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Application or grant stage: in progress
Applicant or grantee: applicant
Amount requested: US$ 116,295.52
Amount granted: 116,296 USD
Funding period: January 2021 - December 2021
Midpoint report due: July 15, 2021
Final report due: January 31, 2022



Annual Plan[edit]

WMB's Annual Plan for 2021

Budget Plan[edit]

WMB's 2021 Budget Plan

Staffing Plan[edit]

  • Job title: Coordinator
    • Brief description: This person will be in charge of overseeing WMB strategies, operations and general administration. The coordinator primary responsibility is ensuring organizational effectiveness by providing leadership for the organization. This position requires decision making, scenario evaluation and good relationship skills with different parties: staff, community and partners. This is an essential position, because it coordinates and connects the entire team, the external elements and all the activities together.
    • Indication of FTE and duration of work: 1.0 FTE, with a renewable contract for 12 months.
  • Job title: Administrative manager
    • Brief description: This position is essential for the smooth running of WMB projects throughout 2021. The administrative manager will be responsible for dealing with day-to-day management of the organization, setting up meetings, organizing logistics for events and programs, etc., under the supervision of the organization coordinator.
    • Indication of FTE and duration of work: 1.0 FTE, with a renewable contract for 12 months.
  • Job title: Projects manager
    • Brief description: This position is key for planning, organizing and delivering Wiki Movement Brazil’s projects. This position is responsible for writing reports, building partnerships with local institutions and managing WMB under the supervision of the coordinator to fulfill its proposed objectives on the Simple APG application.
    • Indication of FTE and duration of work: 1.0 FTE, with a renewable contract for 12 months.
  • Job title: Communications manager
    • Brief description: This position is associated to the goal of establishing a professional setup for WMB’s communications, internally and externally, with the Wikimedia community and partners. The person in charge will develop and implement a communications strategy for the organization and will be dealing directly with volunteers, external partners and media.
    • Indication of FTE and duration of work: 1.0 FTE, with a renewable contract for 12 months.

These positions were described in more details in our previous sAPG application.

Strategic plan[edit]

Our strategic plan is still being developed.


2020 Milestones - UG WMB.svg

Wiki Movement Brazil User Group (WMB) is an association of volunteer editors that have been acting on Wikimedia projects since 2013 and is currently the only recognized WMF affiliate in Brazil. The group includes people from different profiles in several states, configuring a diversity-sensitive, goal-oriented, and creative community.

Programs led by the WMB have been some of the largest ever developed in the Global South, with over 130 programs, 64 thousand articles created and 118 million words added by more than 4,000 editors and students in education programs and activities led by us since 2014. Although there is no objective mechanism to measure results of GLAM-Wiki initiatives, initiatives WMB has led are among the most successful partnerships with cultural institutions in terms of impact, innovation, and learning processes, uploading more than 54 thousand files to Wikimedia Commons, reaching more than 16 million views in more than 130 wikis only in September 2020. Programs that WMB put forward have been showcased as success stories in most global and regional Wikimedia conferences and meetings and the external media.

In 2020, WMB developed activities on four-axis: GLAM Outreach, Education Programs, Community Support and General Outreach. Among the activities developed by the user group, we highlight the New Ipiranga Museum Wikipedia Initiative: a major GLAM partnership with a museum that has been closed for almost ten years now. This project has involved the upload of thousands of metadata and images, open innovation, and several dissemination activities with the community. We have developed gamified apps, a web semantic book, a reconstruction by images process, and a collaborative mapping of the institution while organizing edit-a-thons, Wikidata training, and a Wikicontest. All of the on-site events were adapted due to the coronavirus pandemic. We have shared the full story of this bold project of opening up the collection of a closed museum on the OpenGLAM Medium blog.

