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Grant stage: grant in progress
Grantee: Wikimedia Suomi
Amount granted: €22,554 ($25,695)
Funding period: May 1, 2016 to April 30, 2017
Final report due: 30 May 2017



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The association reaches its members in a monthly newsletter a Facebook page and in general meetings. Information about board decisions and associate activities increases community dynamics. The board should be open to initiatives from within the community and outside it.

The Wikimedia Suomi association will have at least two general meetings that are open to all members. The spring meeting concludes 2015 budget and new board for the next year will be selected by the autumn meeting and makes plans for the next year. The board meets monthly in net meetings, except for the summer months.

We will establish a call for researchers about a research study of Wikipedia users. We need to know who are people who edit Wikipedia and why they do so, in order to make our strategic plans for GLAM, EDU and Outreach activities. The results of the study will be published in an open seminar in February 2017, which is the 15th anniversary of Finnish Wikipedia.

We organize one photo and one writing competition which results in estimated 50 photos downloaded into either Commons or Wikimedia Suomi to be used in Wikipedia projects or articles and 40 new articles and 30 enhanced articles into Finnish Wikipedia. The association purchases 10 museum cards for prizes of these GLAM related competitions. The card provides a 12 month free access to more than 200 museums in Finland. This encourages Wikipedia activists to further participate into Wikimedia events, Wikimedia projects or creating new articles or to add new published information into the encyclopedia.

We should increase the number of our active members as planned in program Outreach. Finnish language Wikipedia is rather large in numbers of articles and active editors, but compared to these, the amount of association members is small. We need to develop the association membership relationships by offering more possibilities to operate in the community.

Action should not be taken within Finland only. Finnish language is central in Fenno-Ugric languages. Wikimedia Suomi should share experience with the Fenno-Ugric Wikimedia. In order to maintain connection to this culturally significant sector, our association pursues to find one Russian speaking Finnish Wikipedia user activist to participate in Fenno-Ugric Wikimedia and Wikipedia seminars and volunteer as an liaison person. By participating into Fenno-Ugric Wikimedia and Wikipedia gatherings we can contribute to encourage the culture and languages our language family.

We send two board members to Wikimedia Conference, Berlin to be acquainted and trained to international Wikimedia and Wikipedia community. Wikimania meeting in Esino Lario, Italy is open to two travel grants by all members and four board representations. Two persons participate in CEE meeting in Armenia. The participants mediate topical ideas, methods and news into the community.

We encourage the ones that participate to report of their experience to the community in Wikimedia Suomi blog. This introduces new insights and ideas to our community. We encourage warmly the participants to share experience of our activities in these international forums.


Wikipedia GLAM editing events have been successful in recent years in Helsinki area. There are indications that Wikipedia editing events will spread more nationwide this year.

We continue GLAM partnerships with Kiasma, Atheneum and AGK art museums and archives of art of the National Gallery. New museum partnerships will be at least Sinebrychoff and Rovaniemi art museums. Other museums include Forum Marinum museum center in Turku.

Collaboration proposals to Wikipedia editing events will be made with the Estonian Art Museums in Tallinn, Estonia in collaboration with Wikimedia Estonia. A four-language (Estonian, English, Finnish and Russian) project is in two stages. The first part will orientate museum staff into Wikipedia and next is a Wikipedia editing event in Kumu art museum. This project produces Estonian art and artists related articles into four different Wikipedias. With Wikimedia Estonia, we collaborate a month of editing and a photography contest.This will produce Wikipedia articles and photographs about Estonia in Finnish and Finland in Estonian Wikipedias.

New partnerships are established with Oulu City library and will be planned with similar institutions in Kuopio and Vaasa. We will continue our collaboration of editing Wikipedia with the Finnish Museum of Games, which will be opened in Tampere 2017.

There will be at least five short (4-6 hours) GLAM and other editing events that attend 20 persons and gain 5 editors each. We organize five one-day (6-12 hours) editing events that attend 20-40 persons and gain 7 new editors each. We organize at least one photo-hunt, 200 photos to be uploaded to Commons to be used in Wikipedia projects and articles. A representative of Wikimedia Suomi will be at the events and local experienced Wikipedians will contribute as instructors.

Local networks should continue as informal, independent Wikipedia user groups. If they continue collaboration with local libraries, archives and museums and other organizations, the task of nationwide coverage of the community is fulfilled. This requires in the future, that we maintain and organize these local networks and develop a program that provides education in Wikipedia pedagogic activity.

We expect to start a collaboration program with Finnish Museums Association about use of free cultural heritage and copyrights with museums and Wikipedia. The association collaborates with Wikidata and Open Glam projects. These endeavours are still in early, non-programmatic phase.

