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Application or grant stage: grant in progress
Applicant or grantee: Wikimedia Czech Republic
Amount requested: EUR 73,778 (US$81,174)
Amount granted: EUR 73,778 (US$81,174)
Funding period: January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017
Application created: 15 November 2016
Recommended application date: November 1, 2016
Midpoint report due: 15 July 2017
Final report due: 30 January 2018



Link to these documents, for the upcoming funding period, only if you have them.

  1. Link to your organization's staffing plan, for the upcoming funding period. Wikimedia Czech Republic/Staffing plan
  2. Link to your annual plan, for the upcoming funding period. Annual plan is approved by the general assembly and has thus not been prepared yet. This grant proposal however takes form of our annual plan (the two documents reflect each other very well).
  3. Link to your strategic plan, which includes the upcoming funding period. Strategic plan of Wikimedia Czech Republic 2017–2020

Please add your grants metrics to this sheet. Note that requirements for shared metrics have changed for grants starting 1 January 2017 or later. Please visit this worksheet to view global metrics targets and progress.


Please describe any changes to your programs for the upcoming funding period, including the addition of new programs or any programs you are no longer doing. Include your rationale for any major changes to your programs here.

The program portfolio of Wikimedia Czech Republic for year 2017 focuses on support and promotion of Czech Wikipedia as well as other Wikimedia projects, namely Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata and Czech Wikisource. 2 of our 3 programs remain similar to last year: Media Acquisition Program which aims to improve Wikimedia Commons content, and Education & Institutional Collaboration, where the main focus is on bringing up a new generation of Wikipedians by organizing courses, workshops and lectures. The extent of these two projects is mostly similar to last year although the Media Acquisition Program will not include competitions or purchase of equipment and Education program will work on new challenges such as working with secondary schools. The 3rd project - Wikidata Content & Community - is new and has organically grown from the Media Acquisition Program over the course of the year 2016 and we decided to scale up the Wikidata-associated projects due to the potential of Wikidata and the significant interest of the community in this Wikimedia project.

Please use the templates provided to add information about each program you are planning for the upcoming funding period.

Media acquisition support

Participants of WikiTown in Mariánské Lázně, 2016

The Media acquisition support program is a long-term strength of Wikimedia Czech Republic. Its goals include photographic documentation of all Czech villages and protected areas but also other types of points of interest or objects. By providing reimbursement and technical support to Czech photographers in the so-called Mediagrant framework, the participants of the program have taken >100,000 pictures and used them to illustrate >22,000 articles. Eventually our aim is to have all articles related to the Czech Republic illustrated with adequate pictures. In 2017, we will move one step closer towards this goal by providing support for almost 14,000 newly uploaded pictures (3000 used in Wikimedia projects). Associated workshops will also focus on improvement of related Wikipedia articles (200,000 bytes added).

There will be few changes to the Media acquisition support program. It is entirely volunteer-driven and has a dedicated community of people willing to continue in its goals. We decided to leave out the largely unsuccessful local photographic contests and we do not plan to purchase any additional photographic equipment this year. Another change is that the Wikidata object documentation project (Map of Points of Interest in the 2015 APG plan) is now a part of a new Wikidata-oriented program of its own.

The ultimate targets of the program – photographic documentation of all Czech villages and protected areas – will be achieved sooner or later in subsequent years. We have started intensive discussions on new goals that would motivate our photographing community (one such goal would be to take pictures of all unphotographed yet geo-located items on Wikidata, which are presented by the Wikimedia Commons Android app).

Assigned to:

  • The Media Acquisition Program has historically been a decentralized initiative able to make many decisions without the board. There is a coordinating expert body nicknamed the "Eye" of Mediagrant - members currently are Packa and Cheva and they oversee most of the projects included and directly organize the photo-workshop. WikiTown is co-organized by a different local Wikipedian each year in collaboration with Vojtěch Dostál, next year the executive director will also have a say.


  • Mediagrant – This is a successful photodocumentation program of notable objects in the Czech Republic (towns/villages/settlements, nature reserves and other protected areas, bodies of water or any other encyclopedically interesting objects). In a nutshell, every photographer in the Czech Republic can join and take pictures of the above mentioned sights. WMCZ is reimbursing for the travel expenses.
  • WikiTown – an annual weekend event aiming at photodocumentation and improvement of articles in a chosen city which had been poorly documented before. It serves to improve information about places which are further from the "beaten path" and most Mediagrant photographers (see above) would not pay a visit there. The goal of the event is to maximize our efforts and produce as much encyclopedic and photographic information as possible during one week-end (800 pictures, 200,000 bytes).
  • Photo-workshop – a weekend-long traditional event aiming at fostering the photographing community of Czech Wikimedians and improving their skills at practical hands-on courses or theoretical lectures on photography. Survey among 2016 Photoworshop participants show that this is a much-needed event and helps to fuel the photographic community of the program as a whole.
  • Photographic equipment lending service – we lend cameras and other photographic equipment in our ownership and track the usage of these equipment using Wikimedia Commons templates. At least 9 people will make use of our photographic equipment in 2017.

