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Video tutorial "Referencing with VisualEditor" – newsletter issue 3 long version[edit]

 Video tutorial "Referencing with VisualEditor" – newsletter issue 3 long version

Introduction and highlights[edit]

This is the long version of this newsletter! You can decide which portions you would like to read. If you prefer a short version of the newsletter then go here.

As I mentioned in the previous newsletter, the scripts selected for production were at draft 2. These have been revised again, and are now at draft 2.1. I am proceeding into production with the draft 2.1 scripts, but comments are always welcome.

Details regarding how the project is going[edit]

New project coordination page and project talk page[edit]

On the Outreach wiki, there is a coordination page for this project at Questions and comments are welcome on the associated talk page! Hopefully the new link is easy to remember.

Time and budget[edit]

This pilot project is taking more time than I anticipated, and the original budget of $2000 (USD) is exhausted. For this pilot project, I plan to produce selected videos without requesting additional funds. Depending on the feedback and use of the pilot videos, I may request funding to develop additional videos in the future, probably starting with scripts that are already at draft version 1.

Status of scripts[edit]

Also as I mentioned in the previous newsletter, in addition to the scripts that are selected for review, other scripts which have been drafted but not selected for production will temporarily remain at draft 1. These scripts may be produced in the future, especially if there is feedback regarding the initial videos from this pilot project.

Production flow and viewer flow[edit]

Here is a reminder regarding the prioritization of the videos and the viewers' planned progression through those videos.

Flow of scenes and prioritization for production

Changes from draft 2 to draft 2.1[edit]

Here are some highlights of changes

Request for constructive criticism and comments[edit]

These scripts are going into production, but you can continue to comment on them if you would like. Comments can be helpful even after the videos are produced, both so that I can consider revising these scripts and so that I can consider the feedback when developing future videos.

  • [_link_ Scene 3: “What are good sources to use?”]
  • [_link_ Scene 6A: “Two ways to create a citation automatically with VisualEditor”]

The scripts which are linked below are at draft version 1, and their development is paused. I am not asking anyone to review them this time, but please feel free to make comments if you would like. These are the scripts which are paused until after the first few scripts are produced into finished videos.

The following scripts will have ideas from them incorporated into other scripts, instead of being produced as separate videos.

You can comment directly in the Google docs, or on the project talk page.

Closing comments[edit]

Thank you for your interest and patience. I continue to believe that the finished videos will be useful for new Wikipedians and for the people who guide them.

Yours in service,

--Pine (✉) 22:03, 20 June 2019 (UTC)