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Grants:Simple/Applications/Wikimedia Indonesia/2017/March-June 2018

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Application or grant stage: grant in progress
Applicant or grantee: Wikimedia Indonesia
Amount requested: IDR 397,250,000 ($29,437)
Amount granted: IDR 397,250,000 ($29,437)
Funding period: 13 March 2018 to 30 Juni 2018
Application created: 19 February 2018
Recommended application date: 19 February 2018
Midpoint report due: 30 April 2018
Final report due: 31 July 2018



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Wikimedia has Simple APG program since March 2017. Under this grant program, Wikimedia Indonesia has done several programs to improve Wikimedia projects, especially improving and enriching contents by conducting several projects, including Wiki Loves Earths, WikiLatih, Wiki Mrebawani, Wiki Sabanda, Content Digitization, engage the volunteers' involvement and recruit the new volunteers (WikiLatih).

This year, Wikimedia Indonesia would continue their program above by applying FDC APG grant scheme for the first time. As their SAPG project will finish on 12 March 2018, it is suggested that Wikimedia Indonesia should apply a SAPG grant for bridging the funds, which will be until June 2018. After this, Wikimedia Indonesia will apply FDC APG grant scheme by July 2018.

For the transition, Wikimedia Indonesia will focus on two projects: WikiLatih and GLAM. GLAM is a bigger umbrella project for digitization, as we want to reach several institutions for the next APG program. This project conducts, as well, several digitizing projects to increase Indonesian local contents in Wikimedia projects. Under WikiLatih program, we still run the same program and also collaborate with new organizations such as Museum MACAN (Open Source History: Mapping Art Exhibitions in Indonesia). Via this program, we’re happy to share and promote open education and access to individual or organization and to make them more understand how the Wikimedia projects work. We’ll also have a pilot project, which trains several trainers for WikiLatih in Cirebon, West Java. This would be a good chance to conduct more activities of WikiLatih in Cirebon.


  • Project background
    Wikimedia Indonesia has been involved in Wikimedia training since 2008. In 2016, Wikimedia Indonesian has run a routine training program, WikiLatih. WikiLatih or WikiTraining aims to train new Wikipedians how to edit Wikimedia projects and improves Indonesian local contents. The program will be done by local Wikipedian in any cities in Indonesia with technical support by Wikimedia Indonesia, such as material (presentation, sources), funding support, and also administration kinds of stuff.
    In 2017, we supported Wikipedia community in Padang, Cirebon, Bandung, Yogyakarta, etc. to do their own WikiLatih. We have massive supports and the in-kind donation from the local community, as well as, the local partner. We hope that this program can engage the established Wikipedian community with newcomers.
  • Details
    • Training
      WikiLatih provides an assistance for new users to know about Wikimedia projects, what’s behind this project, how to edit Wikimedia projects, and how to contribute more to Wikimedia projects. Users can also get to know about basic license knowledge and Creative Commons.
    • Kopdar
      WikiLatih also supports experienced contributors who want to do editathon. Wikimedia Indonesia will assist in funding supports.
    • Collaboration
      WikiLatih also opens the training session for the designated organization, whether we contact them or vice versa. With the help of Javanese, Minangkabau, Sundanese, and Cirebon communities, Wikimedia Indonesia also plans to engage local organizations, such as the university, local government, the local newspaper, and magazine and talk about the possibility of collaboration in the future.
    • Training of Trainers
      Cirebon community requested to have training for trainers program, as they had first WikiLatih in last January 2018, so we’ll invite experienced trainers from Indonesia Wikipedia community to go to Cirebon and do training for trainers.
  • Users and uses
    The beneficiaries of the project outputs are mainly for Wikimedia community and newcomers. Wikimedia community can get a lot of Indonesian local contents and can improve the contents. Newcomers can be involved more in Wikimedia projects and event. We also encourage the newcomers, to join our projects as volunteer trainers, so they can get involved more in Wikimedia movements.
  • Impact
    Wikimedia project’s contents will be improved. Participants will know about Wikimedia projects and movements and how to contribute to Wikimedia projects. We also plan to collaborate with another organization to do WikiLatih program to improve the articles that in line with their activities, such as Open Source History: Mapping Art Exhibitions in Indonesia with Museum MACAN.
  • Metrics and objective
    • 25 pieces of training in 11 cities
    • 335 participants
    • 82 trainers
    • 377 improved content


