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Application or grant stage: in progress
Applicant or grantee: applicant
Amount requested: US$114,085 + US$4,000.00 unforeseen = US$118,085
Amount granted: 118,085 USD
Funding period: 1 January 2021 - 31 December 2021
Midpoint report due: 15 July 2021
Final report due: 30 January 2022



Annual Plan[edit]

Our annual plan for 2021 coincides with our grant plan. See also a document with key highlights (list of activities and changes compared to 2020) here.

Budget Plan[edit]

Staffing Plan[edit]

Strategic plan[edit]


Wikimedia Ukraine's strategic session in February 2020

Founded in 2009 and operating for over 11 years, Wikimedia Ukraine is the only organization consistently working on the support and development of Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects in Ukraine, as well as one of the largest Wikimedia chapters in the Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) region.

For the first five years of Wikimedia Ukraine, the organization was driven solely by volunteers. Since 2014, we have been gradually building the personnel of employees and contractors. Since 2018 and 2019, we have also begun major improvements in financial and organizational management.

Over the eleven years, we have developed a large portfolio of projects and programs. Running large photo contests in Ukraine (Ukrainian editions of Wiki Loves Monuments and Wiki Loves Earth are among the largest national competitions within these contests, and we also run the international part of Wiki Loves Earth), long-term Wikipedia Education Program, GLAM cooperation, organzinging annual Wikiconference in Ukraine and two CEE Meetings (in 2014 and 2018), holding several hundred training sessions, several dozens article contests, and more are among our major achievements.

In 2019, Wikimedia Ukraine adopted the first multi-year strategic plan in its history. The 2020—2022 strategic plan is informing our work in 2020 and will continue to serve as a guide for the organization’s activities in 2021.

All activities proposed here were shared and discussed among the chapter members (via an on-wiki discussion and an off-wiki survey) who have provided inputs and suggestions. These activities are aligned with our vision and mission and confirm our course outlined in the strategic plan. Thus, we will take our 2020 projects & operations as a baseline, with some alterations reflecting our 2020 experience, as well external factors (such as the COVID-19 pandemic) and new opportunities (such as Wikipedia’s 20th anniversary).


Content Enrichment

Wiki Loves Earth international promotional poster for social media

This program centers on the activities designed to close specific content gaps on Wikimedia projects and support initiatives around content enrichment, including text content on Wikipedia and sister projects (Wikiquote, Wikivoyage, Wikisource), as well as media content on Commons.

In 2021, we will continue to support time-tested models of sparking content enrichment, such as article contests and challenges (WikiGap, CEE Spring etc.), photo contests (Wiki Loves Earth and Wiki Loves Monuments), and support of community initiatives (thematic weeks, wikiexpeditions etc.). We are also aiming to pay more attention to researching and identifying specific content gaps, as well as to the quality of content produced — the efforts that we have been pursuing in 2020 but still have a lot of work to do on. For international Wiki Loves Earth, we will organise a strategic discussion to understand how the community wants WLE to develop in the forthcoming years. Our survey shows that most members consider these projects very important for our mission and generally efficient.

We want to increase resources allocated to the GLAM project, as its impact is currently rather limited, and our members rate this project as important but requiring a major boost to become efficient. COVID-19 pandemics forced many Ukrainian institutions to become more digital, and we have many volunteers who have an interest in working with GLAM institutions. Thus, we believe this is the right opportunity to make the GLAM project in Ukraine more structured and more efficient by adding a new role of a GLAM & Wikipedia Education contractor who will be in charge in supporting volunteers and developing partnerships.

Program Objectives
  • Work with volunteers to close specific text content gaps through creating or improving 5,400 articles on Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects.
  • Organize contests to enrich Wikimedia Commons with media content, attracting 40,000 photos from Ukraine and additional 60,000 international photos.
  • Promote the use of mediafiles gathered thanks to photo contents on Wikimedia projects by making sure at least 10% of photos (10,000) are used.
  • Support community initiatives around content enrichment by supporting at least 5 community-driven thematic weeks.
  • Involve at least 30 GLAM institutions, with collaborations resulting in at least 400 new or improved content pages (media donations, text content improvement etc.)
  • Improve access to information (arrangement, structuring, and categorization) by requiring all Wikipedia articles created within content enrichment projects to be categorized and connected to Wikidata.

Planned activities

WikiGap 2020 training session in Kyiv
Wiki Loves Earth in Ukraine infographic for social media
Photo from a 2020 wikiexpedition in Ukraine
  • Bridging text content gaps
    • Cultural diplomacy article challenge
    • WikiGap challenge
    • CEE Spring 2021 article contest
    • Challenge on uploading existing sources published under free licenses
    • Local Content promoting contests/challenges
    • Thematic weeks and months
    • Sister Wikiprojects initiatives
  • Improving content
    • A wikiproject/challenge contest to improve articles
    • Wikigrants (for books)
    • Organizing pilot expert evaluation of articles quality
  • Attracting media content
    • Wiki Loves Earth International
    • Wiki Loves Earth in Ukraine
    • Wiki Loves Monuments in Ukraine
    • Wikiexpeditions and photography grants
    • GLAM

Why are we doing this?