For 2021, as we are a returning grantee we will continue several of the programs we have worked on. We also plan to launch a new initiative to diversify our reach to regions we have not been able to bring so effectively to the Wikimedia ecosystem: Wiki Loves Bahia. All activities proposed here were shared and discussed among user-group members, that have provided inputs and suggestions, and are aligned with our vision and mission. Activities were also considered by our leadership to be in accordance with our Diversity Plan, Friendly Space Policy and Code of Conduct.

Recent reports of activities are provided below:

Previous reports are available here.


Training workshops and edit-a-thons[edit]

2020 WMB edit-a-thons.jpg
Wikidata Lab about Wiki-Education and Data Literacy

Training workshops and edit-a-thons have been recurring activities of our user group. From January to September 2020 alone, we organized 22 of these kinds of events.

These activities have been an opportunity for strengthening our bonds with partners and establishing new partnerships. In 2020, there were new partnerships with the Goethe-Institut São Paulo, which generated support in several edit-a-thons and in the Abre-te Código event; with the collective NaPupila, in several edit-a-thons with minority groups, mainly focused on gender diversity; and with Twitter Brasil and the non-profit Sesc.

Training workshops and edit-a-thons are also a means of empowering the Wikimedia community. We have a strategic focus on diversity events to bring plural perspectives to Wikimedia projects in Portuguese, a central focus point of our Diversity Plan. Technical workshops --in particular our Wikidata Labs, winner in the Outreach category at the 2019 WikidataCon-- are important to build community capacities but also to enhance our connections with GLAM partners.

These activities can be organized on-site or remotely.

  • Introduce the Wikimedia universe to more people and attract new users;
  • To further involve the Portuguese and Brazilian community in community events;
  • Empower the Portuguese and Brazilian community on Wikimedia platforms, especially on Wikidata;
  • Strengthen ongoing partnerships and create new partnerships;
  • Improve topics on certain subjects on Wikimedia platforms, especially those involving GLAM partnerships and gender diversity topics;
  • To further involve the Portuguese and Brazilian community in events related to Wikidata.
Program Goals
Training workshops & edit-a-thons At least 15 events
At least 270 participants in total
Improve/create 750 Wikipedia/Commons/Wikidata entries in total
Systematic publicity and reporting on activities to be provided to the community
At least 1 detailed documentation of WMB's edit-a-thons processes published on community channels

Edit-a-thons are important types of events, recognized by the Wikimedia community as essential to attract and possibly train new active users. In the Brazilian community, these events are even more important to improve diversity on the platforms, as well as carry out projects and wiki initiatives, especially with GLAMs and educational partners.

Technical workshops are important mainly considering the context of Brazilian culture, which is educationally deficient in the most technical areas. The purpose of these workshops is precisely to empower the community of Brazilian Wikimedians and provide knowledge and materials previously not available, besides improving the quality of content and the technical work done within the Wikimedia platforms, especially on Wikidata.

Community events[edit]

Wiki Ocupa Jundiaí.svg
Wikiconcurso AN 1 - Instagram.jpg
WLM Brazil 2020 - Statistics.svg

For 2021, WMB plans to continue organizing community events, a model of engagement that has been successful for remote and on-site gatherings. These events primarily seek to bring Wikimedians to offline events, since we understand how the Brazilian community needs more social events for gathering, exchanging ideas, and discussing the projects in person. However, due to learning in the context of COVID-19, the group is ready to also adopt remote alternatives for those who can never attend all of these events. This is also important due to Brazil's continental magnitude, which makes it even more difficult to hold meetings, especially bringing together users from different regions.

These events are thought of as a means of moving forward in the goals of our Diversity Plan in the sense that they too work towards improving the contact and diversity of community members.