  • Project background
    Wikimedia Indonesia has a serious interest in GLAM activities, makes partnerships with local institutions in Indonesia to help conserve and digitize their collections. Since 2017, we have had a collaboration with Dewantara Kirti Griya Museum in Yogyakarta. This partnership results over 980 pages of letters and documents of Ki Hadjar Dewantara, which later will be transcribed and translated into Bahasa Indonesia to easily disseminate to a wider community, especially for Indonesian community. Another institution we have collaboration with is Yayasan Sastra Lestari. *: Per February 2018, Wikimedia Indonesia has scanned their Kajawen Magazine collections from 1927 until 1930 issues. These collections will be published to Wikimedia Commons once we have the permission from the concerned persons.
    In this period, Wikimedia Indonesia will spread the wings to reach more local institutions to collaborate. As per mid-January 2018, we have had initial discussions with Bandung Geological Museum, West Java and another institution in Padang City for possible cooperation. We are trying to dig these deeper and conduct more discussions to synchronize our common goals and project goals.
  • Details
    Preparation and scanning. Documents or magazines should be selected in advance to assure their quality. Selection should be made based on the importance and the usability of the documents. The older editions of the magazines will be prioritized to be scanned first and will be followed by new editions once the previous scan has been completed.
    Adding properties. The documents or magazines normally have some key information, such as title, date, and place of publication, etc.; thus these properties should be collected and saved as metadata to be used later in publishing in Wikimedia Commons.
    Curation. Documents or magazines uploaded to Wikimedia Commons should be curated to enhance their usability and readability. This can be done in Wikisource through transcribing process.
  • Users and uses
    The beneficiaries of the project outputs will be the researchers, academicians, and the Wikimedia community. The researchers and academicians could use the free materials about Ki Hadjar’s way of thinking for educational or academic purposes, while the Wikimedia community could use the files to be used in Wikisource for transcribing. Furthermore, this project can benefit the museum. In addition to providing data backup when the disaster occurs, the museum can provide support for online visitor besides offline ones. Documents produced at the end of this project will be in digital forms. Letters from Museum Tamansiswa Dewantara Kirti Griya, for instance, will be available in Bahasa Indonesia after translation process.
    The project will be a further step toward the framework of a collective repository of digital manuscripts, including roles of governments and non-government actors in the issue.
  • Impact
    • The outputs of this project will be documented and disseminated through wiki platform. This process will make it easy to edit and reuse the files.
    • Wikimedia Indonesia will invite museums, researchers, or similar institutions when the project is launched. This will engage them to do the same thing: document old texts that may be useful for people in general.
  • Metrics and objective
    • Continue the digitization of 70 editions of Kajawen Magazine from Yayasan Sastra Lestari (March–June 2018)
    • 4 Wikisource training sessions; 10 participants per session
    • Finalization the future project goals with the institutions: Bandung Geological Museum and an institution in Padang

Staff and contractors[edit]

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Please refer to the 2018 staffing plan for information about the hours and tasks of the staff people included in this grant. WMID is requesting 4.6 FTE fulltime staffs.

Budget and resource plan[edit]

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2018 Simple APG Budget

Midpoint report[edit]

This is a brief report on the grantee's progress during the midpoint reporting period: 13 March – 30 June 2018.

Program story[edit]

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Metrics and objectives
Project Goal Status Remarks
Host 25 training events in 11 cities
36% complete
Including two trainings in Yogyakarta, West Sumatra Province, Central Java Province, and West Java Province each, and one in Jakarta.
Participated by 335 participators
50.4% complete
According to this tool, there were 169 editors joined the trainings until April 30, 2018.
Eighty-two trainers volunteered
57.3% complete
There were 47 trainer volunteers participated in the 9 piece of trainings, during March 13–April 30, 2018.
Improve 377 content pages
61.8% complete
Based on this tool, there were 233 articles were improved, including new and existed articles.

