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Welcome back from Wikimania 2016!



Wikipedia in Spanish


Option 1: Shared Experience: What is one way you shared something from your experience with your community (either locally or globally), after the event?

I created these report Wikimanía 2016 Esino Lario, and I shared it with Wikimedia Argentina and Wikimedia Uruguay and members of Iberocoop. I also created a Report for Wikimedia Spain.

Option 3: New Creation: What was one useful outcome that was created at the event for the Wikimedia movement?
With Margott from Albania and Bojana from Republic of Srpska creating Wikiproyect Women in different languages.
With Kritzolina, from Germany, talking about mental health in Wikipedia.
With Saintfevrier from Greece, talking about Wikitherapy.

The most important events for me were the creation of two Wikiproyects in two different languages: albanian and serbian. Wikiwomen and sr:Википедија:Википројекат Жена. I talked to Margott, from Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group, and to Bojana Wiki PG, President of the user group of Wikimedians of Republic of Srpska, about gender gap and I proposed them to create de es:Wikiproyecto:Mujeres in their languages. With Margott we began working on Përdoruesja:Wikiwomen to improve Women Biographies at sq.Wikipedia and with Bojana Wiki PG we already created together the Wikiproyect Women in Serbian.

I met Kritzolina, from Germany. I went to listen her to Wikipedia Addiction and it's Comorbidities - what roles does mental health play in a community that wants to create an encyclopedia?. I was delighted. I liked a lot her session and we talked and still are talking about doing a research together. Patrick Earley encourages her to do a bit of research, what wikipedians around the world are doing to adress mental health issues on and off wiki. She had a first contact with a Wikidata-user who wants to organize a hackathon on mental health. She asked me if I am interested and I said of course yes.

Other important outcome was that I will start a workshop at a hospital teaching Wikipedia. I met Saintfevrier, from Greece, who has a Program Wikitherapy that interested me much since I am a psychologist. She show me her proyect and I call the Chief Staff of the Adolescent Mental Ilness Hospital where I used to work to tell him about her work with mental ilness patients. We decided to do the same Wikitherapy in Buenos Aires and we invited her to come to Argentina next year to a Conference to show us how she works. So next august I'll be beginning Wikitherapy at the Alvear Hospital in Buenos Aires.


I met Bojana Wiki PG, President of the user group of Wikimedians of Republic of Srpska. We have been working together thinking about what can we do to dicrease the gender gap in Wikipedia. We were planning something that we could do to create a net around different languages for women working together. We were looking for themes to share, for example, translating biographies of relevant women from our cultures. I will create a group for translation of biographies from sr. Vikipedija to Spanish Wikipedia and she will try to create a group for translation of biographies from Spanish Wikipedia to sr. Vikipedija. We decided to use the wikipedia translator but we will both correct the translations in our own languages before publishing them because the bot is not very trustworthy. We are both interest in relevant women of history. We will share ideas about attracting women to Wikipedia. Our first article together was Desanka Maksimovic, an important serbian female writer that did not exist in ES.WP before. It was not so easy to do it because we used an automatic translator and I had to correct it. We found out that in Serbian they don't have female categories. She never thought about that, it was a good discovery. Bojana create the first category for women and the Wikiproyect sr:Википедија:Википројекат Жена. We decided that we will create a video showing how Wikimedia Argentiuna works to show to the wikimedians of Republika Srpska and that they will create a video to show us how do they work.

We also found that the towns of Republic of Srpska listed in our Wikipedia are wrongly named and confused with those of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are still trying to resolve this issue and see which locations correspond to what political entity. My intention is to correct them and then create all locations missing. I would never found out that without Bojana. With Arianit, from Kosovo, we talked a lot about history of religion. I've learnt a lot and many things a will use when editing about his country.

As a member of WMEspaña (Spain), WMUruguay and board member of WMArgentina, I went to the Iberocoop (Iniciativa de Cooperación Regional para Iberoamérica) meeting. We have many conversations related to local organization and new projects. There were people from WMArgentina, WMUruguay, WMChile, WMMexico, Amical, WMEspaña, WikiMujeres, WMPortugal, WMBrasil, Wikimedia CH (Switzerland), WMItalia and WMVenezuela. We decided that Gender Gap will be a priority these year for us. And I am glad about these decision since I belong to WikiMujeres. We had a discussion about how to reduce the gender gap, we decided that the cross-cutting objective of our chapters will be gender gap these year and there was a proposal to make a WikiWomen Conference. I guess that the fact that we were ten women present had something to do with that decision. We decided to do different events, together, in October, about editing biographies of women.

