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This report for a Project Grant approved in FY 2020-21 has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.
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Welcome to this project's final report! This report shares the outcomes, impact and learnings from the grantee's project.

Part 1: The Project[edit]

This is the final report of the Sudanese content project that was funded by the Wikimedia Foundation in 2021, the project describes the project activities and achievements.

Project Goals[edit]

The main goal of the events and training is to create and establish a Sudan Wikimedia community of regular contributors to wikimedia commons and Wikipedia from Sudan, in both Arabic and English versions. - the project brought to the community several users from the Sudanese librarian Association and Information (SALI) and from the Sudanese photographers' community, users from both communities were using different Wikimedia projects, Wikimedia Commons and Arabic and English Wikipedia. They were also introduced to the projects as Wikimedia source and Wikidata and to the different tools, as the citation hunt and the ISA commons' tool.

Project Impact[edit]

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Planned measure of success
(include numeric target, if applicable)
Actual result Explanation
Training for 30 New Users on Wikipedia in both cities Khartoum and Nyala Training of 27 new users on using ar. & en. wikipedia creating (20 No. of articles and large No. of Edits since then) the project was held by 3 workshops (2 in Khartoum and 1 in Nyala) 3-days for each
Wiki Loves Sudan Contest on Wikimedia Commons in both cities Khartoum and Nyala Training and involvement of 18 photographers in the contest uploading 414 commons uploads The contest was held by 2 workshops (1 Khartoum and 1 Nyala) under the theme of Animals and wildlife.


The Sudanese Content project facilitated our community opportunity to enable our community member exploring different type of volunteering than the community than the one they are used to (Humanitarian), where you do volunteer with the knowledge sharing. Participants liked being part of the global Wikimedia movement, as they will be developing the Sudanese narrative and reflecting the reality. The project included two different entities the Librarians and photographers' associations, they are very important entities, were the Wikimedia objectives meets their associative objectives. Later the activities on the projects increased in the projects of Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, and we hope the membership of the user group will increase regularly. As performing the project many challenges were facing the user group members, due to the Sudanese political situation also was not stable all through the period of execution which led to postponing and sometimes cancellation of some of the project's activities. Another challenge was receiving the approved grant also took time and challenges related the banking system of Sudan.

Methods and activities[edit]

The first Part of the project was on training of new users to the Wikipedia, the activities were achieved through:

  • 2 workshops in Khartoum city The first workshop was (19, 22, 23 Feb-2022), the second workshop (1, 2 March 2022), Khartoum Edit- a- thon ()

and 1 workshop in Nyala city (12-13 Jan 2022) each workshop contained 2-days of theoretical and practical lectures and 1-day edit-a-thon on:

    • the Wikimedia Foundation movement and
    • the Sudanese Community User group and the Wikimedia different projects,
    • introduction to the Arabic Wikipedia and the interface
    • Practical lecture on using the webpage editing platform and using the citation Hunt tool to add the resources to the articles
    • Introduction to the Sudan wiki Project webpage
    • an edit-a-thon day

The Second part of the project was the Wiki Loves Sudan the activities were achieved through

  • 1 workshop in Khartoum and 1 workshop in Nyala that contained 1-intensive day of lectures, 1-day of phot walk for Khartoum on the 12 March 2022 and 1-day upload session
    • the program contained introduction to the Foundation and the community
    • Practical work included an introduction to the Wikimedia Commons interface and the upload interface
    • an upload session day

Due to different political and security situations in Sudan faced different difficulties to perform all the activities in the proposal

  • Photowalk -Nyala
  • The jury decisions for the photo contest
  • The prizes for the winners of the contest
  • Launching and Closing and ceremony

Project resources[edit]


External Documentation

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The best thing about trying something new is that you learn from it. We want to follow in your footsteps and learn along with you, and we want to know that you took enough risks in your project to have learned something really interesting! Think about what recommendations you have for others who may follow in your footsteps, and use the below sections to describe what worked and what didn’t.

I learned lots of this experience, I leaned that best way to choose participants is through application forms, and to put specific questions that identify the suitable member, people sometimes attend for curios reasons are not willing to continue as a user group member. Also, I practice delivering the objectives of the foundation that helped marketing the movement in different entities of the Sudanese community.

What worked well[edit]

What did you try that was successful and you'd recommend others do? To help spread successful strategies so that they can be of use to others in the movement, rather than writing lots of text here, we'd like you to share your finding in the form of a link to a learning pattern.

Part 2: The Grant[edit]


Actual spending[edit]

Part one of the project (Wikipedia workshops and edit-athons (6-days in Khartoum City and 3 days in Nyala City)

Part Two of the project (Wiki Loves Sudan, Wikimedia Commons Training Sessions, upload, photowalk and edit-athons sessions (3-days in Khartoum and in Nyala Cities)

Remaining funds[edit]

Do you have any unspent funds from the grant?

Please answer yes or no. If yes, list the amount you did not use and explain why.

  • yes

the amount is 1702 USD. some events were not performed. 1. the photowalk in Nyala City was not performed because of the need of security permission and this was rejected from the involved authority. 2. The jury did not perform all the reviewing processes of the contest images, then there were no winners and prizes, therefore the jury and prizes amount were not consumed. 3. The Launching as not done, due to funds were received late and we had to finish the other events before a deadline, and closing event were not performed due to the war.

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Confirmation of project status[edit]

Did you comply with the requirements specified by WMF in the grant agreement?

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  • yes

Is your project completed?

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  • we, but we were not able to accomplish all the requested events