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Grants:Project/Rapid/SuperHamster/Wikipedia Asian Month 2017: South Asia Project

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Note: This Wikimedia Foundation grant has a fiscal sponsor. Wikimedia New York City administered the grant on behalf of SuperHamster.

Wikipedia Asian Month 2017: South Asia Project
Wikipedia Asian Month 2017 in South Asia is an imitative to focus on growing the Wikipedia Asian Month edit-a-thon's presence in South Asia.
targetMultiple language versions of Wikipedia
start dateOctober 1
end dateApril 1 May 1
budget (USD)US$1850
grant typean individual
contact(s)• kevinpayravi(_AT_)gmail.com

Wikipedia Asian Month (WAM) is an annual online editing event occurring every November, all month long, since 2015. The edit-a-thon asks participants to create and/or improve articles on Asian topics.

WAM in South Asia is a project that specifically targeting the South Asia Wikipedia community during Wikipedia Asian Month. South Asia presents an opportunity for more editors contributing and bettering coverage of Asian topics. Through the project, we hope to largely engaged with the South Asian community, from having Wikipedia Asian Month held on more Wikipedia projects, to having more offline meet-ups. We also plan to outreach to the local media in South Asia to increase the awareness of the Wikipedia Asian Month.

This project coincides with the global WAM project.

Project Goal


Successfully hold Wikipedia Asian Month for 2017 on South Asian Wikipedian Projects

  • Invite at least 15 Wikipedia projects in South Asian communities to get involved.
  • Have at least two instances of media coverage from the regional media.
  • Facilitate the organization of offline edit-thons in at least 5 locations in the region.
  • Solidify the organizing team in the region.

Project Plan




The project is majorly involved with the online and offline outreach and assistance, for the Wikipedia Asian Month.

1. What content will the contest focus on, and why is it important to your community?

Wikipedia Asian Month focuses on Asian content, which is under-represented on many language editions of Wikipedia. This project focuses on the South Asia region. There are many Wikipedia projects in the region, though many lack a very strong community. However, most of these Wikipedia projects have huge potential from the number of native speakers. Wikipedia Asian Month is specifically designed to solve the problem and improve the situation by bringing community members together to organize and edit. From previous years, almost 30%-40% of WAM postcards went to India, showing strong interest and collaboration. Our goal is to expand on this.

2. How will you let people know about the contest?

  • Social media, including posts and advertising on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Site notices.
  • Promotion through local affiliates.
  • Media coverage.

3. How will you judge the contest and award prizes?

Wikipedia Asian Month uses the volunteer-developed Fountain tracker and judgement tool. Each participating Wikipedia will have their own judging run by their local organizers.
Prizes are as follows:
  • Postcard for creating at least three qualified articles.
    • South Asian community will send part of the WAM postcards, as assigned by the international team.
  • Certificate for creating the most articles on a Wikipedia project (Wikipedia Asian Ambassador), distributed by the international team.


  1. Wikipedia Projects involved: 15 South Asian language versions
  2. Offline events in the region: 5 events
  3. 2 instances of media coverage in local media



Besides the international team (which include Kevin Payravi, Addis Wang, Liang, Erick Guan, Kenrick, and Pharos) and local organizers, members of the WAM South Asia Team are: Sailesh Patnaik and Tito Dutta, with potential to expand.

Request resources for the South Asia project:
  • Postcards and postage: $500
  • WAM T-shirt (for offline event organziers): $10 * 15 piece =$150
  • Souvenirs that will distributed to the local events: $200
  • Shipping: $100
  • Subsidy to volunteers serving as South Asian Community Manager in the international team: $500 (Numbers are subject to change)
  • Subsidy to volunteers serving as South Asian Outreach Manager in the international team: $100 (Numbers are subject to change)
  • Subsidy to volunteers serving as South Asian Project Manager in the international team: $100 (Numbers are subject to change)
Total: $1,850

Wikimedia New York City will provide fiscal sponsorship to this project.



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