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statusproposal withdrawn by staff due to covid-19 restrictions
Les Classes Wikipedia N'Djamena
summaryThe Wikipedia Classroom project is a set of 4-5 weeks classes that teach Wikipedia to students by creating and improving articles of the 100 most notable Chadian writers.
targetFrench Wikipedia ; Arabic Wikipedia; Wikimedia Commons
amount6,920.30 (USD)
contact•• Abakar B
organization• Wikimedia Community User Group Tchad
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created on20:28, 20 February 2020 (UTC)

Project idea[edit]

What is the problem you're trying to solve?[edit]

Poor number and quality of articles about the top 50 notable Chadiens writers According to the associations of Chadian writers, there are a hundred Chadian writers. Some are notable enough to exist on Wikipedia On French Wikipedia, only 10 Chadian writers currently exist, including two women. Added to this is the poor quality of existing articles. Not to mention the virtual inexistence of images linked to these writers on Commons.

What is your solution to this problem?[edit]

Creating and improving the Wikipedia articles of the 50 top notable Chadians writers We provide 4-5 weeks Wikipedia training sessions to young people, under 35 years old, from two universities of Chad. During each training session, learners focus on creating and improving the Wikipedia articles of the 50 most notable Chadian writers. The course progression is inspired by the WikiEducation Syllabus and was experienced for more than 6 months in Abidjan and which Abdallahbigboy member of our usergroup participated.[1].

Project goals[edit]

  • Recruit new Wikipedia editors or members of User Group Tchad
  • Increase skills for existing editors who have less than 50 contributions
  • Add or improve content on Wikimedia Website (Wikipedia, Commons)
  • Involve advanced wikipedians in mentorship of newbies

Project impact[edit]

How will you know if you have met your goals?[edit]


  • At least 50 articles on Chadian writers have been created or improved by the end of the project
  • 30 participants have been trained
  • 20 newly registered users
  • 10 existing Wikipedians have received a trainers' training


  • 10 participants join the UG and get involved in our projects
  • 10 participants become regulars contributors (at least 5 edits/month)
  • By the end of the project, at least 2 trainers who were previously trained when the project began, will then be able to train new trainer

Project plan[edit]



  • september/october :
    • Selection & Training workshop of Wikipedia Trainers
    • Recruitment of the 30 participant of Wikipedia Classroom
  • November: Kick off
  • January-February: 3 rounds of 4-week sessions, each session gathering 10 learners
  • March April: Graduation ceremony
  • May : Evaluation


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Expense type Activity Quantity Unit cost Total (FCFA) Total (USD) Notes
Communication - Marketing
Communication - Marketing Designing & printing (contractor) 1  150 000    150 000    272,91   Designing and printing roll up banner
6 1 000 6 000 10,92 Printing training kit
1 50 000 50 000 90,97 Printed documents set
50 1 500 75 000 123,25 Printing completion certificates
Total Communication/ Marketing  281 000    461,79  
Snacks Trainers' training workshop 1 55 800 55 800 91,82 Snacks and beverage for 6 participants
Launching ceremony 1 88 000 88 000 144,81 Snacks and beverage for 50 participants
Weekly training sessions 12 15 500 186 000 306,07 Snacks  (coffee-breack) for 10 learners and 2 trainers
Graduation ceremony 1 88 000 88 000 144,81 Snacks and beverage for 50 participants
Total Snacks 470 000 773,39
Equipment/Equipment ressources coordination
Equipment/Equipment ressources coordination Trainers' training workshop 6 5 000 30 000 54,58   Transport allowance for workshop attendees
Weekly training sessions 6 50 000 300 000 545,83 Compensation for the trainers of Wikipedia Classroom
Coordination 1  350 000    350 000    636,80   EPSON video projector
4  15 000    60 000    98,73  Surge protector multi-socket
2  70 000    140 000    230,37  Wireless routeur
5  300 000    1 500 000    2468,27 Training room rental (three months)
10 100 000  1000 000    1645,51 Internet connection fees for the training rooms (monthly subscription)
8 10 000 80 000 131,64 Telephone credit
Total Travel / Equipment / Human ressources coordination  3 460 000    5693,47  
TOTAL BUDGET  4 211 000    6 920,30 

Community engagement[edit]

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We will use the User Group's mailing, Twitter, and Facebook to inform and engage all members to actively participate in the project and relay its news (call for applications, training sessions, kick off and so one ). We also plan to give communications and create printed material (Posters) to be affixed to schools, cultural centers and partner libraries for the recruitment of non-Wikipedian / medians

Get involved[edit]


Yasmine Djibril Ahmat, Project Manager[edit]

Yasmine Djibril Ahmat is very passionate about technology and knowledge sharing. I am an Open Data advocate. I'm the Creative Commons coordinator of Wikimedia Community User Group Tchad. I'm active in different Wikimedia projects.I have been helping to bridge the digital gender gap by adding more female related content. I coordinated #SamediCestWiki in N'Djamena.

Abderamane Abakar, Wikipedia Trainer[edit]

Abderamane Abakar is the vice president of Wikimedia Tchad and wikimedia experienced

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  • Please could you fix the budget table ? Anthere (talk)
  1. Support Support This project will permit to increase the number of editors or members of User Group of Tchad Matarimi1 (talk)
  2. Support Support Belle initiative. Je crois que les ressources du #wikimooc seront aussi utiles. Abdallahbigboy (talk)