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Grants:TPS/Daniel Mietchen/Open Science, Open Issues

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Daniel Mietchen
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Open Science, Open Issues — International seminar, workshops and Open Science work group meeting
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Event date(s)
August 18-22, 2014
Event location (city)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Amount requested (remember to specify currency!)
EUR 1800

--Solstag (talk) 10:53, 1 July 2014 (UTC) (disclaimer: I'm one of the conference organizers)

Budget breakdown[edit]

  • Travel:
    • Flight Frankfurt - Rio - Frankfurt ca. EUR 1200
    • Train Jena - Frankfurt - Jena ca. EUR 100
  • Accommodation August 17-22 - EUR 100 per night x 5 nights = EUR 500

Proposed Participation[edit]

Recording of one of my previous talks on innovations in scholarly publishing.

The event has two key components: workshops around open science on the first two days, followed by a seminar on specific aspects of openness around research. I will contribute to both, twice during the workshops.

My first workshop contribution will be on how Wikiversity can be used for grant writing. Grant writing is a key skill for researchers, yet doing it entirely in the open is extremely rare in scholarly contexts. The proposal to be worked on during the workshop is about testing the relative efficiency of open versus traditional science. Its basic outline will be produced during a dedicated session at OKFest a month earlier (cf. blog post). I have used Wikiversity in the past to draft proposals in public (e.g. for the Open Access Media Importer).

The second workshop will be about how Wikimedia projects more generally can be integrated with open scientific workflows, a topic that often features prominently in my talks (example 1, example 2) and workshops (example).

My contributions to the seminar part will be a presentation during the session Innovations in open scientific publishing and evaluation alternatives, another topic regularly present in my talks (example).

Goal and Expected Impact[edit]

The writing workshop will provide participants with practical experience in writing a research proposal and with awareness of the implications of doing this in the open and specifically on Wikiversity. It will also lead to improvements on the target proposal, which aims at raising awareness of open science amongst researchers (including grant reviewers) and research funders.

The second workshop will raise awareness more generally of how research-related workflows can and do interact with Wikimedia projects, pointing out that decisions taken by individual researchers or small teams on whether to publish their work under an open license or not are a key determinant of whether their research will be visible on Wikimedia platforms.

The talk will provide examples of innovation from three centuries of publishing biodiversity research, focusing on open licensing, reuse scenarios, automated workflows and statistics that can be generated on that basis. It will feature several Wikimedia-related examples, including PLOS Computational Biology Topic Pages, the Cite-o-Meter, the Open Access Media Importer, the OA signalling project and the recently launched JATS4R initiative aimed at making openly licensed scholarly articles more machine readable, with harvesting for Wikimedia platforms being a primary use case.