposal people timeline & progress finances midpoint report final report

Timeline for ContentMine[edit]

Timeline Date
ScienceSource Wiki September 2018
Text Mining tool Oct 2018
Pilot test (First corpus of papers) Nov 2018
MEDRS algorithm in beta Dec 2018
Corpus retrival technology Dec 2019
Statement automation wikidata Jan 2019
UI SSwiki inteface Jan 2019
Full operational mode Feb-May 2019

Monthly updates[edit]

Work packages[edit]

Name Work package Work package objective June-18 July-18 August-18 September-18 October-18 November-18 Expected output at end of the project
WP1 Project management Ensure that the action runs smoothly, that there is excellent communication among all the project participants, volunteers and community, and that action outputs are delivered on time to deliver a high-quality output. Project plan set up with 3-month and 6-month milestones. Analytics page set up on Wikidata. Defined 3MVP and comms plans. Comms plan strategy and KPI's Whole-project schematic produced and some gaps addressed Task list drafted, and "floor plan" of SS wiki namespaces produced. Inkscape workflow diagram. Pilot project management Midterm report, Project evaluation (Tech & comms) Project plan
progress report
risk register
final report
WP2 Dictionaries management Select and enhance a set of WikiFactMine dictionaries that are valued by Wiki Med and WikiJournal as daily assets in their work. MeSH Code project. Mix'n'match catalogue MeSH diseases completed. Phantom JS software for scraping developed. Dictionaries and corpus review MeSH disease project completed New dictionaries produced for trial and presentation. Dictionaries selection per disease of interest Planning and review interface with TDM tool, SS wiki and WP3 Revised and expanded WFM dictionaries, committed to Github. Updated statements in Wikidata entries for dictionary creation.
WP3 Corpus and bibliography management Select and annotate a core set of biomedical articles, that are valued by Wiki Med and WikiJournal. Focus list draft written, video scripted, and planning ScienceSource focus list landing page set up on Wikidata, 10 July. Announcement to wikicite-discuss group and other lists. Focus list at 2.5K items by end of the month. Streamlined plan for WikiJournal import. Neglected disease video Corpus and champions discussion and selection Corpus tech development tool planning Corpust tech tool development and review against Wikidata and SSwiki Corpus of 30,000 WFM-annotated articles (Parsoid format) on Wikimedia Labs.
WP4 Corpus of 30,000 WFM-annotated articles (Parsoid format) on Wikimedia Labs. To create a complete toolchain for ingesting Open biomedical articles into WMFLabs, converting to Parsoid, and annotating with WFM dictionaries. Wikimedia Labs accesses for platform obtained, virtual machine configured at with Wikibase+Blazegraph SPARQL+QuickStatements to be uploaded. Annotation data schema written. Wiki at, restricted access as anti-spam measure Tech development, TDM tool Tech development TDM tool and SSwiki Pilot Trial first 100 papers, MEDRS Algorithm planning Planning full pipeline implementation Software (such as Quickscrape, XSLT stylesheets, viewer; most already exists or is based on standard tools) in public repos. Tutorial material
WP5 Dissemination and community engagement To promote and increase the awareness of the project's benefits. To disseminate the key project results to the community and wider partners. Wikimania registrations and bookings. Marketing material decisions. Advance work on events in August and September. June newsletter circulated. Annotations video scripted and uploaded to Commons. Storytelling showcase with WMF and other grantees. Prepared and delivered presentation to Wikimedia and other project grantees with rest of team. Spread the word on social media about showcase (Twitter, linked to YouTube). Search for improved HTML formats and newsletter templates. Produced first video of a series to explain how ScienceSource works. Design focus list social media hashtag. Wikimania over five days: hackathon, plus three days on stall in community village. Hackathon session phab:T199329, hackathon showcase phab:T199880. Hackathon reach about 80 people, logged stall visitors about 50. Wikidata newsletter 20 August note about focus list; Wikimedia UK blogpost 30 August; meetup booked for 29 September Meetup 29 September (video made by WMUK), newsletter 30 September Engagement first list of champions, SS conference preparation ScienceSource conference, workshop report, Gosh presentation, Mozfest presentation, EBI presentation Project website section. Dissemination plan. Conferences and community engagement report. Workshops report.

