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Report accepted
This report for a Rapid Grant approved in FY 2016-17 has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • To read the approved grant submission describing the plan for this project, please visit Grants:Project/Rapid/FLOSSK/WLM Kosovo 2016.
  • You may still comment on this report on its discussion page, or visit the discussion page to read the discussion about this report.
  • You are welcome to Email rapidgrants at wikimedia dot org at any time if you have questions or concerns about this report.

WLM Kosovo 2016 competition ran from 1 September - 9 October. Preparations began in August with the grant being proposed on 15 August and approved on 24 August. We asked for an extension to report the conclusion since a particularly cold winter did not allow us to hold the awards ceremony until 28 March.

New this year were the photography tours which not prove particularly productive and the monuments editathon which gave good results.

The domain name has been setup for the previous editions and has helped us establish a strong brand as well as by being an easy entry point for non-technical visitors. Overall, the following people contributed on the project: User:Arianit, User:Liridon, User:Bresta, User:Margott (by sharing some of the resources with Albania), and Violeta (finances).

A joint jury of five members was shared with Albania: Samir Karahoda (photographer), User:Albinfo (de.Wikipedia and Albania Commonist), Besnik Hamiti (photographer, TV producer and Wikipedian) and User:Bresta (FLOSSK member of the board and Wikipedian).

Hologram print of winning photo and WLM logo presented to the photographer

Several promotion channels were used. We sent press releases to media getting published in many of them and making radio and TV appearances. Here are some: RTV 21,, Indeksonline, Ekonomia, Bota Sot, Business Magazine, Zeri.

Prizes provided to the winners included gift cards from a camera shop for photographers and their printed photos in large format and certificates. For editathon contributors, we provided books of encyclopedic nature to the best contributors which is meant to support their further contribution.

Some activities were co-financed with the Institute for the Protection of Monuments as can be shown under finances below and prizes ceremony was co-run with Albania. The Institute has been the sole funder of a few other activities related to monuments protection such as tourist videos showcasing monuments and a study on the depiction of monuments in school books.

Goals and Outcome[edit]

Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
At least 50 participants upload one photograph or more 39 underachieved
At least 600 photographs uploaded and kept after review 648 exceeded
At least 20 new articles about cultural monuments in Albanian Wikipedia and other Wikipedia languages, and in other Wikimedia projects (Commons, Wikivoyage) + 400 exceeded - In November 2016 we organized a two-days edit-a-thon in Prishtina, then in January and February 2017 we organized 2 online edit-a-thons. Contributions were mede in sqwiki, dewki and cswiki.
At least 70 already existing articles illustrated with the collected photos 71 exceeded - 71 articles were illustrated with photos of WLM Kosovo 2016


With the exception of the photo tours, this edition can be considered a decent success. A bit of tiredness is noticeable among contributors so new means of organization should be considered for upcoming editions to maintain the enthusiasm, perhaps by providing better organized photo tours.

Winning photos[edit]

Some activity photos[edit]


Some of the activities were organized together with WLM Albania and have been co-financed with their grant as well as the Kosovo Institute for the Protection of Monuments.

Budgeted and realized budget[edit]

Item Budgeted (EUR) Spent (EUR)
Prizes for best photographs and contributors 300 300
Web advertising 200 200.47
Certificates for the awarded photographers and jury members 30 30
3 photo tours (transport, food) 300 309.7
Monuments articles editathon weekend (travel, hostel, food) 300 261.95
Editathon prizes 200 193
Printing 10 best pictures in large format and framing, small format for winners 150 150
Awards ceremony 150 250
Miscellaneous 150 56.2
Total 1780 1751.32
Remainder 28.68


Vendor Fiscal # of Vendor Invoice # Goods/Services Month Value Type of receipt Note
D.p.h. Restorant Saranda 600015871 53 Food/drinks October €44.00 Fiscal coupon phototour
D.p.h. Ego 600595625 13 Food/drinks October €9.80 Fiscal coupon phototour
Hib Petrol Sh.p.k. 600015376 14 Food/drinks October €2.50 Fiscal coupon phototour
Hib Petrol Sh.p.k. 600015376 1523 Food/drinks October €3.40 Fiscal coupon phototour
Cafe Bar Bash Qarshi Food/drinks October €20.00 Paragon phototour
Golden Taxi 600956075 G249 Transport October €230.00 A4 phototour
N.t.p. Artini 600068838 2153 Books March €193.00 A4 editathon
Miqt 601050545 17 Catering March €250.00 A4 Out of an invoice of 600 EUR shared with Albania and Institute
Creative Touch 601084388 Printing January €180.00 A4 Out of an invoice of 912.50 EUR shared with Albania and Institute
Ekfotech 600002844 62 Gift Cards March €300.00 A4
Facebook Advertising 193100159036 Advertising August €1.47 Electronic
Facebook Advertising 193100181647 Advertising November €8.82 Electronic
Facebook Advertising 193100165861 Advertising September €4.13 Electronic
Facebook Advertising 193100163403 Advertising September €183.12 Electronic
Facebook Advertising 193100172174 Advertising October €2.93 Electronic
Norwegian Px Kosove Sh.p.k 600018388 398 Food/drinks November €6.74 Fiscal coupon Editathon
Viva Fresh Sh.p.k 600249107 295 Food/drinks November €34.83 Fiscal coupon Editathon
Norwegian Px Kosove Sh.p.k 600018388 363 Food/drinks November €46.08 Fiscal coupon Editathon
Prishtina Center Hostel Sh.p.k 601513577 014/16 Hostel November €10.00 A4 Editathon
N.t.p. Lumi 600071948 6 Food/drinks November €2.00 Fiscal coupon Editathon
D.p.h. Extreme Pizza 600195425 64 Food/drinks November €28.00 Fiscal coupon Editathon
D.p.z. Qerimi 1 600040513 30 Food/drinks November €4.70 Fiscal coupon Editathon
Compensation 1 Transport November €91.00 Signature sheet Travel tickets for Editathon participants
D.p.z. Qerimi 1 600040513 52 Food/drinks November €2.60 Fiscal coupon Editathon
N.t.p. Proper Pizza Delivery 600052518 6 Food/drinks November €36.00 Fiscal coupon Editathon
N.t. "Stella" Sh.p.k. 600095021 64 Transport March €20.80 Fiscal coupon
Duka Alfa Audio N.T.SH. 600161749 46/17 Audio system March €35.40 A4 Awards ceremony
Total €1,751.32

Remaining funds[edit]

There is a remaining amount of 28.68 EUR. Due to bank transfer costs, we propose this amount is rolled over into our next grant, which is yet to be decided.

Remaining funds have been used or will be used for other approved mission-aligned activities. This use has been requested in writing and approved by WMF.

Anything else[edit]

Thank you for supporting this project and apologies once again for the delay in its completion due to the harsh winter.