Education consultation

Our goal is to launch education program in Finnish Wikipedia by the end of this year. The plan is to start small by a community consultation and making draft pages for the project. After the initial project pages are created, we start off with one or two cases, that will serve as a learning tool. Teemu will be the one who start things in Wikipedia and will see through launching the project pages. The goal is to have all the necessary pages and materials ready so that we can start the first courses in the beginning of the next year. From the experience of the Wikipedia Library consultation, we expect 10–15 Wikipedians to take part in the discussion. Our initial plan is to create a hub in the same style as English and Swedish Wikipedia (i.e. translate them to Finnish), but whether to use the Education extension or not is up to discussion.

The community consultation will take place in August, then starting September we will create the pages that will support our program. The idea is to have working project to Helsinki Book Fair where we could promote it.

There are already a lot of student assignments brought to Finnish Wikipedia, but there isn’t a program to support the process. Wikimedia Suomi should consider to act as a promoter to maintain this hub, the course pages and offer to help lecturers when needed.


Wikimedia Suomi estimates that Finnish Wikipedia editing gains more nationwide attention by spring 2017. While consolidating our earlier relationships with our earlier partnerships we develop five new local networks. We strengthen our international collaboration with international Wikimedia movement, especially with Wikimedias of Estonia, Sweden and Russia.

Wikimedia Suomi will be present at Finnish Museum league annual conference in Inari, Finland in May by giving a presentation of Wikimedia and Museums.

We participate in Helsinki Book Fair in October. Planning starts by signing in in May, including design of the materials delivered to the public. The Helsinki Book Fair reached 80 000 visitors in 2015. Our task is to gain media and public visibility, spread information on Wikipedia and Wikimedia family to large reading audiences.

Our outreach task is to increase the number of our active members (68) by 10 percent (6-10 persons) by the end of the term. We gain this by increasing our visibility, by being actively represented and by giving speeches, lectures and participate in gatherings and meetings of our old and new associates. Our member benefits include a monthly membership letter (blog), access to equipment owned by the association and participation in many inspiring events.


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Our monthly newsletter has a 20 % open rate on our mailing list that has 247 subscribers. We have sent a newletter every month expect in June & July. Our Blog has been regularly updated with current news and events. We have accepted six new members in our association.

The board has held 13 meetings this calender year of which were two face to face meetings. In our strategy planning meeting we set a goal to have a strategy plan by autumn 2017. Our main GLAM task next year will be public libraries, for which we have opened contacts.

We nominated two persons to make the study of Wikipedia users and the have started the work, which will be published in 2017.

We participated in Wikimedia Conference in Berlin (2 persons), Wikimania in Italy (3 persons) and CEE meeting in Armenia (1 person). We have planned a Wikipedia writing contest with Wikimedia Estonia for the end of the year. A discussion meeting in net with Wikimedia Sweden activists was held in May in our spring meeting concerning the Freedom of Panorama situation in both countries.

Wikimedia Suomi had a long term strategy plan meeting for the community which is scheduled to be ready by autumn 2017. We decided to re-focus our activity under theme “Wiki-jump” (in line with Finnish schools´ digitalisation program) and consider Wikipedia and Wikimedia activity comparable to civics skills. Next year our GLAM operations and collaborations will focus with public libraries.

Wikidata activities include a report by Finnish Broadcasting Company that is using Wikidata in their archival.

Wikimedia Suomi gave a statement to the Finnish Ministry of Education concerning the Proposal of EU Directive on copyright in the Digital Single Market in October. We underlined the need to have a compulsory mention of Freedom of Panorama and opposed stricter means of controlling copyright in the directive.


During the period we have organized and collaborated several Wikipedia editing events. As planned, eight of them have been outside Helsinki metropolitan area and four in Helsinki. Editing and information events was held in Inari, Finnish Lapland during the Museum Days in May, with many significant personal contacts.

A project where all public art works and memorials in Finland will be listed and photographed in Finnish Wikipedia was launched in June. This has been successful in most major cities.

In addition to previous partners, one of our important collaboration organizations is now the National Board of Antiquities. We will organize with them the participation of Finland in Wiki Loves Monuments in 2017. We will realize one editing event, a Wikibottega of theme of Renaissance with a new partner, The Finnish National Museum in January 2017.

We have participated regularly with Finnish Media Museum to plan a new Game Museum in Tampere that will open in January 2017. Wikipedians develop articles of games that are going to be displayed in cooperation with the Museum. The museum has shared their sources with participants, offered possibilities to photograph the items that are going to be displayed and held various editathons at the museum during 2016.

Education program consultation has been planned with help from WMF staff (Chris Schilling & Vahid Masrour). Current plan is to reach out to known contacts and start small with couple courses during the Spring, propably in Helsinki and Tampere. With these experiences we can more easily launch the program in Finnish Wikipedia. We have translated the Programs & Events Dashboard to Finnish and plan to use it for the program. We also have to translate the EduWiki Campaign and other relevant pages.