Project metrics[edit]

Area Specific goals Metrics June-18 July-18 August-18 September-18 October-18 November-18
Project impact Import new referenced facts into Wikidata, conforming with the medical references guideline; and improve the quality of referencing of existing biomedical statements in Wikidata, by adding references, or replacing existing references. Process 30,000 downloaded papers, including all WikiJournal papers within the biomedical scope. Technical planning Research on TDM technologies applicable to the project Wiki and Docker configuration Sidebar configuration First pilot test Technology planning rest of corpus
Project impact Metadata improvement for Wikidata's items on biomedical papers. Metadata import to Wikidata, 15,000 statements. Technical planning Research DOI 387 main subjects added 236 main subjects added 236 main subjects added 546 main subjects added + 53 main subjects during workshop + Technical Planning
Project impact Build a working ScienceSource community, as a participatory technical platform. Annotations on platform: 3,000 contributions. Preparation of engaging material for project champions Preparation of engaging material for project champions Preparation of engaging material for project champions engaging the first team of 15 champions engaging second team of 10 champions Community of 25 active project champions engaged witing for working on SS
Participation and content Total participants On the platform: 25, measured by account creation. Workshops and meetups: 150, measured by attendance list. Newsletter circulation: 100 individuals Preparation of engaging material for champions, workshop material, meetups planning and delivery monthly newsletter (100 people) + Video (+500 views) Preparation of engaging material for champions, workshop delivery (80people), meetups planning and delivery monthly newsletter (120 people) + Video (+500 views) Preparation of engaging material for champions, workshop preparation, meetups planning and delivery monthly newsletter (120 people) + Video (+500 views) Preparation of engaging material for champions, workshop preparation, meetups planning and delivery monthly newsletter (120 people) + Video (+500 views) First 10 champions engaged, workshop preparation, meetups planning and delivery monthly newsletter (120 people) + Video (+500 views) Community of 25 champions engaged. 2 workshops delivered (+100 people). 1 meetup deliver (+15 people). Monthly newsletter sent (+120 people)
Participation and content Number of content pages created or improved, across all Wikimedia projects Number of pages improved: 500. Number of pages created: 500 314 new pages on Wikidata, 1112 improved pages there. Content Preparation 11,514 MeSH Code (P672) statements, and 1,596 health specialty (P1995) statements added to Wikidata (pages not distinct) TBA TBA Task Achieved
Community engagement Meetups (Cambridge) Organise and deliver a three-monthly meetup, at or near ContentMine offices. (10-20 people per session) Meetups calendar planning 2018-2019 Meetups calendar planning 2018-2019 Confirmed date, 29th September. Preparation of meet up. Meetup and workshop 29 September, 15 attended, training session report for the first meetup and workshop Meetup arranged for Dec-18, March-19 and May-19
Community engagement Workshops Organise and deliver four workshops for users and developers, e.g. at Wikimania 2018, Wikicite, Mozfest and FORCE11, follow-up on results (20-50 people per session) Planning Wikimania hackathon workshops (50 people) and to engage with potential editors. Workshop delivered at Wikimania, (+80 people) Confirmed date, +20 people invited for October Preparation of SS conference and workshop Report conference and workshop 50% workshops achieved. Other 2 workshops already arranged for Jan19and March 19
Community engagement Conference presentation Deliver presentation during Wikimania 2018 Wikimania talk not accepted (before grant finalised), but opportunities at the hackathon; stall in the community village. (See below for community village numbers.) Fair data presentation +50 people Vilnius hackathon (+30 people) Gosh presentation (+100 people), Shuttleworth gathering (+50 people), Mozfest presentation (+50 people). EBI presentation (+40 people) Conference presentation achieved. Other 4-6 presentation arranged to disseminate the outputs of the project
Community engagement Newsletter Deliver a monthly newsletter, reaching Wikimedians, volunteers and community members (100 people on newsletter list). June newsletter to 120 people, delivery taken of a video on annotations (>1000 views expected). Newsletter posted at Wikimania, to 137 pages. Delivery of a video on the focus list. Newsletter, with video, delivered to 136 pages Newsletter delivered to 141 pages Newsletter delivered to 147 pages Monthly Newsletter to (+100 people) achieved and on going
Community engagement Project webpage and social media Ensuring development work and results are communicated through ContentMine’s own site, wiki page and social media to interested communities at each step in the process. Twitter analysis (>800 views first video) + implementation of a ScienceSource section on ContentMine's own website. Focus list launch on Twitter 0.75K impressions; focus list video on Twitter 16 July, 2K impressions CM webpage ScienceSource project added. Tweet impressions 14.9K ScienceSource Page competed and information up to date. Tweet impressions 26.6K ScienceSource web information updated. Wikimedia Uk Video about ScienceSource (+500 views). Tweet impressions 38k achieved and ongoing activities in our social media network
Communications plan ScienceSource editors 25 active people in the platform, with five selected "project champions". Champion engagement plan and community village engagement Preparation of engaging material for project champions Preparation of engaging material for medical schools in LATAM engaging the first team of 15 champions engaging the second team of 10 champions Community of 25 active project champions engaged witing for working on SS
Communications plan Wikipedia community 200 people. Convert some awareness to serious interest, by personal demonstration and presentations. Creation of MEDRS page on the English Wikipedia. (At Med Day lightning talks at Wikimania, did not present.) Mentoring page creation and update Preparation of ScienceSource article Wikimedia article presentation Wikidata meetup
Communications plan Broader Wikimedia community 1000 people. Inform biomedical audiences on ScienceSource scope and workflows Community awareness plan preparation Community village at Wikimania, serious contacts about 40 engagement with WMUK WMUK ScienceSource interview and video Contacting other wiki projects (i.e India) Contacting Medical wiki community members
Communications plan General community Wider public interested in ScienceSource, 150 people. August presentation in London planned. This would be a wider community event in London for ~100 people, with a scholarly communications slant. Mentoring page created on Wikiversity, 10 July. Mailchimp campaign, +300 on a monthly basis Contacting the first batch of 10 medical schools LATAM Contacting the second batch of 10 medical Schools LATAM Arranging first set of interviews with wide coverage media
Communications plan Non-Wikimedia conferences Attendees at conferences, 500 people. Wikidata (Berlin, organised by the European Research Council), Bioscience conference (Lisbon), Sci-Foo (San Francisco). Total people reached > 200. Open Plant Forum (Norwich), poster preparation Open Plant Forum (Norwich), about 100 attended (31 July/1 August Attendance to GOSH 2018. +40 people reached Presentation at Mozfest. +50 people reached Bioinformatics hackathon, Synbio forum, University of Edinburg presentation
Communications plan ContentMine/Wikimedia community Attendees at ContentMine, Wikidata and WMUK events, 600 people Showcase prepared by and with Wikimedia Foundation. Video clip now in commons:Category:ContentMine videos. ScienceSource Newsletter Mailchimp to +400 people within ContentMine community Preparation of ContentMine SS conference, SS newsletter MailChimp ContentMine community CM conference and workshop. +16 people Wikicite attendance Open Science Day presentation Planning second-half project Community activities
Communications plan Social media communities ContentMine community, 10,000 people Twitter 4800 impressions this month. Twitter impressions related to Wikimania Cape Town 3.3K Twitter impressions logged 6.1k Twitter impressions 26.6K Twitter impressions 38k Twitter impressions 19K
Communications plan Outside world 100,000 people. Press campaign and aim to place an op-ed in a major medical journal (target is the BMJ), on the state of the open access medical review literature. Preparing press campaign plan Contacting the first list of journals for interviews Contacting the second list of journals for interviews Contacing Local press and related magazines for interviews First interview confirmed Jan-19 Planning second-half project communication plan