Narrative report

For 48 days (from 13 March to 30 April 2018), Wikimedia Indonesia hosted nine Wikipedia training courses. The trainings were conducted in several locations, such as in Yogyakarta, Central Java, West Java, West Sumatra, and Jakarta.

Wikipedia training in Yogyakarta was held twice. In the first training, Wikimedia Indonesia collaborated with KUNCI Cultural Studies & Indonesia Visual Art Archive, which helped provide a reference resource for developing articles on women art workers in Indonesia. The training was attended by 16 participants. While in the second training, Wikimedia Indonesia successfully engaged more participants speaking the Javanese language to develop articles on Javanese Wikipedia.

WikiLatih in Universitas Negeri Semarang

In Central Java, Wikipedia training is done twice, in collaboration with one university and one high school. Wikipedia training with the university took place in Surakarta, with a total of 19 participants. Meanwhile, Wikipedia training in cooperation with a high school took place in Magelang. Seventeen students are introduced and taught how to edit on Wikipedia. Both the training focused on Javanese Wikipedia.

WikiLatih Minang 1.0 in Digital Innovation Lounge Padang

In West Sumatra, Wikipedia training was conducted twice. The first training was held at Digital Innovative Lounge Padang, thanks to the kindness of Telkom Padang providing free space. The training was attended by 11 participants and successfully created new articles on Indonesian Wikipedia and, later, translated the articles into the Minangkabau Wikipedia. The second training took place in Padang Panjang, by making an article on the Indonesian Wikipedia about literary works originating from the writers of West Sumatra, thanks to the invitation from the Minangkabau Culture Documentation and Information Center.

Training in West Java took place in Cirebon and Kuningan. The first training in Cirebon took place at IAIN Syekh Nurjati Library. Followed by 9 participants with diverse backgrounds and ages, they created and developed articles on art from Cirebon. In addition to technical editing on Wikipedia, WikiLatih for Javanese Wikipedia in Cirebon introduced the spelling of Cerbon-Dermayu dialect from Javanese. The second training was held in Kuningan in collaboration with STKIP Muhammadiyah Kuningan. The training was attended by 18 participants from education background at the Department of Regional and Literature Education (Sundanese). The theme of the training was Sundanese-language literature that was originated from the Book of Literature Dictionary ("Buku Kamus Istilah Sastra") and Kiwari Book of Sundanese ("Buku Tata Basa Sunda Kiwari"). In addition to training technical stuff on Wikipedia, WikiLatih Sunda in Kuningan introduced to writing articles by using the correct spelling of Sundanese language.

WikiLatih Indonesiana 2.0

The last WikiLatih in April was held in Jakarta, in partnership with Indorelawan and Conclave Simatupang, each of them assisting with the registration of participants and helping to prepare logistics and training venues. A total of 42 participants attended the event and were assisted by 12 volunteer trainers from Wikipedia community. All participants, who were the new editors, created their own articles on Indonesian Wikipedia. This was the second collaboration with Indorelawan under the name "WikiLatih Indonesiana 2.0". The previous training was held in April last year.


Until the end of April 2018, Wikimedia Indonesia has collaborated with several organizations in order to successfully carry out WikiLatih. Some of the organizations provided in-kind donations, as follows:

  1. Kunci Cultural Studies & Indonesia Visual Art Archive, providing free training venue, internet access, and article resources
  2. Digital Innovation Lounge Padang, providing free training venue and fast internet access
  3. Dinas Pariwisata Kota Padang Panjang/Pusat Dokumentasi dan Informasi Kebudayaan Minangkabau, providing free training venue and internet access
  4. IAIN Syekh Nurjati Cirebon, providing training venue and internet access
  5. SMA Negeri 1 Magelang, providing training venue and internet access
  6. Program Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Daerah/Sunda STKIP Muhammadiyah Kuningan, providing training venue and internet access
  7. Jurusan Pendidikan Bahasa Jawa Universitas Sebelas Maret, providing training venue and internet access
  8. Indorelawan & Conclave Simatupang, providing free access to training venue and auditorium room, internet access, and snacks or refreshments during the event

Other related activities

On March 23, Wikimedia Indonesia sent two people (who have experience in organizing WikiLatih and have a deep understand on how Wikipedia works) to Padang City, West Sumatra, to increase the capacity of volunteers who will be mentoring in West Sumatra WikiLatih. For a day, they were given a technical understanding of Wikipedia history, maintenance task on the Minangkabau Wikipedia, and some trusted WikiLatih mentors were granted accountmakers access to Indonesian Wikipedia in order to help create accounts for participants who encountered difficulties in creating an account during the event.

