Grants:Project/Rapid/Macreanu Iulian/Preliminary meeting for initiating „Romania 100” project/Report

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Report accepted
This report for a Rapid Grant approved in FY 2017-18 has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.


Did you meet your goals? Are you happy with how the project went?

Yes. The project met all the proposed goals. The framework of the project was established and the editing work was already initiated.

I took the opportunity of this deployment and conduct 2 training workshops:

  • one for the project „Centenar Romania” (2 hours) - for 60 participants - professors and students from the History Faculty of the University of Cluj
  • one for the project „Feminine personalities from Romania and Moldova” (1 hour) - for 22 participants - professors and students from the same university


Please report on your original project targets.

Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
Formal agree on further developing of the project Achieved. We signed a common agreement for conducting the project. The document outlined the main aspects concerning the management of the further project
Define the objectives and timeline of the projects Achieved. They were defined and included in the agreement
Clarify the tasks and responsibilities of each side Achieved. They were defined and included in the agreement
Raise awareness about Wikimedia projects, in general, and WMROMD projects, in special Achieved. There were delivered two special dedicated presentations: one for the Wikimedia projects and one for WMROMD projects
Conduct a 2 hours specific training with the students which will be involved in the project Achieved. There were conducted two separate training workshops: one for the project „Centenar Romania” (2 hours) and one for the project „Feminine personalities from Romania and Moldova” (1 hour)


Projects do not always go according to plan. Sharing what you learned can help you and others plan similar projects in the future. Help the movement learn from your experience by answering the following questions:

  • What worked well?
    • Most of the things worked according to plan:
      1. proper audience, both in number and quality
      2. good cooperation and support from the university
      3. openness and receptivity for Wikimedia and WMROMD projects
  • What did not work so well?
    • I have nothing significant to mention at this section
  • What would you do differently next time?


Grant funds spent[edit]

Please describe how much grant money you spent for approved expenses, and tell us what you spent it on.

  • Total amount received = 764.12 RON (200 USD)
  • Total spent = 256.71 RON (aprox. 68 USD) on flights tickets. I managed to find a special offer that allowed me to travel to Cluj and back in the same working day. The university offer me a lunch for free at the canteen.

Remaining funds[edit]

Do you have any remaining grant funds?

The funds remaining from this grant in the amount of 507.41 RON/132 USD were deducted from another grant payment for Grants:Project/Rapid/WMROMD/rowp15.
  • Total amount remained 507.41 RON (aprox. 132 USD)
  • I wish to use the remained funds for the projects „Centenar Romania” that was initiated after this meeting. If approved, I will make a new grant request accordingly.

Anything else[edit]

Anything else you want to share about your project?