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WikiForHumanRights 2021_in_Ghana
This is a month-long writing contest to Add/improve articles in Incubator (Dagbani Wikipedia) As part of WikiForHumanRights 2021 in Ghana
targetWikidata, Dagbani Wikipedia (Incubator), Wikimedia Commons
start dateMay 18
end dateJune 15
budget (local currency)Ghc 9400
budget (USD)USD 1633.20
grant typeOrganizational
contact(s)• dagbani.wikimedians(_AT_)• iddrisukhadija22(_AT_)
organization (if applicable)• Dagbani Wikimedians User Group
website (if applicable)Dagbani Wikimedians User Group

Review your report

Please see the sample Contest application before drafting your application.

Project Goal[edit]

Choose one or more of the following goals. You can add or delete goals as needed. You can add details to each goal.

  1. Add or improve content in 4 different languages, including minority languages
  2. Recruit new editors
  3. Engage existing editors to contribute to Commons and other sister projects, including the incubator
  4. Create awareness about human rights, environmental health and the Wikimedia movement and its activities

Project Plan[edit]


The contest will focus on adding and improving content on topics that are related to the “right to a healthy environment” which is the theme of WikiForHumanRights in 2021. This is important for the Dagbani Wikimedia user group in Ghana because it is an opportunity to recruit new editors and engage existing ones. It is also an opportunity to create basic content related to the environment and human rights in the Dagbani language Wikipedia, and to enrich content about Ghana on Wikidata. Not only written articles are part of the contest, but photos will be taken which will be added to Wikimedia commons.

1. What is your promotion plan?

We will invite Wiki Loves Folklore participants as well as participants of my northern achiever contest to join the writing contest by posting invitations on their user talk pages. We will send emails about the contest to our mailing list which includes anyone who has RSVP'd or attended an event in the past. We will also promote it on our social media pages(Facebook,Instagram,Twitter and Telegram).

2. How will you let your community know about the promotion campaign?

  • Global Open Initiative social media spaces and Dagbani WIkimedians subpages
Targeting these groups will enable us to:
  • Recruit people who speak at least one of the 16 Mole-Dagbani languages to participate in the project
  • Provide general Wikipedia and Wikimedia commons training for newly recruited editors and experience ones to sharpen their editing capabilities.

3. How will you judge the contest and award prizes?

Case 1: First, the contest will award the participants with the highest number of edits made to the Incubator (Dagbani Wikipedia). This can easily be determined using metrics from the Outreach Dashboard tool and articles history pages. This criterion will not judge the quality or relevance of edits made.
Case 2: Second, participants will be judged on the quality of edits, and the relevance of their edits to the competition. That means judges will have to manually examine the number of Wikipedia articles they have destubbed and/or improved. Inspired by My Northern Achiever Contest, the competition will recycle a system that has worked well for our community, and stands to benefit from the collective experience we have gained from organising similar activities for a long time now.

4. For photo contests, what is the strategy to get images used on projects?

The walks will focus on capturing photos, audios and videos of natural landscapes in Ghana as part of this year's Wiki Loves Earth photo contest. Also, we will create contents about these natural sites on Wikipedia.
  • List of potential activities to visit/captured:
  1. Gamabaga scarp : Gambaga scarp is a place found in Gambaga in the northern part of Ghana where a lot of nature landscape is found.
  2. Tongo hills : The Tongo Hills is a group of mountains located south of Tongo, Ghana. Different and specially shaped mountains that create valleys are found at Tongo hills
  3. Mole National Park : The biggest wildlife reserve in West Africa located in northern Ghana.

3. What is the plan to ensure images will be used on Wikimedia projects?

All images, audios and videos will be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons and attached to the Wikipedia articles. New articles/items will be created on Dagbani Wikipedia and Wikidata

5. Are you running any in-person events or activities? If so, you will need to complete the steps outlined on the Risk Assessment protocol related to COVID-19. When you have completed these steps, please provide a link to your completed copy of the risk assessment tool below:

Link to Completed Risk Assessment Tool Risk Assessment protocol

6. Is there anything else you want to tell us about this project?

Our goal for this project is to add more content to the Dagbani Wikipedia and we will apply the following rules:
Case 1 criterion: Rank of participants with the highest edit count.
Case 2 criterion: Destubbed Wikipedia article must equal or exceed a prose size of 1000 (i.e. 1000 kilobytes of data added to the article)


How will you know if the project is successful and you've met your goals? Please include the following targets and feel free to add more:

For writing contests:

  1. Number of participants: 20
  2. Number of Dagbani articles created or improved: 30
  3. Number of items created or improved: 30

For photo contests:

  1. A total of 3 photo walks.
  2. A maximum of 10 participants in each Photowalk.
  3. A maximum of 10 participants at upload session and editathon.
  4. Upload a minimum of 400 photos from this project.
  5. Use about 15% of the total images on Wikimedia projects.


What resources do you have? Include information on who is organizing the project, what they will do, and if you will receive support from anywhere else (in-kind donations or additional funding).

The project will rely on 4 judges and use support from other team members too.
  1. Din_nani1 - Dagbani Wikipedia
  2. Dhee jah -graphics design,Compile marks
  3. Shahadusadik - Review jury work, build pages, other maintenance
  4. Amuzu Joe - Photo judge
Other support
  1. Zak Raha- Communications/social media
  2. Nate Angell - Provide general support for funding, strategy, and communications

What resources do you need? For your funding request, list bullet points for each expense and include a total amount.

Table 1

Project Prize Category Ghc
Dagbani Wikipedia Highest edit count 300
2nd Highest edit count 300
Destubbed Dagbani Wikipedia articles Best contributor 300
Other Top Female contributor Based on the quality of edits 300
Total (Ghc) 1200

Table 2

Item Details Unit Ghc Quantity Total Ghc
Workshop data allowance Cost of data for 2 separate workshops. 2 500 1000
Cost of venue for 2 workshops We will organize 1 in-person training for 10 participants at each workshop. 1 500 500
Food and water (workshop) Cost of food and water for workshop participants 10 50 500
Covid-19 safety equipment Face mask, Hand sanitisers, liquid soap n/a n/a 300
Data allowance (contest participants) We estimate for 20 people to participate in the month-long contest 20 100 2000
Photo walk trip Overall cost of transportation for Wiki Loves Earth 2021 photo walks 10 150 1500
Cost of feeding during photo walks Total cost of feeding for photo walk participants 10 100 1000
Prizes Outlined in the above table n/a n/a 1200
Wiki souvenirs & certificates Including Wikipedia Tshirts for the jury, top 3 photo contributors and other non-winning participants who made substantial contributions 40 15 600
Bank charges Transfers and Reimbursement charges n/a n/a 200
Transportation Purchase and mailing of shopping vouchers, purchase and delivery of souvenirs n/a n/a 600
Based on Oanda Exchange (14 May 2021) Ghc 9400
1 USD = 5.75559 Ghc USD 1633.20


Community members are encouraged to endorse your project request here!

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