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Wikipedia Asian Month 2019: Preparation
Wikipedia Asian Month 2019 is a global month-long edit-a-thon in November. This grant will fund resources to prepare the organizational work for the event.
targetInternational Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, and Wikisource
start dateAugust 15
end dateOctober 15
budget (local currency)NT$51214.33
budget (USD)$1650
grant typean individual
granteeLi-Yun Lin
organization (if applicable)• Wikipedia Asian Month
website (if applicable)Site on Meta

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The year of 2019 marks Wikipedia Asian Month (WAM)’s fifth year since it was first introduced to the public in 2015. We’ve witnessed a lot of success stories: our team, alongside with the local organizers, have held more than twenty offline gatherings and our participants have created more than twenty-eight thousand new articles related to Asia.

We had tried to expand our team since last year and faced some problems, especially transitional problems between the junior and senior volunteers. To build upon our previous success and to have a profound impact, we are re-structuring the team and setting up relevant protocols and documentation, hoping to improve systematically the overall organizing process and to ensure the healthy growth of the team.

Project Goal[edit]

In order to sustain and further our success in previous Wikipedia Asian Month events and tackle/alleviate the problems we faced last year, we have set forth the following goals for our pre-event preparation.

  1. Recruit/strengthen the international organizing team
  2. Set up protocols and document our organizing procedures.
  3. Engage with Wikimedia communities including different language versions of Wikipedia, Wikisource and Wikivoyage etc. to expand local participation and #recruit local organizers.
  4. Reach out to 200 community and/or offline event organizers, as well as previous participants.
  5. Promote Wikipedia Asian Month at Wikimania 2019, and at other Wikimedia gatherings.
  6. Compile a series of guides for local/regional Wikipedia Asian Month activities organizers, include offline event guide and online editiathon hosting guide.

Project Plan[edit]


During the preparation stage, we will:

  1. Build a new international team and provide necessary training to the new members.Last year we tried to expand our international team; however, over 60 % volunteers burned out or quit during the first two month.This year we hope to reorganize the team and clarify the roles and responsibilities for each sub-teams and document our processes and methods we use for future references. We hope to have a long lasting impact and documentation will be crucial for any future member of the team.
  2. Outreach to WAM friends, active editors on each project and community leaders through Wikipedia Talk page, Email, Social media and face to face meeting to solidify the community of the WAM.
  3. Set up bylaws for Wikipedia Asian Month User Group and write other necessary documents for the daily operation and growth of the User Group.
  4. Compile a series of guides for everyone involves of the WAM, especially local organizers. We hope the guides can assist local organizers in holding WAM events. These guides could lower the barrier, and reduce the workload for local organizers, and we hope to get more participating wiki this year as a result.
  5. Promote at Conference/ Event: We will promote WAM in Wikimania 2019 and other Wikimedia gatherings by contacting the organizers.


  1. A new international team of WAM that run smoothly and improve the sustainability of WAM
  2. Bylaws and protocols for user group and WAM international organizing team
  3. Guideline materials that can help organizers to hold the event smoothly.
  4. Have at least 30 participating Wikimedia projects.
  5. Promoted at 2 events


What resources do you have? Include information on who is organizing the project, what they will do, and if you will receive support from anywhere else (in-kind donations or additional funding).

What resources do you need? For your funding request, list bullet points for each expense and include a total amount.

Human Resources[edit]

  • International Team
  • Local Organizers: To be determined

Resources requested[edit]

  • T-shirts, Stickers & Pins: $300 (includes shipping, regional team may apply in a separate grant)
  • Advertisements on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter): $100
  • Infrastructure: $1050
We currently use services like AirTable, Google Drive, and a custom data server to support the event. We're budgeting for infrastructure in the event we need to pay for more services (AirTable membership, G-Suite subscription, etc.).
  • Breakdown:
  • G-suite: $6/person*10 (international team members) *12 (month) = $720 (waiver possible)
For international team members who will take the responsibility to contact and reach out to the event-holders, we believe that providing them official accounts for events can protect their privacy, also helping them to categorize all the documents we need properly.
  • Domain: $90
The domain fee for Wikipedia Asian month (
  • Airtable membership: $10/ user* 2 (organizers)*12 (month) =$240
For project management and scheduling all the processes and actions of Wikipedia Asian month.
  • Total: $1050
  • Bank Transfer Fees: $100
  • To cover international transfer fees for any payments and reimbursements.
  • Unforeseen: $100

Total: $1650


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