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Event name[edit]

Wikipedia Science Conference

Participant connections[edit]

I got to talk one-on-one with Jacob de Wolff, chair of WikiProject Med Foundation, and Daniel Mietchen (on that board and presently contracted to NIH). I also met Magnus Manske, an early MediaWiki developer, currently with Wellcome's Sanger Institute, and Geoffrey Bilder of CrossReff. Jacob and Daniel will, I think, be reliable supporters on-wiki. Magnus has offered to help with any MediaWiki changes that might be needed, and Geoffrey has offered to help with attaching a doi (digital object identifier) to the peer-reviewed version of an article. I had dinner with John Byrne - WiR for the CRUK project.

All of them gave me very useful feedback specific to the BMJ project, and I was able to give them a bit of the history and a description of how this is likely to go.

I gave a brief presentation during the unconference which was attended by about 15 people - but the real engagement in that session came from the above-mentioned.


Shared Experience: There is an active discussion on right now where we're working out the nuts-and-bolts for the launch.


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