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Report accepted
This report for a Rapid Grant approved in FY 2018-19 has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.




Did you meet your goals? Are you happy with how the project went? The objective of this project was to have a partnership with the Government library to establish a long term relationship with the Wikimedia community and to digitize important Punjabi Literature essential for Wikipedia and Wikisource projects by organizing different programs and workshops for community engagement in the project. And with the organized workshops and online program, the entire project has been successful.


Please report on your original project targets.

Target outcome Achieved outcome Explanation
Digitized content: 5000 Pages Digitized content: 6900 Pages We originally kept the targeted outcome as 50 books but it is difficult to track the stats of projects that way since there are books that are of 20 pages and 500 pages, so we kept a standard tracking by number of pages (assuming 100 pages ~ 1 Book for facilitating the stat tracking.
Number of Workshops/events: 4 Number of Workshops/events: 8 For better results, more number of outreach events were organized
Number of Proofread pages:2000 Number of Proofread pages:5300 Our outreach efforts, consistent motivation on online group, social media campaigns and Proofreading contest got us 31 participants and over 5000 proofread pages

Pages Proofread in Punjabi Wikisource vs Timeline from 2017 to 2019
Wikisource editors stats with 50 + edits in October and January


Projects do not always go according to plan. Sharing what you learned can help you and others plan similar projects in the future. Help the movement learn from your experience by answering the following questions:

  • What worked well?

Our initial goal of doing partnership with Rajindra Victoria Diamond Jubilee Municipal Public Library was successful. The idea was to set precedence for other government institutions to follow and this partnership helped us in collaborating with other government GLAM bodies in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.

Additionally, the original target of digitizing was 5000 pages and proofreading 2000 pages seemed impossible to achieve in such a small window of time. Because along with partnership, the research work for checking out the copyright free work was time-consuming work since there is no open directory online or offline for punjabi authors from prior 1950s (except few legendary authors who were quite renowned). After that the main challenge was post-processing which again, in short amount of time, was hard to manage.

There was also lack of resources, including, a community shared scanner and supporting laptop needed for scanner and post-scanning software. But we managed to digitize around 7000 pages during this timeline. The proofreading outcome of 5000 plus pages we had is the result of constant online and offline community engagement via outreach workshops, edit-a-thons, online help portal on Facebook group, and Wikisource Proofreading Contest. The proofread books are currently being validated via Validation Campaign in Punjabi Wikisource and would be integrated in Wikipedia under #1li1ref campaign.

  • What did not work so well?

There was a technical issue within Punjabi Wikisource for which a ticket on phabricator was launched. The header and footer for putting page numbers had disappeared for a month during the Wikisource contest and created a lot of problems for the participants. There were other issues in uploading, that created some kind of script error due to which some books had to be re-uploaded again.

  • What would you do differently next time?

Put grant for more infrastructure for digitization and outreach events. That can improve the output to a considerable level.


Grant funds spent[edit]

Please describe how much grant money you spent for approved expenses, and tell us what you spent it on.

SNO. Amount Item
1 85000 INR WiR Stipend
2 2700 INR Lab Gear
3 800 INR Refreshments during Meetings
4 4200 INR Contest Amazon coupans
5 7600 INR Tshirts
6 600INR Certificates

Remaining funds[edit]

Do you have any remaining grant funds? No

Anything else[edit]

Anything else you want to share about your project?


Wikisource Workshop -15 January 2018
  • This exercise was a new territory for any Indic language and had no real set path to get the right results, so everything done was on the basis of a hit and a trial method which at the end worked pretty well.
  • Finding the source about authors bio information from old times was challenging. Except for the most popular authors, the source for old Punjabi authors does not exist.
  • Utilizing community scanning had been challenging as it was already in use in different cities and sharing it for Municipal Library Patiala was really challenging, since the timeframe for this project was very small and the deliverables were the ones that could have been easily achieved in 6 or more months instead of two months.
  • The deliverables in next project should be kept based on number of pages because a book can be of 20 pages or 1000 pages. So, measuring the stats can be made effective by counting it by number of pages.
  • The Wikisource community is rather small and under developed, so getting a large number of books proofread was not possible in a month. The community was expanded via Wikisource awareness workshops and edit-a-thon events.
  • The library is really old but hasn't been kept in a good condition. The books haven't been moved from their bookshelves since 13 years, therefore, have allergic dust of about 2 inches and made it hard to manually check each book after cleaning it. That has made the process harder. The catalogue they have is not functional. The search for each book has to be done manually. The dust is allergic and causes fungal infection and harsh itching all over the body. Had to buy protective wear which is still is not doing much to stop the allergy.
  • Searched online for different directories, archives and books for author information but was dead end for old authors so far.
  • The staff members easily caught up how to scan the books using our SV600 Fujitsu Scanner and Mac system but the consequent cleaning and post processing is a more technical work that is not easy to learn and the staff member allocated for the project was only able to learn scanning.
Stats of No. of users on Indic Wikisource who have 50+ edit in Oct 2018, Dec 2018, and Jan 2019

