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Welcome back from Wikimania 2019!



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Recording of languages during Wikimania 2019
Me at the Wikitongues quite space.
The only food i got to enjoy. Oh this fish

This was my second Wikimania and also one of two scholarship recipients under Wikimedia South Africa Chapter. During this year's Wikimania i took much of the time managing the quite space recording languages with the Wikitongues team myself being one of the project leading for the user group.

On of the sessions that i attended by Woubzena Jifar & Satdeep Gill about growing Wikimedia's Readership/Rapid Grants to Increase Awareness of Wikimedia Projects which inspired me to come up with an awareness program in Zambia to help grow some awareness about Wikimedia and its projects.

I also attended the How to sustain your language online Daniel Bögre Udell which would help me to sustain some of the languages in Zambia.


WikiGap reception in the foreign ministry. Gereon Fabian and Isaac

For me Wikimania is now an opportunity to network myself with the international community and the Wikimedia projects and build up new relationships and maintain existing ones. That was absolutely one of my main goals. I was invited to a reception at the Swedish Foreign Ministry for my involvement with WikiGap in 2018, during the reception i met with Gereon this was my first time connecting with him after being friends on Facebook. Also during the WikiGap reception i reconnected with Fabian whom I got to know at Wikimania 2018.

Wikimania 2019 Africa meet up

During the African Wikimedians meet up I got met new people who are interested in participating in African-based projects at the Africa Meetup. Those that can help me in building a Wikimedia community in Zambia.


This is a list of new people that i was able to connect with during the conference.

Anything else[edit]

The photos that i took during the 2019 Wikimania conference can be found here. Some of the pictures of me during the conference can be found here.