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Grants:Risk assessment during COVID-19/Eligibility criteria

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In order to provide a general idea whether you should apply for a grant, or go through the Risk assessment check, here is a list of common activities and events that will most likely be eligible, if proper controls and mitigation measures can be implemented.

If you can’t find your proposed event or activity on this list, it does not mean it can not be considered. This is just to provide you with some examples of things that comply with our guidelines regarding COVID-19.

Restricted gatherings include:

  • Any gathering that violates the local government restrictions and health guidance related to COVID-19 in the hosting country.
  • Regional/international large or small scale events that include international travel (even if the travel can happen by ground transportation)

All events and activities must comply with local government restrictions and guidelines. Eligible gatherings include:

  • Daily activities involving 10 people or less: routine staff/volunteers/board meetings; co-editing; photography activities; work meetings for fundraising or outreach
  • Outdoors events and celebrations allowing social distancing (2 meters/6 feet) with no close personal contact or sharing food
  • Tours and outdoor meetups (such as photography tours)
  • Local fundraising or outreach events.
  • Edit-a-thons, workshops, training that does not require sharing computers or other technical devices.
  • Gatherings that do not include overnight accommodation
  • Regional events with no international flights (only ground transportation and without crossing any state borders)