Meanwhile, the Javanese Wikipedia community has a wish to hold a meeting with the Javanese Wikipedia community. They held two meetings in Yogyakarta on March 31 and April 22, 2018. These meetings resulted in several articles for improvement, including the correction of reference and infobox format in the Javanese Wikipedia article, as well as considering future WikiLatih within Yogyakarta and Central Java.


Metrics and objectives
Subproject Goal Status Remarks
Digitalisasi Konten 2018 Scan 70 eds. of Majalah Kajawen
50% complete
The progress of magazine scanning is complete entirely, pending metadata creation and uploading on Wikimedia Commons
Four Wikisource training sessions
0% complete
No training was done yet
Fourty participants in all Wikisource training sessions
0% complete
No participants joined yet
Two new local GLAM institutions
75% complete
Local GLAM institutions have shown their interest in collaborating with Wikimedia Indonesia, but pending signing official agreements

Narrative report

Scanning of Kajawen Magazine

The digitization project began with scanning Kawajen magazine from Yayasan Sastra Lestari's collection in Surakarta, Central Java. From March 14 to 22, 2018, Wikimedia Indonesian scanned 17 editions of Kajawen magazine in 1937 and 14 editions of Kajawen magazine in 1938. Continued in the period 17 April to 27 April 2018, has scanned 38 editions of Kawajen magazine in 1938 and 13 editions of Kawajen magazine in 1939. Scanned results then are processed using ScanTailor, IrfanView, and Total Commander software and will be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons once they have been converted to PDF format and their brief metadata has been created manually.

Possible collaboration with Minangkabau Culture Documentation and Information Center
Minangkabau Culture Documentation and Information Center site visit

On March 22, 2018, Wikimedia Indonesia and the Minangkabau Culture Documentation and Information Center ("PDIKM") of Padang, West Sumatra established a mutual partnership. This partnership was intended to help PDIKM digitize their collections, mainly the materials about old Minangkabau manuscripts and texts, which are now in the Public Domain. At the initial meeting, Wikimedia Indonesia and an invited guest, who are expert in documenting archive from Andalas University, Pramono, visited Padang Panjang to meet and talk about this possible cooperation with the key people. The meeting resulted in a follow-up the digitization of some of the ancient magazines published under 1920 from the collection of PDIKM library, as well as possible cooperation with the Andalas University.

Further discussions on the cooperation of the digitization of magazines and books continued, and an official agreement was going to be drafted. This conversation happened on April 19, 2018, at the same time WikiLatih in PDIKM Padang Panjang is held. In general, the Tourism Office of Padang Panjang came to an agreement with this cooperation, and it will be followed up with the signing of the agreement between Wikimedia Indonesia and Tourism Office of Padang Panjang which is scheduled to be done at the end of June or early July 2018.

Possible collaboration with Geological Museum of Bandung
Project discussion at the Geological Museum of Bandung

On April 3, 2018, Wikimedia Indonesia held a meeting with Geological Museum of Bandung for possible collaboration on digitizing their magazine and content donation to Wikimedia Commons. The meeting was attended by Ilham Nurwansah from Wikimedia Indonesia and Oman Abdurrahman (Head of Geological Museum of Bandung). This meeting discussed which materials are to be involved in the project. Some of the museum's publications will be included in the digitized materials, such as the Geology and Mineral Resources Journal series, Geomagz magazine series, Geology magazine series, Indonesian Journal of Geoscience (IJOG) series, Journal of Environment and Geological Disasters (JLBG), and Bulletin series Environmental Geology. These were proposed by the museum. At the second meeting on April 10, 2018, which was attended by Ilham Nurwansah (Sundanese Wikipedian and Wikimedia Indonesia member), Oman Abdurrahman (Head of Geological Museum of Bandung), Atep Kurnia (editor at Geomagz) and Hady Prasetya, the conversation was about materials that would be digitized, totaling 2.000 pages.