A short presentation is provided to specific events we might organize:

  • Wiki Takes a city: this kind of event is aimed to activate the local community (inhabitants, students, city hall, and other institutions such as museums) on Wikimedia projects, mainly Wikipedia and Commons while bringing experienced Wikimedians to support the coverage of the city on different formats applicable to Wikimedia projects. Wiki Takes includes Wikipedia workshops, photo-walks, digital mapping, and development of local GLAM in a short time. The event is an intensive effort to “wikify” a relevant site for the Brazilian heritage that hasn't been properly covered yet on the Wikimedia projects. Examples: Wiki Ocupa Santana de Parnaíba and Wiki Ocupa Jundiaí.
  • Wikicontests: mostly online activities --eventually associated with an edit-a-thon-- to stimulate the Wikimedia community to improve the content on a particular topic area or in the context of a broader partnership with an institutional organization. Example: Wikiconcurso Arquivo Nacional: Brasília 60 anos.
  • Offline general assembly: an annual meeting of our group members is required by the Brazilian law as we are recognized as a formal association. In this assembly, we present activity reports, discuss strategies for our programs, set internal policies, and keep the community motivated to contribute and to get to know our group. This event might include domestic and international travels.
  • Meetups with the community and partners: we expect to organize, either remotely or on-site, events with the broader community, potentially including a lusophone-wide event to celebrate the Wikipedia anniversary, the anniversary of Wikidata, and a broader event with open-knowledge organizations in Brazil. The latter was expected to have been held in 2020 but was canceled in the context of the COVID pandemic.
  • Wiki Loves Monuments: this will be the third year in which we organize this event, which has since 2019 seen an increasing number of contributions and engagement.
  • International conferences: as a group in the Global South, we understand that it is especially important that we are actively involved in the Wikimedia international conferences. At this point, it is unclear whether or not these conferences will be held in 2021.
  • Work on a welcoming and healthy environment for people from different backgrounds to equally have the opportunity to participate in or lead projects in the community (see Diversity Plan);
  • Increase the number of active members to keep activities running - and if not possible to expressively expand the community;
  • Achieve partnerships with city governments, cultural centers, and other local institutions that can facilitate activities / have synergy with the purposes of Wikimedia;
  • Keep in touch with other local and international groups that advocate for free knowledge and actively support their campaigns / develop activities in partnership;
  • Prioritize face-to-face contacts between members to facilitate work processes and decisions;
  • Facilitate the inclusion of partner institutions from other states, mainly within the scope of GLAM partnerships;
  • Provide opportunities for WMB members to travel to international wiki conferences and have contact with the international community;
  • Reach more areas through the dissemination of photographic campaigns to broadcast WMB ideals, open knowledge, and the Wikimedia platforms;
  • Improve structured information and depiction of Brazilian historical heritage listed on Wikimedia platforms;
  • Strengthen WMB unity through social events and discussion spaces, as this helps align objectives and improve communication and debate skills.

To determine metrics for events in 2021 is strictly dependent on the assessment of the health situation globally. Hence, what we present below is a tentative prospect for 2021, and we might have to make adjustments as the year progresses. This is particularly in the context of offline events and activities that require airplane trips. As a general metric, we expect to organize and be involved in 5 to 10 events in 2021, which might be held given the following expectation:

Program Program activities Goals
Community events Wiki Takes a city
  • Organize the campaign with one city
  • At least one Wikipedia training for the local community
  • At least 1,000 images from the photo-walk uploaded to Commons per event
  • At least 50 entries on Wikidata created/improved
  • 40 articles created/improved in Wikipedia
  • At least one mapping activity
  • At least 20 people engaged at the events
  • Organize one campaign
  • At least one resource available for newcomers
  • At least 350 entries created/improved on Wikipedia
Offline general assembly
  • At least 12 WMB members at the event
  • Attendees from at least 2 out of the 5 Brazilian regions
  • A full report on the event activities and discussions to be provided for the community
  • A strategic discussion on the role of the Brazilian community in the open knowledge infrastructure
Meetups with the community and partners
  • Organize 2 meetings with partners of the WMB, eventually including affiliates, institutions involved in open-knowledge projects and scholars and activists on free knowledge and related topics
Wiki Loves Monuments
  • At least 7,500 images uploaded on Commons
  • Reach 10,000 items on Wikidata
  • At least 100 participants
  • 100 new registered editors
International conferences
  • At least two international trips
  • At least one international conference attended
  • At least one presentation at an international conference

To strengthen the community, to provide a more welcoming environment in the projects, and to establish stronger institutional partnerships are the direct corollaries of the section we have called Community Events. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemics, several events we had planned had to be adjusted and learning from this experience we are now able to envision different strategies to hold these events.


