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Report accepted
This report for a Rapid Grant approved in FY 2017-18 has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.
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Our aim for the editathon was to gather a small, diverse and motivated group of volunteers from the Oslo Freedom Forum community to participate and contribute to creating, editing, and updating relevant articles. Being a part of the larger Interactive Expo allowed us an opportunity to reach and connect with Wikipedia volunteers from other parts of the world and meet like-minded organizations working for a free Internet. Because it was a very international community, our focus was to think beyond just English and Norwegian Wikipedia and Norwegian volunteers. Overall, we were very pleased with the outcomes of this project.


Achieved Outcome Explanation
25 6 Number of new editors
50 34 Number of new articles created or improved
N/A 147 Total edits
  • 12 Articles created
  • 22 Articles Edited
  • 147 Total Edits
  • 6 Editors
  • 53.7K Bytes Added
  • 311 Article Views
  • 37 Common Uploads
  • 95 Images uploaded


The editathon took place at an area inside the venue at Sentralen in downtown Oslo during the Interactive Expo portion of the Oslo Freedom Forum. The Executive Director of Wikimedia Norway, Astrid Carlsen, helped lead the editathon and support participants that stopped by. She was joined by two Wikimedia volunteer editors, one from Middle East and another one from Sweden. Their main focus was to talk to participants from around the world and the expo provided them with an opportunity to network and meet speakers and participants for potential collaborations. Between the two volunteers, they spoke eight languages. In addition to the editathon and expo, the two volunteers attended some of the other events hosted by the Oslo Freedom Forum, including a reception at Oslo City Hall and TED style speaker sessions. Participants of the editathon consisted of members of the OFF community, including past and present OFF speakers, dissidents, activists, journalists and netizen - all subject matter experts in their respective fields.

Although we did not reach the target number of new editors and articles through the "Drop In" wiki cafe, this concept worked extremely well in that it provided a space for us to initiate conversation, network, and focus on outreach in social media. A great example of this is the collaboration between Wikimedia Norge and Netblocks that was initiated during this event. In the future, we would like to start planning the editathon several months in advance of the Oslo Freedom Forum. We will start reaching out to members of the OFF community that have expertise in their respective fields, teaming up with potential volunteers and scheduling meetings before the event commences so that edit sessions are pre-scheduled throughout the day.

Grant funds spent:

Item Total price (NOK) Price per Expo participant (NOK) Price per Expo participant (USD)
Rental of Marmorsalen room (2 days, includes set up) 80000 NOK 3809.52381 $470.31
Food and beverages at Sentralen 127198 NOK 2019 NOK $249.26
Equipment cost for Sentralen 31500 NOK 750 $92.59
Printing costs for signage N/A 4288.95 $529.50
Design costs for signage 7000 2699.973 $333.33
Tickets for Wikimedia particpants ($250 each) N/A N/A $500.00
TOTAL: 11548.44681 $2,174.99
*Conversion rate: 8.1 NOK to 1 USD

Remaining funds:

Do you have any remaining grant funds? We do not.

Anything else: We are grateful to RapidGrants for providing us with the funding to ensure that this event was a success.