Education and institutional collaboration

How to teach senior citizens to write Wikipedia – workshop for librarians and social workers in Elpida centre in Prague, 2016

Our efforts to collaborate with educational institutions date back to 2011 when a university-oriented ambassador program was started. This was later reinforced with a successful spin-off which concentrates on seniors. Educational institutions such as schools and libraries play an important role in our outreach efforts and work in this environment is intensifying year-by-year. Since 2016 it has been supported by two part-time employees – project managers, who have played a crucial role in formulating 2017 goals. Our education manager Gabriela has managed to professionalize and grow our education efforts in 2016, most significantly scaling up the projects, creating a Train the Trainers pilot, improving sharing of resources among Wikipedia trainers, and participating in an international campaign aimed at secondary school pupils. These projects will be fully explored in 2017. At the same time, Marek has taken up the role of the Wikipedian in Brno, a WiR-styled position mostly aimed at the collaboration with Masaryk University and community building in Brno. This successful initiative will also continue and will be reinforced with collaboration with new institutions. The professionalization has enabled us to improve the results of the existing projects and start completely new initiatives and we are going from 4 projects in 2016 to 9 projects in 2017. Our educational efforts are having immense impact on Czech Wikimedia community, with 5,720,000 bytes expected to be added to Wikimedia projects over the course of the year and 432 newly registered users.

Assigned to:

  • Our education manager Gabriela Boková is responsible for the coordination of this program but is regularly mentored by board (next year, the ED will be also involved of course). The Brno initiative is the most independent of the projects and is overseen by Blahma who is also regularly mentored by the board (for more on our program managers, see the Staffing plan). Individual courses in Czech cities are coordinated by different Wikipedia trainers (the main principal trainer in Prague, Vojtěch Veselý, also coordinates the didactical work behind the projects) and the program attracts many other volunteers. Gampe is the go-to person for GLAM.