First Oficina Wikimedia & Educação
Statistics of WMB 2020 Education Programs

The involvement with Education programs is a priority of Wiki Movimento Brasil in 2021. Since 2014, the group has helped to organize more than 100 education programs, some of them the largest in the world. A considerable number of WMB members are university professors who already carry out education programs or are part of the Wikipedia & Education User Group.

In 2020, our objective has been to create a Brazilian community around the education programs, a kind of remote and community support network for educators who needed assistance when organizing educational activities in the context of Wikimedia platforms. The goal for 2021 is to maintain and grow this new net of support for even more educators and educational institutions. This is important considering that Brazil has ranked among the worst countries in the world in terms of numeracy, literacy, and scientific knowledge, which has strongly impacted how our society has evolved.

For the development of this support network, WMB set up a single campaign page on the Outreach Dashboard, which became the fourth biggest program on the platform and presented some impressive results, such as 186 programs, 4149 editors, 118 million words added, 301 thousand referenced added, 114 thousand articles edited and 64.8 thousand articles created.

To hold all Brazilian education programs on a single page also was helpful to organized the monthly workshops, the Oficinas Wikimedia & Educação: a educação livre no Brasil e as plataformas Wikimedia (Wikimedia & Education Workshops: open education in Brazil and Wikimedia platforms), to talk about education, open knowledge, and Wikimedia in the Brazilian context. In the event’s portal, there are materials, recordings, and slides from all five workshops (until October) and a page of participants, all to support this network of wiki educators. Externally, one space was also created in the WMB’s Slack for educators to interact off-wiki with Wikimedians and other professors.

We plan to achieve this objective by organizing regular workshops to support educators on and off-wiki and by increasing the number and reach of lectures and talks that are organized with partners, mainly at universities. The development of the workshops was supported by a Creative Commons Open Education grant.

  • Support activities from education programs throughout Brazil, such as debate educational activities with professors, help with Outreach Dashboard, Mbabel, and other tools;
  • Participate, when necessary, in lectures and presentations for professors;
  • Maintain the support network created after sAPG 2021, through the continuation of the Wikimedia & Education Workshops.
Program Goals
Education workshops, lectures, and talks At least 8 events
At least 300 participants in total

The Brazilian community is responsible for some of the most impressive and important education programs currently on-wiki carried out by educators who already know the rules of the platforms. However, it is still important to continue improving the performance of these programs, especially with the community of Wikimedians, and forming an even better support network that is a reference for new educators to enter, understand, and actively participate within the Wikimedia platforms with their students.

Wiki Loves Bahia[edit]

Wiki Loves Bahia - logo.svg
Presentation Spreading GLAM-Wiki Resources in Brazil

Our boldest planned activity in 2021 is what has been called "Wiki Loves Bahia". The overall goal of this new project is to prioritize in our activities a region that has been systematically left out in the open knowledge ecosystem in which Wikimedia projects strive. We plan to intensify activities and programs in Bahia in 2021.

Bahia is one of the largest states in Brazil --it is as large as the country France-- and is also one of the poorest states, in a region where more Brazilians live under the poverty line. This sociodemographic profile is associated with an incredibly low rate of content produced on Wikimedia projects, particularly in Bahia's countryside. Around 60% of the 417 cities in Bahia have not a single picture on Wikimedia Commons; around 75% of the cities in Bahia do not have an entry or only have a stub-level entry on Wikipedia in Portuguese. As revealed by the Wikimedia Foundation Readership Program, these pictures occur in the context of an extremely low level of Wikimedia awareness.