Content enrichment is one of the oldest and largest directions of Wikimedia Ukraine’s work. The nature of Wikimedia projects, which are developed by volunteers without a general plan, inherently leads to the emergence of content gaps — and organizational resources of Wikimedia Ukraine are well-poised to address this problem in Ukrainian-language wiki projects. Based on our experience, contests and challenges are a powerful way to enrich content (whether the project is organized directly by Wikimedia Ukraine or supported as a community initiative), and so is working with partners in GLAM and other fields.

This direction aligns well with Wikimedia Ukraine’s strategy (it’s the first direction of our 2020—2022 strategic plan), as well as with the movement strategy (for example, with the recommendation “Identify Topics for Impact”).

Program metrics and targets
  • Number of participants: 5210
  • Number of newly registered users: 3220
  • Number of content pages improved or created: 106120
  • Number of volunteers involved: 110
  • Number of organizations engaged: 70

Increasing Participation

Science Photo Competition poster: Shoot Science for Wikipedia

Within this direction, Wikimedia Ukraine aims to increase participation in Ukrainian Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects. Our goal as set by the strategic plan is increasing the number of active volunteers in all fields of Wikimedia activity. Apart from striving for a bigger community, our goal is also to enhance its diversity and engage underrepresented groups.

In 2021, we plan to organize the annual Wikimarathon, our flagship project which covers almost all Ukrainian regions with Wikipedia events and training sessions (the pandemic will likely impact its format, of course). We will also support educational initiatives (Wikipedia Education Program, Wikipedia MOOC and others). Diversity activities will include support of sister projects community development, as well as groups underrepresented in the Ukrainian Wikimedia community.

This direction has been rated as very important by our members. However, there are discrepancies between the projects: while Wikimarathon is considered the most efficient project of Wikimedia Ukraine, Wikipedia Education Programme is most frequently cited among suggestions for improvement. While our education activities are currently significantly based on offline events, we are willing to invest more, on the one hand, in the online course (Wikipedia MOOC), on the other hand, in more models to engage schools and universities with offline activities. We hope to advance our educational projects by hiring a dedicated person responsible for Education and GLAM; this contractor will be tasked with developing a strategy of advancing our Education program, as well as will be in charge of sustaining and developing partnerships in the field, supporting volunteers and educational projects participants (such as MOOC participants)

Program Objectives
  • Organize training sessions within Wikimarathon and education projects, attracting 190 newcomers to Wikipedia.
  • Attract 80 newcomers to Wikimedia projects by running an online course (MOOC) about Wikipedia.
  • Work on increasing editor retention by making sure at least 30 people stay on as long-term editors.
  • Collaborate with educational institutions and other organizations to increase Wikimedia participation, engaging 40 organizations.
  • Promote diversity by organizing or supporting at least three diversity initiatives.

Planned activities

Wikimarathon 2020 at a school in the town of Bar, Vinnytsia region
  • Attracting new editors to Wikimedia projects
    • Wikimarathon
    • Wikipedia in Education
    • Wikipedia MOOC
    • School curriculum contest
    • WikiScience contest
  • Increasing diversity of the community of editors
    • Sister projects & non-Ukrainian language projects community development
    • Diversity initiatives

Why are we doing this?

Wikimedia community’s growth is key to the success of Wikimedia projects — it’s important that we as a movement stay relevant in the fast-changing environment. Apart from increasing the size of the community, we believe it’s important to support knowledge equity and be open to everyone who supports our values — the value of diversity needs little explanation.

This direction is an inherent part of Wikimedia Ukraine’s 2020—2022 strategic plan. It also aligns with the movement strategy as it helps advance the concept of knowledge equity in the strategic direction.

Program metrics and targets
  • Number of participants: 590
  • Number of newly registered users: 295
  • Number of content pages improved or created: 2070
  • Number of volunteers involved: 70
  • Number of organizations engaged: 40

Community Support and Development

Wikimedia Ukraine's General Meeting in February 2020

As well as the last year, this direction consists of two tracks. We are planning to keep investing in community capacity (instructing community members via training sessions, facilitate experience sharing via holding Ukrainian events and providing scholarships for international ones etc.), as well as to work on motivating editors and helping keep them updated about Wikimedia Ukraine’s work (e.g. Wikizghushchivka [condensed milk award, physical equivalent of barnstars], newsletters for the community).

We are not planning any major changes within this direction as compared with 2020 (except adjustments based on external factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic); we will continue to navigate the course charted by the 2020—2022 strategic plan. This is confirmed by the community survey which ranked all these projects either ‘important’ or ‘very important’, with experience sharing events like Wikiconference getting the highest community interest among all Wikimedia Ukraine projects.

