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I met lots of people from different open source organisation like Mozilla, KDE, Gnome etcetera. I also met lots of people from Singapore JS and Python Community. I also met Kartik Mistry from WMF.


I had workshop on Basic of MediaWiki Gadgets and Extension in FOSSASIA 2015 held at Singapore. My session comprised of around 25-30 people. In that there are people from Singapore and Malaysia Wiki community as well. Some people were pro JavaScript Developer as well. I elucidated the basic concepts of Gadgets in MediaWiki which was trailed by a hands-on session showing them "How to make gadgets?" The hands-on session was not only at a making-level but also based on which concepts, factors and theories actually were implemented to achieve such things. I explained basic concepts behind each and every technologies with lots of variations. After this I showed them practically by creating on Gadget EditCount that can count edits of user. Most of the participants successfully implemented that thing. I also explained how to use MediaWiki / Wikipedia APIs, how to use API Console to generate query and utilize the data of Wikipedia. Aarti Dwivedi, GSoCer of 2013 for Wikimedia Foundation was also present there and she also helped me to this hands on session.

The best part of teaching is not that “You taught something to somebody, rather how well people implement your teachings along with inducing their own creativity into it”. The vicinity of those pro-javascript developers was like the “cherry-on-the-pie”, they had so much to say, to interact and to impart with me and the people as well.

Everyone was able to create gadget for counting edits like this. Unfortunately its more then one month pass so I could not able to find the link of people's creation because mediawiki does provide data for more then 30 days in recent changes. Some participants created this thing using console without creating separate page. This workshop is just for explaining concept of MediaWiki Gadgets not expert level workshop. So creation of attendees were not so significant.

After the hands-on session, I was been approached by few attendies to know the contribution-process and criteria in Wikipedia and also they wanted some more information regarding to this. I appreciated their inquiry by exhibiting how to fill bug, acquainted with IRC channels and phabricators, how to submit patch and so on.

Also the session ended up being more intelligent and incredible when I got the opportunity to explain how you can do certain tasks proficiently with the utilization of JavaScript, to the individuals in Wikipedia.

Meeting with Josh Lim and many other Wikimedians, discussing about the technology, community management and Wikimania, which anticipates what's to come(our super future), was in reality an intensive experience.

This time they improved in planning and management stuff and yeah its fun and great learning experience in Singapore in FOSSASIA 2015.

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  • Return Ticket (Ahmedabad - Singapore) : INR 25092
  • Visa : INR 3750 3800, per submitted receipt -- Jtud (WMF) (talk) 20:31, 7 May 2015 (UTC)
  • Accommodation : 240 SGD
  • Incidental Expenses
    • Tickets : 30 SGD
    • Food : 80 SGD
    • Home to Airport : INR 159 (OLA Cabs)
    • Airport to Home: INR 178 (OLA Cabs)

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