At the same time, Bahia is one of the states with the most wiki activity and active users who are WMB members. Moreover, it is one of the most culturally and historically rich studies in Brazil, with many important GLAM organizations and a significant number of educational institutions. Our local community has strong connections with these institutions, mostly public schools, universities, and libraries.

A prospective study with local GLAMs is currently underway and has received support from a Creative Commons Open GLAM grant. We were able to feed Wikidata with information on most GLAMs in the state, as we plan to reach out to them.

Activities we plan to undertake in the context of Wiki Loves Bahia include:

  • GLAM partnerships, including the campaign "Take a picture of your library/museum/archive and contribute to open knowledge" and eventual content sharing collaborations;
  • Photo contests with public schools, particularly focusing on institutions that have received federal funding for the creation of internet labs and with which we could then build Wikimedia trainings;
  • Wikicontest and edit-a-thons to improve the content on topics pertaining to Bahia;
  • Education programs to be held in public universities and eventually schools;
  • And more as a full set of activities is still being built.

All these activities will of course depend on intensive communications and outreach plans. We also plan to invest in documenting this project as we could eventually replicate successful activities in other states. We expect to have a local temporary contractor to work with us on this ambitious project.

We expect to have this project as an opportunity to foster Wikimedian growth throughout Bahia, eventually having engaged volunteers acting as Wikimedia ambassadors. Ambassadors are people committed to Wikimedia purposes that can locally engage and disseminate activities. WMB can lead to a growing relationship and support activities, including event organization orientations, dissemination through our communication channels, and guidance through "Wikimedia universe", as providing directions on how to apply for a Rapid Grant to run events/activities, for example. The idea came as a suggestion by Chris Schilling during this Simple APG orientation meetings.

It is important to notice this project is associated with higher risks, as we plan to connect to all educational and cultural institutions in the state. This project is directly in accordance with our Diversity Plan.

  • Increase diversity of institutions that partner up with Wikimedia projects;
  • Increase Wikimedia awareness;
  • Increase content on a currently marginalized community;
  • Develop a replicable project.
Program Program activities Goals
Wiki Loves Bahia GLAMs
  • Outreach to 250 cultural institutions
  • At least 40 pictures of GLAM institutions uploaded after outreach
  • At least 40 Wikidata items improved on GLAMs
  • At least 2 GLAM partnerships
Photo contest
  • Outreach to 350 public schools
  • At least 18 schools involved in a photo contest
  • At least 200 images contributed
Wikicontest and edit-a-thons
  • At least 3 activities
  • At least 150 participants
  • At least 300 entries created/improved on Wikipedia in Portuguese
Education programs
  • At least 3 education programs launched
  • At least 40 participants

Wiki Loves Bahia is probably the most strategic novelty in our expected activities for 2021. It addresses directly the guidance that has been laid out in the Wikimedia strategic direction, as we want to create incentives and an infra-structure to bring new communities --currently left out of our ecosystem-- to Wikimedia projects.

General action programs[edit]

Video Como criar uma conta Wiki (How to create a Wiki account in English)
WMB - Partnerships.png

Since 2016 and until October 2020, Wiki Movimento Brasil has carried out 17 GLAM-Wiki partnerships. In 2020 only, after the sAPG grant, the group managed to complete three new partnerships, with two others in the final agreement process. In this section, we include activities that characterize our continuing set of activities but that are not related to a specific, episodic event or activity. They are the result of our continuing performance.

Programs presented here are similar to those developed in our 2020 sAPG program plan; following the instruction of this new approach for the sAPG application we do not provide much detail. For more information on the scope of these action programs, please refer to our previous sAPG application.

