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Mompati_Dikunwane/Wikimedia Commons Camera and laptop
The Camera and laptop will improve or add the content, engage existing editors,organising events such as the Wikipedia meeting(Edit-a-thorns). The equipment will start working for Kasane, Maun and Ghanzi, these towns are the tourists places therefore there will be digitilisation to improve or add new wikimedia articles and wikimedia commons content which is not available, the Url below provides the project that is being planned to start using our equipment:,_Maun_and_kasane_photo_journey#WIKI-TSWANA_Ghanzi.2C_Maun_and_kasane_photo_journey.
targetWikimedia commons,Wikibooks,English Wikipedia(en) and Setswana Wikipedia(tn)
start date03 April
start year2017
end date02 January
end year2018
budget (USD)$800
grant typeIndividual
contact(s)• ike_legomsha(_AT_)

Review your report

Please see the sample Equipment application before drafting your application.

Project Goal[edit]

Choose one or more of the following goals. You can add or delete goals as needed. You can add details to each goal. For example, if you want to add content on a specific subject.

  1. The equipment will be used to digitize and upload to the wikimedia commons all the collected information including buildings (structures), animals and other content that needs to be available that support the mission of wikipedia. We participated in the annual Toyota 1000 km desert race which was in Jwaneng and we had only one camera to use which we hired and photos can be found here:


  1. Engage existing editors.
  2. Recruit new editors.

Project Plan[edit]


Tell us how you'll carry out your project. Be sure to answer the following questions:
1. What content gaps will you be filling with the equipment?

  • Currently we dont have any equipment to use in order to contribute to wikimedia and its sister projects therefore we need equipment that will specifically be used for wikipedia. The volunters will be working to document all of the buildings (new buildings) in Gaborone,Kasane,Ghanzi,Maun and others.

2. What activities will you organize in the next 6 months to create content and use it on Wikimedia projects?

  • The volunteers are planning to organise a travel tour photo shoot for three months and a translation competition, all these activities are funded separately.

3. How will the equipment be shared/tracked/cared for by members of your community?

  • There is a log book page on meta that will be used whenever the equipment is borrowed it is found here.
  • The camera and laptop will be cared for by Mompati Dikunwane. The materials will be utilised on ongoing activities and events of Wikipedia, for instance the edit-a-thorn meetings where we will be taking pictures and uploading on commons.The equipment may be passed to other users for use in wiki related projects that they plan to organise.

4. How long will the equipment be used, and by whom?

  • The camera and laptop are expected to be used for atleast the next coming 6 years by the members of the group.

5. Is there anything else you want to tell us about this project? A quad copter is needed to capture images in places where it is difficult or dangerous, a good example is on the picture below which was snapped at the Toyota 1000km desert race 2017 in Jwaneng:

Example of why the quad copter is needed, taking a picture like this could be dangerous as you might not know if the car for instance may lose control and end up hiting the shooter.


How will you know if the project is successful and you've met your goals? Please include the following targets and feel free to add more:

  1. Number of photos uploaded: 400 and more for the next 6 months
  2. Number of photos used on Wikimedia projects: 50% of tyhe uploadd photos will be used on Wikimedia projects that is 200.
  3. Number of articles created/improved: 40+ articles will be improved/ created.


What resources do you have? Include information on who is organizing the project, what they will do, and if you will receive support from anywhere else (in-kind donations or additional funding).

  1. The volunteers do not have a laptop and a camera, in that case the member Mompati Dikunwane will be responsible for making orders of the equipment, safely store the equipment if not in use, monitoring how the equipment is used.

What resources do you need? For your funding request, list bullet points for each expense and include a total amount.

  • Canon rebel s12

Found at :

  • Price: $700

  • Backpack- AmazonBasics DSLR Backpack - Orange interior

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  • "Tripod" -

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  • Canon lens:

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Price: $410


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