Project cost[edit]

/ Jun-18 Jul-18 Aug-18 Sep-18 Oct-18 Nov-18
Software development $2,026.32 $2,700.00 $2,540.00 $3,400.00 $4,600.00 $2,540.00
Wikimedian in Residence $1,769.17 $1,769.17 $1,450.00 $1,450.00 $1,450.00 $1,450.00
Project management $1,934.21 $1,934.21 $2,347.00 $1,430.00 $1,740.00 $1,540.00
Travel $422.37 $1,653.00 $176.00 $55.00 $42.00 $750.00
Marketing $320.00 $470.00 $1,250.00 $340.00 $140.00 $230.00
Non-charged costs $1,913.16 $1,333.00 $1,476.00 $1,476.00 $2,450.00 $1,400.00
Subtotal Total $8,385.22 $9,859.38 $9,239.00 $8,151.00 $10,422.00 $7,910.00
Grant Spent $99,640.00 $89,780.62 $80,541.62 $72,390.62 $61,968.62 $54,085.62

Open Risks (Updated Monthly)[edit]

Work package Project Risk Probability Severity
WP1 Delay in monthly report
Comms activities over expenditure (budget management)
3 2
WP2 No risks open na na
WP3 Selection of corpus and tool development difficulties 2 4
WP4 Full stack integration and testing difficultes 3 3
WP5 Increasing the level of awarenes outside wikimedia world
increase the engagement from 25 to 50 project champions
3 3

Next steps (Monthly update)[edit]

WP1 Next steps Project Management[edit]

  • Midterm report preparation
  • Project analysis (KPI first 6 months of the project)
  • Comms planning second-half of the project
  • Budget analysis

WP2 Next steps Dictionaries[edit]

  • Create Dictionaries for full corpus
  • Check Dictionaries against ingest tool and SSwiki

WP3 Next steps Corpus Management[edit]

  • Develop corpus selection, download tool
  • Add statements to wikidata

WP4 Next steps in Software Development[edit]

  • Improvements to ScienceSource MediaWiki site
  • Develop UI for Sciecesource wiki site

WP5 Next Steps in Comms[edit]

  • Prepare "full pipeline" video for series
  • Upload full corpus of papers
  • prepare second-half comms plan

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