A short presentation is provided to specific actions we might undergo:

  • Resources: audiovisual and printed materials that support WMB community’s needs. They can be used for education programs, trainings, edit-athons, GLAM-Wiki partnerships, and other activities. Video resources are especially useful.
  • Content upload: Wiki Movimento Brasil has carried out various GLAM-Wiki partnerships, in which there were uploads of several collections of images and metadata from Brazilian GLAM institutions. In 2020, the group already shared more than 5 thousand images on Wikimedia Commons and 7 thousand metadata on Wikidata, related to those partnerships.
  • Partnerships: Wiki Movimento Brasil has formally partnered up with around 20 cultural and educational institutions. These partnerships are the result of long processes and negotiations and play a key role in improving content from Brazil on Wikimedia projects.
  • Communications: refers to systematically providing accounts for the Brazilian and global community about what we have achieved in programs and activities we expect to run throughout this Simple APG term. It also refers to the strategic engagement of participants in WMB's activities and to community support.
  • Provide better audiovisual resources on Wikimedia platforms for the Lusophone community;
  • Update brochures content or videos on Wikimedia platforms;
  • Reach different interested audiences through more visually attractive resources;
  • Increase the number of images and metadata made available through GLAM partnerships on Commons and Wikidata;
  • Improve the quality of metadata previously made available through GLAM partnerships on Wikidata;
  • Involve more members from the community and from WMB in the uploading process of images and metadata;
  • Increase the number of GLAM partnerships and diversify them;
  • Include partners from other areas of Brazil, giving priority to those from less favored regions;
  • Achieve partnerships with city governments, cultural centers, and other local institutions that can facilitate activities / have synergy with the purposes of Wikimedia;
  • Actively engage through communications channels users on WMB’s activities and reach out for new volunteers spread throughout Brazil ;
  • Develop integrated communications procedures on and off wiki for disseminating activities;
  • Transform WMB’s channels into reference points for volunteers and potential partners;
  • Develop a stronger network of Wikimedians spread out through the Brazilian territory and support local activities.
Program Program activities Goals
General action programs Resources
  • Produce 1 detailed documentation on our GLAM-Wiki processes, educational programs and/or events
  • 6 printed or video resources to support the community
Content upload
  • 5,000 files uploaded to Wikimedia Commons
  • 4,000 items uploaded to/enhanced on Wikidata
  • 3 new formal institutional partnerships, such as with GLAMs
  • At least 1 partnerships with institutions outside the Rio de Janeiro-São Paulo axis (independent of the Wiki Loves Bahia goals)
  • Support of programs/activities of at least 3 different institutions and organizations
  • Usage of village pumps/mass message to recurrently inform the community
  • At least 7 monthly reports on community channels
  • At least one communication via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or LinkedIn) per activity/project
  • Organization of a monthly communications calendar
  • Evaluation of Communications Strategic Plan after 6 months of implementation
  • At least 4 media appearances of activities promoted by WMB
Wikimedia Ambassadors
  • Nominate at least 2 ambassadors spread out through the Brazilian territory
  • Frequent check-ups with ambassadors
  • Support their events/activities in any viable means (dissemination, guidance, etc.)

What is presented is to some extent the cornerstone of what being part of a community means: creating resources that can have a multiplier effect; sharing knowledge; establishing partnerships; engaging and communicating; and so on. As in previous programs, we plan to have our general actions be held strategically in accordance with our Diversity Plan.

Grant Metrics Reporting[edit]

Grants metrics worksheet.

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Suggestions for Simple APG Application process[edit]

  • This year, the application process was simplified --which was great as this is often a long, intricate document--, and it was very important to have support, guidance throughout the process. In light of this experience, a suggestion would be to continue with the simplification process and continuing support. A suggestion would be to offer the opportunity of applicants to interact (in a call?) with the committee, if possible.

Requests for operational support[edit]

  • Support to best develop our Communications Strategic Plan would be appreciated. :)
  • Support to improve our hiring procedures would be appreciated. :)
  • Guidance on the development of our General Strategic Plan would be appreciated. :)

Wiki Movement Brazil User Group

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