  • Innovation of the Students Write Wikipedia and Seniors Write Wikipedia projects – After we revamped the senior education program in 2016, we plan to experiment with the student education program in 2017. We will provide 2–3 on-campus workshops for those courses where students encountered technical problems in past or produced lower-quality articles. This will lead to improved editing experience and feeling of community which we will measure through questionnaires. Senior program will not go through any dramatic changes but we will concentrate on involving experienced seniors (past participants of the course) in peer-to-peer teaching and we will also continue training new trainers among librarians. In terms of SMART criteria, the student-oriented project concentrates on content generation and will produce 2,700,000 bytes of encyclopedic content while the senior project also focuses on new Wikipedians (90 newly registered with at least 10% retention rate) besides content (2,000,000 bytes).
  • Innovation of the Wikipedian in Brno project – The "Wikipedian in Brno" initiative includes projects directed at community development in Brno, the 2nd largest city of the Czech Republic, and WiR-styled collaboration with local institutions that financially and logistically support the activities. The projects planned for 2017 (which are also formulated in the staffing plan, section Wikipedian in Brno) are one step further from targets achieved in 2016 and include several long-term goals (community support in the city of Brno including regular meet-ups, support to local courses for students and seniors and to the trainer community in Brno) but also several new activities:
    • Extension of the present Masaryk University Creative Commons directive to applicable works produced by any part of the university (faculty, department, specialized center etc.) which shows interest to participate. This is based on the success and positive reception of the directive introduced in 2016, which applies to the works of the university's Press Office and External Relations and Marketing Office only.
      Wikipedia Club in Brno
    • Start of cooperation with Masaryk University Archives with the aim of exploring which of its valuable materials could be released under a Wikipedia-compatible free license. Various use cases (such as work for hire, work of a deceased author, work created under an earlier copyright law, student work, anonymous work) will be explored with help of the university's lawyers. As a proof of concept, at least 100 pictures will be released by the archives and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, of which >20% will be used in Wikimedia projects.
    • Implementation of a set of plugins linked to the VisualEditor's reference generator which can process sources published by Masaryk University, simplifying usage of academic sources in Wikipedia.
    • A short bilateral meeting of head representatives of Wikimedia Czech Republic and Masaryk University to mutually inform each other about the results of our collaboration and to explore new opportunities.
    • 2 public lectures in the Moravian Library given by subject experts who present reputable sources for their field of expertise and suggest how present Wikipedia articles should be improved using these sources. This will stimulate the interest of Wikipedians in specific key areas and also serve as a meeting opportunity for Wikipedians writing articles in similar fields of expertise and of subject experts discovering the potential of Wikipedia.
    • Collaboration between the Moravian Library and the Czech Wikisource community to digitize and proofread a book of choice in the Proofread Page environment and make it available in Wikisource as a showcase of the project’s potential usefulness to GLAM institutions.
    • Better integration of several public databases with Wikidata items and Wikipedia articles, including authority files, digitalization registry, Kramerius digital library and other sources of valuable librarian content. Fostering usage of Wikipedia and Wikidata in librarian databases and vice versa. This will improve Wikipedia's services to the readers.
      WikiClub organizers in Prague
  • Wikipedia Clubs – since 2016 we have started organizing regular weekly clubs, offering space for Wikipedians who prefer editing in a company of others or for those in need of peer help on some particular issue. They are often frequented by former participants of our senior courses and thus play a role of "courses for advanced seniors". In 2017 we will continue in supporting these two clubs (one in Prague, one in Brno) which are run entirely by volunteers and only coordinated and evaluated by our education team.
  • Train the Trainers – We already have almost 20 Wikipedia trainers in the Czech Republic but we plan to improve their skills and recruit even more. We will organize 1 workshop for new Wikipedia trainers (aiming to teach them the basics) and 1 workshop for the advanced trainers (aiming to develop their skill according their needs). Methodical guidelines for teaching seniors will be formulated and shared as a part of the existing learning pattern. We will also create a status of a "certified Wikipedia trainer" as a guarantee of quality for our collaborating institutions.
  • Teach (with) Wiki program – We have participated in the international EduWiki Campaign of the Education Collaborative in autumn 2016 and concentrated on the work with elementary school pupils. The campaign lead to 5 articles in press and 1 TV interview with our education manager and we received positive feedback from representatives of the Ministry of Education to whom we presented the idea. For 2017, we aim to broaden our attention to pupils of both elementary (13-16 years old) and secondary schools (17-19 years old). We will create simple-to-use lesson plans which can be used by teachers to plan a 45-minute school lesson that concentrates on teaching digital literacy. We expect at least 10 teachers will participate in 2017, which means about 250 pupils will learn about Wikipedia. The lessons will not involve direct editing by the pupils but we hypothesize that gaining some information about Wikipedia may lead pupils to start experimenting with it (after all, this is the age when many of the prolific Czech Wikipedians started editing). The program will kick off with 1 course for teachers aiming to introduce them to teaching with Wikipedia in 2016. However, in the long-term, because digital literacy is one of the priorities of the Czech government, we also plan to officially accredit the lesson plans in the system of postgradual teacher's education and gain additional financial resources through EU grants for year 2018.
  • #1lib1ref campaign 2017 – This is a planned international campaign for January 2017 aimed at librarians, similar to the first round of the initiative. We will create a landing microsite on Czech Wikipedia (or Meta), and send out an e-mail campaign to Czech librarians thanks to our large network of collaborating libraries as well as contacts with the Librarian Institute of the National Library. We hope to attract at least 75 Czech librarians who will add a reference to Czech Wikipedia and thus learn to improve the quality of the encyclopedia. In addition to this, we will improve the knowledge of Wikipedia in the Czech libraries by organizing at least 2 Wikipedia courses, mostly as a door-opener for subsequent collaboration and also to recruit at least 1 new librarian as a Wikipedia ambassador (and course leader).
  • Wikipedian in residence at Faculty of Science, Charles University – We will negotiate an establishment of a Wikipedian in residence who will contact research group leaders or core facility employees and teach them to upload the photographic material that they produce in their daily work. Many of these images are of high educational quality. This will be a short 1-month contract funded from university sources, or co-funded from chapter reserves if needed. We expect to upload at least 100 valuable images with usage of >30% in Wikimedia projects.
  • Support for Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU – we will provide a modest contribution to the Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU which is funded by European chapters. The objectives of this year's work are summarized in this document.

Wikidata content & community

The Wikidata Content & Community program is a logical extension of our Wikidata efforts in 2016. These stemmed from the need to foster the Wikidata community and use it to significantly improve the data related to Czech points of interest. The nearby unphotographed points of interest are now displayed in the Wikimedia Commons app, developed recently by a volunteer community independent of us (IEG grant). Support of Czech Wikidata and open data is a strategic priority of Wikimedia Czech Republic and the initiative will significantly grow in 2017. We expect at least 15,000 Wikidata pages to be significantly improved during our workshops and we plan to open up formal collaborations with at least 3 new public institutions – proving that chapter can significantly help development of Wikidata via negotiations with these institutions which would be difficult without Wikimedia Czech Republic's backing. Significantly, we are also nurturing the Czech Wikidata community and improving critical Wikidata-related abilities.