I've been in a meeting with Wikimedia Spain members. I am a member and I knew many of them but not all. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of them that I did not know before, like Tsaorin, Xabier Cañas, 19Tarrestnom65, B25es or Rodelar. B25es told me that as the Real Academia Española prohibits us from using their definitions to Wikicionary, they have the idea of creating a spoken wikidictionary with words with all different accents that we, Spanish speakers,have.

With 19Tarrestnom65 we decided to do an editathon together in October about Women in Architecture. She will work in Spain and I will work in Argentina and Uruguay. We have a lot of ideas, writing about urbanism from a gender perspective and biographies of relevant women.

I also had great conversations Arianit from sq.wikipedia, with Wikitanvir and Pratyya Ghosh, from Blangadesh, and with Meursault2004, from Indonesian WP, who I knew already from Wikimania Mexico.

I also had great conversations with Sherry Antoine and Karla Marte.

I had the opportunnity to meet, Góngora, from Uruguay, who now lives in Norway. We discussed about isues in Wikimedia Uruguay because he was a member but now he is a member of WMNorway. After we talked he decided to engage with the Wikiproyecto:Mujeres and now he is working with us.

I had the pleasure of meeting again Rohini from India. I went to listen her session about Gender gap in the global south: Lessons from policy and outreach. We knew already from Wikimania Mexico and we continue talking and working about the gender gap since we shre the same problems. We care about helping to narrow the gender gap and reduce harassment on Wikipedia. I want to write something with her.

With Rosiestep, from USA, we already knew each other from Wikimania Mexico. When she created Women in Red I created Wikiproyecto:Mujeres. I went to hear her about Content Gender Gap, an international Movement. We talked a lot about what to do with the gender gap in Wikipedia and she even mencioned during her speech things that I had told her, like that we had created that day WikiProyect Women in Serbian and we was going to create it in Albanes. She gave us ideas about statistics. She is a very interesting woman and I loved to talk with her about the role of women in the movement. I also had the opportunity of knowing FloNight, who I knew only through e mail.

I met NaBUru38 from Uruguay. We both were representing WMU and we had a lot to talk about wikimedia in Uruguay.

I also knew Takashi and Miya Masa and his wife from Japan, Anthere from Kumusha Takes Wiki project, and Lucie Aimeé Kafee. She will help me with wikidata because we want to have a list of relevant women in red in all languages.

Other good meeting for me was with Raystorm, from Spain. We knew each other from WikiWomenCamp in Buenos Aires and Wikimania Mexico. We are working together in Wikimujeres. We could talk about many improvements that we want to do in our projects.

Workshop in Barcelona

I knew Tiputini, from Spain. Thanks to these trip we did a workshop together for new users at the ca:Viquiprojecte:Viquidones Wikimujeres and we talked a lot about WikiMujeres and ideas that we have to do things about de gender gap. She told me about all the work that she and others had done in Wikipedia in Catalan. And I knew Mboix, from Spain. We share WikiMujeres but we did not know in person. I could talk with her about a lot of thing of the gender gap and many improvements that we want to do in WikiMujeres. She had film me in an interview talking about de gender gap in Wikipedia in Spanish and why I believe that is so important to work with gender gap.

I met again Satdeep Gill from India. We knew already from Wikimania Mexico and we always kept in touch.

I knew Petrovskyz, from mk.Wikipedia of Macedonia. He show me the category Physics experiments by Shared Knowledge that he created. I used some of those videos with experiments at Wikipedia in Spanish and some of his photos.

I was talking with Boyan Yankuloski and Kiril Simeonovski from Wikimedia Macedonia and I will do the link to WMA to do proyects together. I also could know personally Taty2007, a woman from Ecuator who lives in USA, an administrator in ES.WP, who didn't know about the Wikiproyecto:Mujeres. I invited her and she said that she is going to work with us.

The other user I could talk a lot was Oscar, President of Wikimedia Venezuela. I invited him to participate in the Wikiproyecto:Mujeres and he is already a member. And Superzerocool from Chile. We talked a lot about commons issues in the chapters where we are together.

Anything else[edit]

I upload many photos to commons.

Iberocoop working.
Working at Iberocoop.
WikiWomen's lunch at Wikimania
Gender Gap session at Wikimania
With Boyan Yankuloski and Kiril Simeonovski from Wikimedia Macedonia.
With members of Wikimedia Spain.
With Rosiestep, Anthere, Sherry Antoine and Karla Marte.
With Miya Masa and his wife, from Japan, and Rohini and Pranav, from India.
With Arianit, from Kosovo, at lunch.
With Tiputini, Xabier Cañas, Ezarate and Góngora.