Research Work[edit]

Pages Proofread in Punjabi Wikisource vs Timeline Bar graph view
  • Create a raw data for approx. 100 books that are free of copyright: Name of book, name of author, publishing date ( if stated on book), publishing company and place of publication
  • Searched through Wikidata items through different queries to search:
  1. Authors of Punjab
  2. Authors who were born in Punjab
  3. Authors who wrote in Punjabi
  4. Authors of India
  5. Authors of India, Pakistan and British Raj
  6. People of India who spoke Punjabi
  7. People of India and Pakistan without profession author
  8. People who wrote during British Raj
  • Manually searched from each Wikidata item and the attached wikipedia item to verify the information and cross it off the list or edit/add information to Wikidata item
  • Searched through list of authors and poets of Punjabi language from Wikipedia through list of authors from Wikisource
  • Searched some books such as Lekhak Sandarbh Kosh to check biodata about author’s records.
  • Searched various research scholars for the author’s information and the book directories.
  • Consulted with copyright experts for Indian authors.
  • Searched online for different directories, archives and books for author information.
  1. List of surveyed books
  2. List of Archives and queries

Outreach Events and Programs[edit]



Online Campaigns[edit]

Other Online Work[edit]

  • Correspondence via emails with Commissioner office to finalize details of the agreement
  • Created posters and promotion video for Punjabi Wikisource and ran these on Twitter and Facebook handle.
  • Online Promotion: Ran a Facebook advert for the Promotional video. Hours taken: 10
  • Online mentoring: Created a Facebook and Wattsapp Group for the Wikisource Contest to provide consistent assistance for the participants in formatting in proofreading or solve issues (technical and non-technical) that came up during proofreading for the contest to make it smooth.

Stats and Metrics[edit]

(November 1, 2018 - January 20,2019) The stats from this project are illustrated in graphs and pie charts below:

Global Stats of Proofreading done between December 14, 2018 and Feb 1, 2019
  • Daily Average of Punjabi Wikisource site increased from 190 viewers to 1088 viewers.
  • Proofread pages from 1169 to 6334
  • Digitized pages = 6980
  • Proofread pages = 5300+
  • Total Edits = 36,773
  • Pageviews on Punjabi Wikisource = 89,207
  • Total participants = 32, (26 new editors)
  • Total editors with 100+ edits= 19
  • Active editors = 67

According to the data, Punjabi Wikisource is currently, the top most active and fastest growing community in India and third fastest growing Wikisource community in the world in terms of content and editor demographics. [1] [2]


Images from the outreach events and workshops:

Wikisource stats before the pilot project started in October 2018[edit]

Page namespace (Pages of Books) Main namespace (Article)
language all pages not proof. problem. w/o text proofread validated all pages with scans w/o scans disamb percent
te 47726 13502 39 1098 33087 24314 13118 3986 9132 0 30.39
bn 708658 684743 566 6789 16560 7474 7629 7599 15 15 99.80
ta 403283 387310 24 75 15874 7804 5768 1521 4247 0 26.37
gu 13048 1372 9 280 11387 8870 5777 1550 4227 0 26.83
ml 20849 12326 130 307 8086 671 6397 717 5680 0 11.21
sa 43557 39858 147 142 3410 2080 19482 216 19266 0 1.11
kn 48767 44805 26 481 3455 1190 21035 118 20917 0 0.56
or 6932 3815 3 50 3064 530 667 96 566 5 14.50
pa 5064 3747 6 42 1269 381 138 25 113 0 18.12
as 1470 805 0 5 660 159 1365 31 1334 0 2.27
mr 17609 16922 36 11 640 24 1496 1 1495 0 0.07

Current Indic Wikisource stats in January 2019[edit]

Statistics on Saturday, 26. January 2019 12:01PM

Page namespace Main namespace
Language All pages Without text Not proofread Problematic Proofread Validated All pages With scans Without scans %
as 2869 29 1747 1 1092 604 1402 56 1346 3.99
bn 709814 6827 685134 572 17281 7537 7551 7521 16 99.79
gu 13887 306 1140 9 12432 9999 6001 1777 4224 29.61
kn 50281 559 45867 45 4068 1810 21056 131 20925 0.62
ml 46863 2050 12501 131 32181 688 6416 729 5687 11.36
mr 18454 11 17569 36 838 28 1528 1 1527 0.07
or 7131 57 3338 3 3733 2112 656 99 552 15.21
pa 11060 188 4491 47 6334 551 149 31 118 20.81
sa 52386 149 47305 24 4907 2892 20434 437 19997 2.14
ta 403344 86 383253 53 19952 9657 6034 1793 4241 29.71
te 49724 1165 15123 68 33368 24713 13113 3971 9142 30.28