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Грантове:Поддръжка на пътувания и участия/Кандидатстване

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This page is a translated version of the page Grants:TPS/Apply and the translation is 80% complete.

The TPS Program is closed and no longer accepting applications. Please review our current programs for funding support, resources, and other guidance.

Радваме се, че подадохте заявка! Няколко съвета ...

Step 1: Apply

  1. Read about how the program works and make sure you and your request meet the criteria for support. We encourage you to apply as early as possible!
  1. Create your application by typing a name for your page in the format of YourName/EventName in the input box provided. Enter all information as requested and save your application page.
  1. Email participation(_AT_)wikimedia.org to notify the Participation Support Committee that your application is ready for review. Please include your full legal name in this email (this information will only be used internally).
  1. The committee generally reviews applications once a week. If your request has all the details needed to make a decision, your request will be approved or denied within two weeks, with a message on the discussion page of your request.
  1. If details are missing, the committee will ask for clarifications on the discussion page of your request (so be sure to add it to your watchlist and check back for updates regularly).

Насоки за бюджета

  • Нужно е предварително плащане? Моля да ни уведомите в молбата си, и не забравяйте да подадете заявката най-малко един месец преди събитието Ви, така че да можем да положим всички усилия, за да осигурим подкрепа навреме.
  • Имате нужда от нас, за да резервирате полет? Щастливи сме да направим и това - моля да ни уведомите в заявката си.
  • Моля, включете разумни пътни разходи. Фондация Уикимедия използва следните насоки при резервации за пътуване:
    • Meals and incidental expenses should total less than 75% of the standard U.S. General Services Administration or U.S. Department of State rates (M & IE rates, which include local transportation) for the city in which you are traveling. See the GSA list for US cities, and the US Department of State list for cities outside of the US.
    • The total cost of accommodations should not exceed 75% of the GSA or Department of State Rates, and applicants are strongly encouraged to seek more frugal accommodations when available.