First Czech Wikidata workshop, in Pardubice, 2016

Assigned to:

  • This new initiative is coordinated by Vojtěch Dostál (in charge of 1 workshop, participation on hackathon and and the Wikidata in academia initiative) but others take part too: for example, Blahma will organize the 2nd planned workshop and Martin Urbanec is the go-to person for technical stuff.


  • Wikidata workshops – After a successful September 2016 Wikidata workshop in Pardubice, there will be 2 similar events happening in 2017, each for 10 people. We expect to improve data related to the Czech Republic, disseminate knowledge of advanced analytical and editing techniques related to Wikidata among Czech Wikidata enthusiasts, and foster the community. One of the events will be organized at the Masaryk University, aiming at researchers potentially interested in using the Wikidata Query Service in their work. We will also involve the Otakar Motejl Foundation, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University and OpenAlt in the donations and transfer of structured open data from Czech public databases.
  • Wikidata at academia – Wikimedia Czech Republic will participate on a university course at the prestigious New Media Studies department of Charles University. Analysis of Wikidata using Wikidata Query service will be taught to 1 class of university students, aiming to develop a Wikidata-aware community of young Czech data scientists and make a first step to support usage of Wikipedia in research (and research of Wikipedia itself). Besides the course, several Wikipedia- and Wikidata-oriented topics for their Bachelor's and Master's theses will be offered to the students. We will also explore a research project aimed at automatic data updating from public databases together with the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University.
  • Prague pre-hackathon & Wikimedia hackathon in ViennaWikimedia Austria is organizing a Wikimedia hackathon aiming to involve local communities and help them develop for the first time. We want to bring together the international community of Tech people who are interested in the "Nearby" function of the Wikimedia Commons Android App (formerly: "Map of Points of Interest") and together improve it with a map and other features desired at the time of the event. Some of them are set to meet in Prague with the local Wikimedia Tech community while other will only be present via a videoconference; all will gather for the main Vienna event.

Staff and contractors[edit]

Please describe any changes to your staffing plan for the upcoming funding period. These should include increases in staff or contractor hours, new staff positions, or staff positions you are removing. Include your rationale for any staffing changes here.

Wikimedia Czech Republic's employees at a rare moment of not working :)
Title Staff engagement 2016 Staff engagement 2017 Staffing time job description
Executive director 0 1.0 See Staffing plan
Education manager 0.5 0.75 See Staffing plan
Wikipedian in Brno 0.35 0.3 See Staffing plan
Besides the amendments to our programs, Wikimedia Czech Republic is also undergoing significant organizational changes. Professionalization of key activities (two part-time employees in the Education program) has lead to an unprecedented growth in our project outcomes (as seen from our 2016 interim report) and increased our capacity for sustainable programmatic growth. We actively build our volunteer community as well as member basis (52 members compared to 43 a year ago). We also formulated the first-ever strategic plan which seeks further professionalization of the chapter to support our programmatic activities but also the significant operational work. The model of a "working board" is no longer sustainable in an organization which has significantly grown in recent years and we aim to share our responsibilities with an executive director - whose aim will be to make all these things from the strategic plan happen over the next years. With regards to our plans in the education program in 2017, we also plan to make an adjustment to the education manager's staff time as shown above, and somewhat decrease the staff time of the "Wikipedian in Brno" position.

For each new staff or contractor position, please use the template provided to add information about each new staff or contractor you are planning for the upcoming funding period (or to describe significant increases in hours or changes in job descriptions for existing staff). You are not required to provide this information for existing staff where no changes are required.

Executive director

  1. Please link to a detailed job description, which shows how this staff person will help your organization achieve its goals.
    Job description is specified in the Staffing plan.
  2. How long is this staff person or contractor's planned engagement with your organization, and how many hours will they work over the course of this grant?
    This person is a regular staff person who will be working at 1.0 FTE throughout the year.
  3. Use a percentage of that person's total hours to show how they will spend their time on different programs and activities.
    Staff time is specified in the Staffing plan.

Budget and resource plan[edit]

Link to a detailed budget for the upcoming funding period. This budget should include all of your organizations expenses. Please specify which expenses will be covered from your APG.

link to 2017 budget

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Media acquisition support

Education and institutional collaboration

Wikidata content & community


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