Finnish Wikipedia reached its 400 000th article in August 31. 2016. We created two press information bulletins of which one was in English. The press reception was however low, but the post was really popular in our social media pages.

Wikimedia Suomi participated in Helsinki Book Fair in October, where more than 80 000 people visited. During the four day event our booth was a target of constant interest. Since this was the first time Wikimedia Suomi and Finnish language Wikipedia took part in a book fair, we published a press bulletin and a report of our experience in Wikimedia Suomi blog. We had about 120 contact discussions with the visitors with six participant Wikipedians. We got important first hand information on what people think of Wikipedia and informed them more of the Wikimedia movement.


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Program story[edit]

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We started to plan EDU program in Fall 2016. Teemu had meetings with Vahid Masrour and Chris Schilling in the Fall 2016 and consulted also WMSE. Next Spring we had pilots in Helsinki ja Jyväskylä Universities. Helsinki University course had an obligatory group assignment to produce a Wikipedia article about Cold War topic; the Jyväskylä university course had and optional assigment to edit Economics articles. Helsinki University course produced ten articles, but Jyväskylä only a couple minor edits. Helsinki used Wikiproject namespace to coordinate the course, Jyväskylä used Programs and Events Dashboard.
Helsinki course provided good feedback from the students and the teacher, as evident in the blog post. More instructional material is needed, but whether to use Wikiproject space or EDU extension to facilitate the courses inside Wikipedia is up to discussion with the community. P&E dashboard looks promising and we look forward to using it again later, as it provides an easy way to exhibit the results.
We also produced a form for Finnish teachers, aiming to gather experiences using Wikipedia in education and interest to it, but the form didn’t succeed in the social media. Few other incidents related to edu assignments (outside these edu pilots) stressed the importance of accessible instruction materials for the teachers and students to use.

Community consultation for setting up the program is planned for August 2017

Learning story[edit]

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Estonia - Finland Wikipedia articles writing contest, December 6, 2016 - January 5, 2017

Altogether 343 new articles of Estonia and Finland were created. In the Finnish side 25 users wrote 221 articles of Estonia and Estonians.

Wikimedia Suomi nominated a three person jury (two from Finland, one from Estonia), which awarded three participants. Wikimedia Suomi decorated all participants of Estonian side with a digital medal (Copper Elk heart).

Participants and articles:

The contest was received mostly positively by the community. The results were published in Wikimedia Suomi blog in January 24 2017, but we should have published them in Wikipedia too, because the information wasn't easy to find. There was discussion about how the prizes should be delivered in Finnish Wikipedia Village-pump.

Wikimedia Suomi board decided that in future in contests like this, a venue with ceremonial context and reception will be organized, such as the Finnish Estonian Embassy in Tallinn, where the prizes for Estonian winners in this contest were delivered. Another decision was, that for book-keeping reasons all prizes worth money delivered to participants should include the real name of the receiver. However, if the user wants to remain anonymous with her/his user name, the organizers are responsible not to publish the real name/address. This information should be published in the program of the contest in advance.

The results of the contest were promising and we were urged to continue this kind of collaboration. In future we should pay more attention to precise and timely information concerning both organisation and results of contests.


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We gained 70 contacts in Helsinki Book fair in October 2016 and through our participation we gained visibility. Other important events were radio and TV interviews for YLE Finnish Broadcasting Company in honor of Finnish Wikipedia's 15 years of age, Librarians' education day and Museum Days. Our board member Heikki Kastemaa participated in two events in Brussels regarding the European copyright directives. We have increased our collaboration with the international Wikimedia movement by participating in Wikimedia and CEE conferences, among others. We published the updated version of Open Content A Practical Guide to Using Creative Commons Licences in Finnish: Avoin sisältö - Käytännön opas Creative Commons -lisenssien käyttämiseen.


An article writing competition about Estonia and Finland resulted in 343 new articles; on the Finnish side 25 users wrote 221 articles about Estonia and Estonians). The awards ceremony was held at the Finnish embassy in Tallinn, Estonia. The Public art and Memorials Project was also launched with 335 photographed statues.


We started a partnership with the Finnish Museum of Games. This involved creating content related to the initial exhibition of the new museum which culminated in the opening of the Finnish Museum of Games. Our education project The WikiLeap was launched and we collaborated with the universities in Helsinki and Jyväskylä. We had editathons with Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum and the National Museum and several other institutions. A large hackathon of 50-100 people related to Finnish municipal elections was hosted in cooperation with YLE. For the election hackathon we imported election results of 2012 and 2017 elections to Wikidata which included also items for 16000 municipality councillors.


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19017,39 EUR = 22 300,85 USD