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Event name: WikiProject Computational Biology Tutorial at ISMB 2014

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Our presentation at the Bioinformatics Curriculum Taskforce meeting.
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Due to our tutorial (see also Daniel's report), we were invited to present at the ISCB (International Society for Computational Biology) education committee meeting to advance a Wikimedia perspective on developing and implementing a computational biology curriculum (see the presentation embedded here). This has led to an exciting collaboration with the ISCB education committee, which will start by the publication of a perspective piece we will write (in collaboration with WikiProject Computational Biology members) on how various Wikimedia items relate to bioinformatics education; for example, we are communicating with core contributors of the Next Generation Sequencing Wikibook about the potential of restarting an open bioinformatics textbook in earnest. Other ideas are to define core article lists (primarily for en-wiki, via the WikiProject) for the computational biology community to focus on, as well as matching curriculum stages with en-wiki articles and commons media. This should be published before the end of the year and I'll update this report with a link once this happens.


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Our attendance at ISMB helped maintain and strengthen the collaborations between Wikimedia projects and the computational biology community. During the conference, a meeting of the board of directors of the ISCB confirmed that the Wikipedia article competition will continue, and we understand it was awarded additional prize funds.