Program Objectives
  • Invest in skills and leadership development for existing community members by holding training sessions for at least 40 participants.
  • Facilitate experience sharing between editors by organizing 3 major events for community members (WikiConference, General Meeting, strategic session), as well as providing international scholarships (dependent on the pandemic).
  • Raise the motivation of community members by awarding 50 active editors with “Wikizghushchivka”.
  • Increase community awareness by preparing 12 issues of Wikimedia Ukraine newsletter and organizing 2 awareness events/presentations.

Planned activities

“Wikizghushchivka” for active Wikipedia editors
  • Instruction for community members
    • Training sessions for specific skills
    • Hackathons / events for the development of technical skills
    • Event organisation (WikiConference, General Meeting, Strategic Session etc.)
    • Strategy facilitation
    • Scholarships for international events
  • Increasing the community's motivation and awareness
    • Wikizghushchivka (Condensed milk)
    • Wikigrants
    • Communications with community, newsletters
    • Awareness events, presentations etc
    • Community survey

Why are we doing this?

Wikimedia Ukraine exists to serve the Ukrainian wiki community, and providing organizational support to his community is a crucial part of our work. As an organization, Wikimedia Ukraine is well suited to provide targeted support for the Wikimedia community in capacity building, including technical skills such as knowledge of Wikidata, and facilitation of experience sharing.

As well as other aspects of our work, this direction is informed by Wikimedia Ukraine’s 2020—2022 strategic plan. It also works towards implementing movement strategy recommendations, including increasing movement sustainability, as well as investing in skills and leadership development.

Program metrics and targets
  • Number of participants: 190
  • Number of newly registered users: 5
  • Number of content pages improved or created: 43
  • Number of volunteers involved: 20
  • Number of organizations engaged: 10

Awareness about Wikimedia and Free Knowledge

Video story on editors of Ukrainian Wikipedia; created by Wikimedia Ukraine in 2020 to honor 1 million articles in Ukrainian Wikipedia

Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects are an essential part of today’s informational ecosystem, yet it is often poorly understood by the general public. We aim to explain Wikipedia to readers and the general public, promote Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects, and make sure information about Wikimedia Ukraine’s projects reaches an appropriate audience. Our members share this commitment by rating Awareness projects as ‘important’ or ‘very important’, and while they find them quite efficient, they frequently mention structuring communication processes as an area of potential improvement.

We also advocate for legal changes to help advance free knowledge — while 2020 saw some important steps in our attempts to achieve freedom of panorama in Ukraine, the parliament has not approved appropriate legislation yet.

In 2020, Wikimedia Ukraine managed to markedly improve our communication processes (for example, through hiring a dedicated communication manager and facilitating her work with the volunteer press secretary), but still have work to do (e.g. developing a comprehensive communication strategy). In terms of specific program changes, we want to highlight Wikipedia anniversary as a separate project as Wikipedia 20 is a good chance to tell Ukrainian readers more about Wikipedia.

Program Objectives
  • Improve awareness of Wikipedia and Wikimedia by sharing at least 100 stories about WMUA's projects and from volunteers on blogs and social media.
  • Maintain visibility of Wikimedia Ukraine’s project in the organization’s blog (reaching at least 50,000 views from 30,000 unique users) and social media accounts (continuously supporting at least 10 general and project-specific social media channels).
  • Improve Wikimedia Ukraine’s communication processes by developing a communication strategy.
  • Develop information materials on wikiprojects by creating at least 10 online and offline materials.
  • Encourage regulatory and legislative changes that will benefit Wikimedia projects, particularly advocating for freedom of panorama in Ukraine, in part by organizing at least 5 major media initiatives.

Planned activities

Wikimedia Ukraine's freedom of panorama infographic
  • Media support and promotion of Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects
    • Wikipedia anniversary
    • Working with social media and blogs
    • Events, presentations, media relations
    • Communication strategy development
  • Working with readers and the general public to increase awareness
    • Events/initiatives with partners (such as introductory sessions for journalists and other professional groups)
    • Survey for readers and target audiences
    • Developing information materials on wikiprojects
  • Advocacy
    • Advocacy events, presentations, media events etc
    • Publications, video etc

Why are we doing this?

Telling the world about Wikimedia Ukraine’s work — and about Wikimedia projects in general — is an underlying foundation to the success of all our other projects. We want to promote Wikimedia projects in general, while also to draw the public’s attention to specific issues important for the development of free knowledge, such as freedom of panorama advocacy.

Similarly to other directions, this one stems from our organization’s 2020—2022 strategic plan. In terms of movement strategy, it is closely aligned to the work on increasing the sustainability of our movement by increasing awareness and advocating for the topics important to our development.

Program metrics and targets
  • Number of participants: 60
  • Number of newly registered users: 0
  • Number of content pages improved or created: 57
  • Number of volunteers involved: 30
  • Number of organizations engaged: 24

Grant Metrics Reporting[edit]

Required. Metrics, targets and results: grants metrics worksheet here.

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  • We have no specific requests at this point; we have sorted out all the questions we had with the program officer.