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Welcome back from Wikimania 2018!



Wikipedia in Spanish


I attended a lot of great sessions (this was the Wikimania I most liked), and I wrote almost everyday through the public Telegram channels of Wikimedia Spain, Wikimania 2018, Iberocoop, Wikimania2018social, WMES en wikimania 2018, Wikipedia en español, Wikipedia general chat, Mujeres editando en Wikipedia and WikiWomen Camp 2017 about Wikimania 2018.

After I came back I had meetings with many people from Wikimedia Argentina and Mujeres latinoamericanas en Wikimedia to tell them about my experience.

I also wrote Learning patterns/How to write communications materials with a balanced portrayal of women and men and Learning patterns/Como ofrecer una representación equilibrada de hombres y mujeres en nuestras comunicaciones.. Now, I am preparing two more learning patterns in Spanish.


I presented Reintegrating persons with mental illnesses to the community using Wikiquote project.

We presented a poster about article template libraries with User:Flixtey, user:Joy Agyepong, User:SAgbley, User:Reem Al-Kashif, User:Mardetanha and User:Sami Mlouhi, about Sandbox space organization.


After my presentation, a woman from Mumbai, India, Bishakha Datta, came to tell me that she wanted to replicate the experience in India. She works for Point of with disabled women and contact me to Sexuality and disability and Medium. I gave her my card and we keep in contact to do something in Mumbai. I also had a work meeting with User:Satdeep Gill and User:Saintfevrier and we decided to create a new project, Wikitherapy. So, as far as I came home I began the page. Satdeep is going to replicate the experience in Patiala City, his country. I am writing a learning pattern about how to build a wikitherapy project in your community.

Inter WikiWomen Collaboration[edit]

Inter WikiWomen Collaboration was an idea that we had with Camelia and Armine during Wikimania 2017 but, after meeting at Wikimania 2018, Armine and myself we decided to create an official project and incorporate more countries: Georges Fodouop, Reem Al-Kashif and Waala Abdel Manaem, who were at Wikimania, joined us to do collaboration on women topics to narrow the gender gap. After Wikimania, when I came home, the project was born. So now Inter WikiWomen Collaboration is official and we want to continue working for a long time. And, when I went home, I organiced the Wikiproyecto:Mujeres latinoamericanas/Inter WikiWomen Collaboration II campaign.

Mujeres Latinoamericanas en Wikimedia[edit]

I had some working meetings with Mariana and Olga to discuss projects of Mujeres latinoamericanas en Wikimedia.

African contacts[edit]

I had the opportunity to work in person with Stella Agbley in my project of african women and I also had the opportunity to share the creation of the The AfroCine Project when I was with Sam Oye and Felix Nartey, so I created the Cine africano project in Wikipedia in Spanish.


I was talking with so many people that I would be the whole day naming them all. In addition to all the people who I already named before, I also spent time with Sailesh, Rupika, Linda Fletcher from Afrocrowd NYC, Afifa, , Mompati, Virginia, Diego and Ruben. Nabin brought me a nepalese wikimedia shirt as a gift.