At the last meeting with the museum, Wikimedia Indonesia was asked to prepare an agreement, which is effective starting next July.

Continue partnership with Dewantara Kirti Griya Museum
Discuss with Dewantara Kirti Griya Museum

Wikimedia Indonesia paid a visit to the museum to discuss future collaboration between Wikimedia Indonesia and the museum. The things discussed were the timeline of the cooperation, the cost of maintaining the collection to be digitized, as well as the form of the results of content digitization and dissemination. On April 30, the meeting continued with the presence of Rachmat Wahidi, Hardiansyah, and Rima Al Hazmi from Wikimedia Indonesia, Ki Bambang, and Ibu Mulyani from Dewantara Kirti Griya Museum, Yogyakarta. Some new things about the benefits of previous digitization cooperation were discussed, as well as reporting Rachmat's participation in lightning talk session at the Wikimedia Conference 2018 and GLAM Meeting in Utrech by Wikimedia Nederland. The museum was happy receiving digitization assistance from Wikimedia Indonesia and are open for future cooperation.

Future collaboration activities are expected to start next July.

Wikisource training

There was a miscalculation of the budget to organize Wikisource training sessions, in which budgets for training was not included in the budget line. This mistake led to Wikisource training was not held until April 30, 2018, where there were seven WikiLatih sessions were held in April and become the bustling month of the WikiLatih project.

After reconsideration, the budget for carrying out Wikisource training will be subsidized from WikiLatih's budget, considering that the concept of Wikipedia and Wikisource training is the same.


Please report your organization's total spending during the reporting period, or link to a financial document showing your total spending.

This project has been spending IDR 81,945,247 of IDR 397,250,000 from March 13 to April 30, 2018.
We recognize the spending of grant funds until the end of April 2018 is still below 50%, and it was because the largest use of funds on administrative costs has not been amply used yet, such as payment of office rental, which due in early May 2018 thus it cannot be reported in this midpoint report.

Final report[edit]

This is the final report for your grant, describing your outcomes from the period {{{reportingperiodfinal}}}.

Program story[edit]

Please link to one program story that showcases your organization's achievements during the reporting period.

Link to a program story from this grant period that shows something important about your program outcomes.

Learning story[edit]

Please link to one learning story that shows how your organization documents lessons learned and adapts its programs accordingly.

Link to a story from this grant period that demonstrates what you learned and how you used that to improve.


Please add text or a link to a page with details on your program results. You should report on each of the objectives you included in your Simple APG application.


Metrics and objectives
Subproject Goal Status Remarks
WikiLatih 2018 Twenty-five training sessions
77.1% complete
Including 17 trainings in 12 cities and 10 meet-ups in 4 cities
Inviting 335 participants
100% complete
There were 363 participants in total, joined the training sessions and meet-ups
Inviting 85 trainers in training sessions
100% complete
There were 95 trainers participating in the training sessions
Improving 377 content pages
100% complete
There were 523 pages improved (and 403 pages were created)

Narrative report

During our grant period (March 12–June 30, 2018), Wikimedia Indonesia has successfully organized 17 WikiLatih sessions and 10 meet-ups. In the training sessions and meet-ups, there were 327 participants joined, 523 Wikipedia pages were improved, and 403 pages were created. Those sessions were conducted in more than 12 cities, including Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Padang, Bandung, and many more. Below is the summary:

  • In Jakarta, Wikimedia Indonesia organized four training sessions: three of them were Wikipedia training sessions, and the rest was Wikisource sessions.
  • In Yogyakarta, there were two Wikipedia training sessions and five meet-ups, which were focused on improving Javanese articles.
  • In Padang and Padang Panjang City (West Sumatra Province), there were two Wikipedia training sessions and three meet-ups. One of the training sessions was partnered with the Tourism Office of Padang Panjang City, attended by 12 employees.
  • In Bandung, Wikimedia Indonesia was partnered with Sunan Gunung Djati Islamic State University, which was held in two days: one day was for lecturers and one day was for the students.
  • In Surakarta (Central Java Province), there were one-day training session at Sebelas Maret University, attended by 19 students, and a meet-up.
  • In Magelang (Central Java Province), Wikimedia Indonesia taught how to edit on Wikipedia to senior high schoolers at Senior High School #1 Magelang.
  • In Cirebon (West Java Province), there was a one-day Wikipedia training session at State Islamic Institute Syekh Nurjati, which was attended by nine participants and created articles in Javanese Wikipedia.
  • In Kuningan (West Java Province), Wikipedia training session was conducted at School of Teacher Education, Kuningan, which was attended by 17 participants and created articles in Sundanese Wikipedia.
  • In Makassar (South Sulawesi Province), Wikimedia Indonesia was partnered with Lontar Foundation to hold a WikiLatih session during Makassar International Writers Festival (MIWF) event. This session was attended by 11 participants and created articles in Indonesian Wikipedia.
  • In Tasikmalaya, Wikimedia Indonesia organized a WikiLatih in Siliwangi University and was attended by 13 participants and created articles in Sundanese Wikipedia.
  • In Banda Aceh (Aceh Province), there was a meet-up organized to gather Achinese Wikipedians.


Until the end of June 2018, Wikimedia Indonesia has collaborated with several organizations to successfully organize WikiLatih training sessions. Some of the organizations provided in-kind donations, as follows:

Events documentation

Lesson learned

We encountered several obstacles during conducting WikiLatih, especially in the past four months. First, there were many holiday dates in May and June 2018, which resulted in a few events that can be done. In addition, Ramadan month, which came in mid-May until mid-June, may also affect the timeline. To overcome this matter, we decreased the number of training sessions, but we increased the number of participants in a session. This way allows us to maintain the initial goal to invite 335 participants in WikiLatih sessions.

Several training sessions may come with technical dilemmas. Internet speed sometimes could not serve all participants at that time, or there was a limitation in Wikimedia system, which an IP address could not be used to register more than six new accounts. Wikimedia Indonesia has anticipated this matters by supplying a backup internet connection to overwhelm the internet connection problems, and assigned temporary access to mentors' account an "account creator" right. This will allow them to create new accounts for participants' who are unable to register by themselves at the training session.

To ensure all mentors have an equal understanding of how Wikipedia works and its technical matters, Wikimedia Indonesia surveyed all volunteers who once involved in training sessions, asked them what they lacked and what they would like to improve. The results would be training modules, consisting of how to organize WikiLatih and Wikipedia technical information.


Metrics and objectives
Subproject Goal Status Remarks
GLAM Digitization 70 edition of Majalah Kajawen
100% complete
All 70 editions of the magazine are now available in Commons
Four Wikisource training sessions
25% complete
Only one session was done
Fixation future projects with new local institutions
100% complete
Two new local organizations are ready to partner with Wikimedia Indonesia

Narrative report

Kajawen #27 published on April 4, 1928

From March 12 to June 30, 2018, Wikimedia Indonesia continued its GLAM subproject under SAPG grant scheme from WMF. In this grant period, Wikimedia Indonesia has achieved most of its objectives: (1) continue digitization of Majalah Kajawen, (2) conducting Wikisource training sessions, and (3) fixation future project with new local archive institutions.

For four months, we have successfully continued our GLAM activities in Surakarta, Central Java. After Yayasan Sastra Lestari gave permission for Wikimedia Indonesia to upload their 1927, 1928, and 1930 editions of Majalah Kajawen to Wikimedia Commons, we were granted for permission to continue this effort for the rest of the magazines. Until the end of June, 1928 and 1929 editions of Majalah Kajawen are now available in Wikimedia Commons under Public Domain license, in the total of 70 editions.

Wikisource training session in May 2018

For Wikisource training sessions, we were done one training session only in May 2018. In the session, we tried to invite Wikimedia Indonesia members who are interested in transcribing text to come to the session. Wikimedia Indonesia invited general people and Wikipedian to come to via Facebook Events. However, on the day of the event, six people attended. Five of the participants were from Wikimedia Indonesia members and/or staffs, and the rest are Indonesian Wikipedian. The outcomes were 38 Wikisource pages were edited and proofread, and 28 Wikisource index pages were created. Because the topic of the session was working on the letters, the participants worked on several languages of Wikisource. From the record, we knew that they edited on English, Dutch, and Indonesian Wikisource. For full event documentation, please refer to this page.

