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WM CO/Library-Hack: Bibliotecas y Wikimedia Colombia
To make a workshop to introduce Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons in libraries, recruit new editors and engage existing editors in Bogotá, Colombia, South America
targetI seek to impact the existing Wikimedia projects: GLAM and #1Lib1Ref in Spanish
start dateOctober 4th
start year2017
end dateOctober 6th
end year2017
budget (local currency)$5,218,495 pesos Colombianos
budget (USD)US$1,734.32
grant typeIndividual

Please see the sample Editathon/Training application before drafting your application.

As a member of Wikimedistas de Colombia, the colombian chapter of Wikimedia, and as a librarian, my target is included more librarians in the review and improvement of the articles in Spanish Wikipedia, from Bogotá, Colombia, South America.

In the early 2017 we made in Bogotá the editathon #1Lib1Ref, in this event we saw the potential of the librarians to contribute in our movement. Making more workshops and communicating what Wikimedia projects can do is possible get an achievement in the library community, to create or edit articles, with a better content and neutrality in the Spanish articles, with a point of view of our region.

This proposal aims to involve librarians working on cultural institutions to introduce them in the dynamics of creation and edition of contents in a collaborative way, understanding wiki projects, specifically Wikipedia in Spanish and Wikimedia Commons, to develop GLAM projects in the future, but before run, we have to learn to walk!

Project Goal[edit]

I want to run a workshop in two days to introduce Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons to:

  1. Recruit new editors
  2. Engage new editors and existing editors
  3. Add or improve content on Wikipedia
  4. Add photographs on Wikimedia Commons

Project Plan[edit]


Before the workshop/Editathon[edit]

In Bogotá is based the National Library of Colombia, the institution in charge of library issues and owner of the documentary memory of the country. This institution is head of the National Network of Public Libraries. In the other hand, in this city is based the District Network of Public Libraries – Biblored, in charge of the operation of the libraries in the different localities of the city. Get involved to the librarians in the use, edition and promotion of the Wikimedia projects, conducive us to an environment of mutual benefit. That’s why we propose:

  • Contact to the libraries to get auditoriums or rooms and have an easy access to the bibliographic material and local information resources
  • Prepare the disclosure. Establish the right mechanisms to the promotion and dissemination of the event using posters in the library, advertising for websites and social networks
  • Prepare the inscription form. This form is important to ask Wikipedia user names before the workshop, for new users. We want to ask the user name to guarantee the registration in the workshop
  • Contact the people selected to be part of the workshop. Send the specific details of the workshop (place, time and work plan)Contact the people selected to be part of the workshop. Send the specific details of the workshop (place, time and work plan)

Editathon Agenda[edit]

We want to run two sessions for this editathon. Here you have the specific activities in each one:

Session 1:[edit]

List the articles to edit, before the beginning of the session

  • Presentation of the people and institutions (including Wikimedia Colombia and Conector Foundation)
  • Introduction to Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons
    • Pillars of Wikipedia
    • Relation between the pillars and the library field
    • Discussion of the group
  • About the edition in Wikipedia. This includes personal training to the new Wikipedia users.
    • Identify new editors
    • Identify regular editors
    • Explanation of the edition process (Text and visual editor)
    • How to create and edit articles Including links
    • Including or improving references
  • Discussion and conclusions of the first session

Session 2:[edit]

  • Review: How to edit articles and create new references
  • Hands-on and answer the questions
  • Promote the autonomous participation and invite to contribute after this workshop
  • Follow the editions made for the participants


How will you know if the project is successful and you've met your goals? Please include the following targets: This is how we are going to measure the impact of the sessions Based on textual content (Wikipedia)

  • Number of participants in the workshop
  • Number of articles created or edited
  • Number of bibliographic references included

Based on photo content (Commons)

  • Number of participants in the workshop
  • Number of loaded pictures


Resource Unit price (COP) Units Total (COP) Total (USD)
Space $1.000.000 2 $2.000.000 $664.68
Equipment to be shared amongst Wikimedia community members (wi-fi, Bliblio Box) $250.000 2 $500.000 $166.17
Project manager fees $1.428.000 1 $1.428.000 $474.58
Coffee station and snacks $494.800 2 $989.600 $328,89
Miscellaneous supplies $304.000 1 $300.895 $100
Grand total - - $5.218.495 $1,734.32


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