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Welcome back from Wikimania 2015!



Armine Aghayan

Wikimedia Armenia



I had the opportunity to have scholarship and was also reimbursed for my visa travel to Moscow and participated in Wikimania 2015, my first WIKIMANIA. The event was amazingly well organized. The participants of the event were from different parts of the world and it was a great pleasure to be within so many wikimaniacs, the people who share free knowledge, people who are different, people among whom you feel at home. During 7 days spent at Wikimania I had the chance to share and get experience, skills, time, visiting museums and pyramids, tasting Mexican food and feel the Mexican spirit.

I attended lots of cessions but mostly I was interested in Education and GLAM projects. The influence of Wikimania was so big that when I returned my home country I continued writing articles about Mexico that I started since April and my enthusiasm brought new editors to this topic and we created a portal for Mexico, where we started to pile the new created articles about this amazing country and started Wiki-projet Mexico Վիքինախագիծ Մեքսիկա. Find the articles here: Մեքսիկա նախագծով ստեղծված հոդվածներ (articles created during Wiki-project Mexico). We'll work so that new Wikipedians or new editors will join this cool project to write and enrich many more articles on this topic.



During these 7 days spent in Mexico city, D.F. the circle of my friends was enriched. I got acquainted to many new Wikipedians, and I was so touched when the people with whom we have been friends via Facebook, twitter or just recognized the username were coming up and real life talk was started.

From this Wikimania I got friends from all the angles of the world: Egypt, US, Mexico, Greece, Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Ukraine, Turkey etc (I will not mention names since you will see many familiar faces in my photos). We are going to start Wiki-collaboration with certain countries, like we'll write articles about their country and vice versa. I had the chance to see friends who helped me much during my edits (I was writing articles about Armenian Genocide Memorials around the world at the beginning of 2015, and many Wikipedians helped me with photos and place coordination Հայոց ցեղասպանության հուշարձաններ) and now it was a good chance to meet them face to face, thank and share our experiences.

I did not give a talk but from Wikimedia Armenia Susanna Mkrtchyan, head of our chapter and who became Honored mention of the year, shared a nice talk about our Wiki-camp experience. Local medias covered it Վիքիպեդիայի հիմնադրի անակնկալը Սուսաննա Մկրտչյանին (The Wikipidia founder surprise to Susanna Mkrtchyan)

I participated in Wikimedia CEE meetup and it was great to see the people with whom you cooperated during months. I was participant of Wikimedia CEE Spring 2015 (wrote 118 articles on different CEE countries). After this event I joined ‪#‎100wikidays campaign 100wikidays

Anything else


I piled the photos taken by me here Wikimania 2015 photographs by ArmAg. I uploaded 501 photos, used some of them in the articles I created and will upload some more.

I uploaded a super Mexican dance video taken during Conference opening into Facebook, I twitted and facebooked some ideas shared during conference.

Thank you the whole Wiki team for this brilliant gathering !!!