The Chair of Wikimedia Indonesia toured this library in June 2018

In this year, Wikimedia Indonesia would like to expand its GLAM subproject to reach more local archive institutions. On March 2018, there were two institutions under local government were contacted and they were excited to talk and discuss on the future project. One of them was Pusat Dokumentasi dan Informasi Kebudayaan Minangkabau. This library, which is situated in Padang Panjang, West Sumatra, has a large number of books, magazines, and old texts about Minangkabau. According to the librarians, they have a lot of old books published before the 1900s and the publishers are now no longer exist. According to an expert from Andalas University Dr. Pramono, those books can now be considered in the Public Domain and it is important to preserve those books as soon as possible before they are damaged. The custodian of the library was happy to have Wikimedia Indonesia involved to help preserve the books and to share their collections if needed. On June 2018, the Chair of Wikimedia Indonesia toured this library and examined the possibility of the collaboration and what Wikimedia Indonesia can support.

Another local institution contacted Wikimedia Indonesia was Badan Geologi. This is a government agency, situated in Bandung, West Java, that carrying research, investigation, and service in the field of geological resources, volcanology and mitigation of geological, groundwater, and environmental geological disasters, as well as geological surveys. This agency has diverse scientific publications, portraits, and magazines, which are geology-related. After several meetings held, discussing what will be benefits for each party, the agency agreed to let Wikimedia Indonesia digitized their collections and later will be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons as the final aim of both parties.

Dr. (H.C.) Oemboe Hina Kapita Museum visit

At the end of May 2018, Wikimedia Indonesia was invited by a local, public museum in West Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara, thanks to Koalisi Seni Indonesia who are involved in advocating public policy in arts. Koalisi Seni Indonesia and Wikimedia Indonesia have several times involved in Wikipedia training sessions. This time, Wikimedia Indonesia representatives, Rachmat Wahidi and Hilman Fathoni (Creative Commons expert) invited local artists to introduce free license they can apply to their works.

The two-day event (May 30 and 31, 2018) was divided into presentation and digitization sessions. On the first day, Koalisi Seni Indonesia shared about the change of the arts ecosystem in the digital era and the importance of cultural data, as stipulated in Law on Cultural Advancement. Further, Wikimedia Indonesia explained how to use Creative Commons and various types of license. Several cultural practitioners alongside with the local government from the Office of Culture and Tourism Agency and Public Library and Archive were seen to come. The proposed audience at this event was the museum staffs, therefore they could conduct a better knowledge management through the museum collections, including weft ikat, pieces of jewelry and ritual types of equipment.

At the end of the sessions, there were outcomes from the two-day event, specifically the photographs of the museum collections, which can be accessed in Category:Images from Museum Dr. (H.C) Oemboe Hina Kapita.

Lesson learned

There are lesson(s) we learned during this grant period:

  • Conducting Wikisource training sessions should not be done once in a month. Seeing the low participation in the previous session in May, there should be done once in two or three months, even though we surely the participation will be the same. Another aspect, we believed, affected the lower participation was it was done in Ramadan month when most of the Indonesian people were fasting and likely would not attend the session, albeit we provided meals for their fasting break.
  • We have noted in our midterm report that there was a fault, where we did not put expenses for Wikisource training sessions in the grant budget. This was also one of the reasons why we conducted once Wikisource training session only, for the expenses in May sessions were taken from the WikiLatih budget line. This matter we will take notice in the future, particularly when we are planning budget lines in our grant proposal.


Please link to a detailed financial report for your spending during the grant period. This should be in the same format as your detailed budget from your Simple APG application.

Link to your final spending report for the entire grant period.

Please include the total amount of Simple APG funds you spent during the grant period.

List the total amount you spent during the entire grant period.

IDR 369,908,303 (USD 27,411 (approx. ¥ 2,537,985 / € 20,466 / £ 18,366))