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Welcome back from Wikimania 2019!



Wikimedia India


I shared my experiences and also learnt from community on largely two different events.

Learning Pattern[edit]


  • Ad Huikeshoven : Ad and me worked together earlier this year as Election facilitators for ASBS Elections. We discussed issues around the elections and also hosted a meetup subsequently. Ad also shared his experiences from Wikimedia Netherlands which are useful.
  • John Cummings : John had helped some of us in India host first ever UNESCO Workshop this year on Women's Day. I thanked him for the same and also shared few initiatives such as LGBT workshop amongst others at UNESCO Delhi Office. We both also work under Partnership Working Group under Movement Strategy and discussed recommendations.
  • Tisza Gergő : Tisza has been working in the Movement Strategy 2030 under Product & Technology Working Group. We had supper together and we discussed mutually aligned areas from both Product & Technology and Partnerships. Few of his inputs, such as problems with Wikimedia APIs and they not user-friendly to our potential partners was of great help.
  • RYU Cheol : RYU Cheol also from the Product & Technology Working Group, we discussed recommendations and also congratulated him for South Korea Chapter.
  • Alek Tarkowski : Alek and me have been working together under Partnership Working Group under Movement Strategy, however, this happened to be the first time we both met each other. Alek also has a lot of experience in running the Creative Commons Movement, India recently got its Chapter and he shared best practices to be taken up.
  • Christel : Christel had previously hosted on online session for Hindi Wikimedians during our annual conference. I personally thanked her for the efforts as an organiser of the Hindi conference and also discussed new initiates.
  • Lane Rasberry : Lane and me have know each other for a very long time, we had lot to discuss and share. Scholia tool was one particular instance of our discussion. We discussed how Academia could be more integrated with Wikimedia network.
  • Jack Rabah : Jack has been leading the Partnership initiatives in Middle East and Africa for WMF and would be working on Project GLOW. We discussed how it evolved in India and the future vision. We both also belong to Partnership Working Group under Movement Strategy and spent lot of time along with other members on building the recommendations.
  • Bobby : Bobby shared some of his experiences from Wikimedia South Africa and we also discussed Movement Strategy and the present recommendations. I also gave few advice to Bobby on being a Vegetarian.
  • Amir E.Aharoni : Amir belongs to the Language committee, I conveyed some of the concerns pertaining Hindi Wikisource which has been approved by the committee and meets all guidelines, however, hasn't yet received its separate domain. Also shared some of the community problems such as debate on numerals within the community and sought his opinion.
  • Jeffrey : Jeffrey and me had previously worked together as Election facilitators for ASBS Elections. We discussed Elections, also learnt about developments with WikiJournals as a separate sister project. Jeffrey and me also exchanged a lot of good practices happening in the Wiki Movement within our respective societies.
  • Felix : Felix and me have know each other for a very long time, he helped me signup Economic & Political Weekly as India's first partnership under The Wikipedia Library. I shared developed with some of the potential future partners and how Library project should be future-ready for sister projects like Wikisource.
  • Frans Grijzenhout : Frans has been undergoing a lot many efforts in bringing Chapter's together, learning and sharing from each other. It was kind of him to listen to concerns from India and offered valuable advise.
  • Stuart Prior : Staurt and me both work together for Partnership Working Group under Movement Strategy and spent lot of time along with other members on building the recommendations.
  • Afifa : Afifa is from my neighbourhood state, Bangladesh. I learnt few initiatives on improving Diversity and Gender-Gap that she has been undergoing.

Minor Interactions : Shani Evenstein, James Heilman, Raju Narisetti, Kirill Lokshin, Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight and Sami Mlouhi.

Anything Else[edit]