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Application or grant stage: grant in progress
Applicant or grantee: Wikimedia Chile
Amount requested: 10,100,000 CLP (15,500 USD)
Amount granted: 10,100,000 CLP (15,500 USD)
Funding period: August 15th, 2017 1 September 2017 to 28 February 2018
Application created: 1 August 2017
Recommended application date: 18 July 2017
Midpoint report due: 15 December 2017
Final report due: 30 March 2018



These two requests are required of first-time applicants. In future years, you can use reports to substitute for these requirements.

  1. Link to one program story that showcases your organization's achievements in the past year.
    • An article published by University of Playa Ancha, which emphasize the organization of "the first translation edit-a-thon in Latin America". We also update our achievements in our Monthly Reports, posted on Meta each month.
  2. Link to one learning story you have created or contributed to, that demonstrates how your organization documents and applies learning.
    See Aprendizajes (in Spanish and English).

Link to these documents, for the upcoming funding period, only if you have them.

  1. Link to your organization's staffing plan, for the upcoming funding period. This organization is not requesting staff.
  2. Link to your annual plan, for the upcoming funding period. Plan 2017-02
  3. Link to your strategic plan, which includes the upcoming funding period. Work plan (Plan de trabajo) for 2017-2018.

Please add your grants metrics to this sheet. Note that requirements for shared metrics have changed for grants starting 1 January 2017 or later. Grants with start dates before 1 January 2017 should still use the old Global Metrics.

Please visit this worksheet to view global metrics targets and progress.


Please use the templates provided to add information about each program you are planning for the upcoming funding period.

Educational Program

Edit-a-thon in the University of Playa Ancha (June 2017)

Within the objectives defined for the 2017-02 period is to further deepen the activities developed by the chapter in the Education Program, especially in regard to activities previously tested such as "Wikipedia in the University" and "Wikipuentes". This program will address three lines of work:

  • Wikipedia in the University: After the successful experiences carried out by Wikimedia Chile between 2014 and 2017 along with different institutions of higher education, it is expected to carry on new activities, both with institutions which we have already worked and incorporating new ones. For 2017-02, the following objectives are expected:
    1. Implementation of three Wikipedia in the University programs.
    2. At least two of these programs should be new courses.
    3. 70 students involved in the activities and created as new users.
    4. 40 new and/or improved articles at the end of the evaluation period.
  • Wikipuentes: To address primary and secondary education, Wikimedia Chile will launch a local version of the successful Wikipuentes program, created by Wikimedia Argentina. This MOOC is intended for primary and secondary education teachers, with a duration of 5 weeks. Since educational activities end in November-December each year, the idea is to use 2017-02 as a time to prepare the platform for its launching in April 2018, when the activity can have a mayor impact.
    1. Installation of the site and adaptation of its contents to the local context.
    2. Conduct a trial period with at least 5 teachers and/or people linked to education.
  • 2018 outreach materials: As in the case of Wikipuentes, it is expected to use 2017-02 to prepare the materials to be used in educational activities during 2018. Among these it is expected to produce short videos that will explain the main characteristics of Wikipedia for both online and in-person activities, as well as brochures and other printed materials. This will allow us both to support activities such as Wikipedia in the university and to generate a greater impact in the long term.
    1. Production of four short videos.
    2. Brochures design & printing of for educational purposes.

Outreach activities

International Women's Day edit-a-thon (March 2017).

Wikimedia Chile will continue its outreach activities, mainly edit-a-thons and workshops in conjunction with local GLAM institutions.

  • Edit-a-thons and workshops: Two activities during the year are expected, for which we already have conversations with the National Museum of Fine Arts and the University of Chile.
    1. Organize 3 outreach mass activities.
    2. 100 participants.
    3. 30 new users.
    4. 35 new and/or improved articles.
  • 2018 Outreach materials: Like the Education case, it is expected to prepare printed and audiovisual material to spread the Wikimedia projects in different activities during 2018. It is expected that this merchandising items -such as brochures, pencils, stickers, etc.- can foster our projects awareness and thus encourage participation. In addition, it is expected to develop some viral videos that can be used through the chapter's social media.
    1. Production of four short videos.
    2. Brochures and merchandising design & printing.

Iberocoop-WikiArabia contest

Dome of the Rock detail in Jerusalem.

It is expected to develop a wikicontest jointly between some affiliates/groups part of the Iberocoop and WikiArabia initiatives, with the objective of expanding Latin America contents in the Arabic-speaking projects and Middle East and North Africa contents in the Spanish-speaking projects (and potentially Portuguese and Italian), especially related to cultural and artistic themes. Wikimedia Chile would be one of the coordinating chapters, managing the promotion, jury selection and awards delivery, among others.

The contest would be held between October and November.

  1. At least 5 Latin American countries and 5 Arab countries participating.
  2. 100 people participating, with at least 40 from Latin America and 40 from the Arab World.
  3. 300 new articles created, with at least 120 in Latin America and 120 in the Arab World.

Wiki Science Competition

One of the images uploaded as part of European Science Photo Competition 2015.

It is expected to organize the national version of Wiki Science Competition (WSC), an international photo contest organized by the University of Tartu and Wikimedia Eesti. The objective of WSC is to encourage scientific development at local level through photography. Being a completely new activity, Wikimedia Chile will participate in a pilot mode, trying to get the support of local scientific institutions (such as universities, research centers, National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research, etc).

  1. Launch Wiki Science Chile contest in the October-November term.
  2. Obtain the support of at least two local scientific development institutions.
  3. Have at least 50 valid photos for the contest.

Sports and other events coverage

Quality image taken at Pulsar Awards 2017.

It is expected to cover several sporting and other cultural/social events, with the aim of obtaining high quality images and better illustrate Chile-related articles with photographs published under a free license.

  1. At least 200 pictures uploaded to Wikimedia Commons.
  2. At least 10% of the photographs should be highlighted as quality images.


Please use the templates below to add information about each staff or contractor position you are planning during the upcoming funding period.

This organization is not requesting staff.

Budget and resource plan[edit]

Link to a detailed budget for the upcoming funding period. This budget should include all of your organizations expenses. Please specify which expenses will be covered from your APG. :Budget for 2017-02 (in USD).
Converted to Chilean pesos using conversion rate for 2017-07-31, at 1 USD = 651.6 CLP.