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Event name[edit]

JES 2014-2015 (Junulara E-Semajno)

Participant connections[edit]

At December 29 2014 was organised speak about using wiki projects for Esperantists, encontering new WMF technologies like ContentTranlate. It was followed-up by training. Unfortunately, the sessions was planed for the morning of second day (first whole day) of week-long meeting so there was only about 20 people on the speak and about 15 people on the training.

During the meeting I and Venca24 meet with representatives from Universal Esperanto Association (UEA) and World Esperanto Youth Organization (TEJO) and discussed the issues of free culture and future collabouration about wikis. It seems that we have convinced the UEA representative to libre UEA's press releases under free licence (what was copyvio problem on Esperanto Wikinews). Cooperation between wiki related projects of UEA and TEJO was done with clearer division of roles. Basic contact was done with Commission of Science and Expert Activities in TEJO, the commission is quite new and we have not concrete plans for soon collabourating project.


Option 1: Shared Experience: What is one way you shared something from your experience with your community (either locally or globally), after the event?
Add a link here to a blog post or newsletter you wrote about your participation afterwards, or to a meet-up you organized to share your experience with your local community.
Option 2: Learning Pattern: What is one useful learning pattern you can share with the Wikimedia movement?
Add a link to a learning pattern - either a new pattern you created with insights from your participation, or an existing pattern to which you added your endorsement and some significant new "considerations" or “examples” from your experience.
Option 3: New Creation: What was one useful outcome of the event for the Wikimedia movement?
Add a link to something new that was created as a result of your participation in this event (for example, you might link to a new tool that you and your co-participants made as a result of attending this event, or to a set of articles that the participants in your workshop created at the event).
  • Based on discussions with Stefan MacGill, vice-chair of Universal Esperanto Association (UEA), in February 2015 issue of revue Esperanto (official UEA's organ) will appear article with call for contributing to Wikipedia. It will be followed by similar call to UEA's national chapters and thematic organisations.
  • The presentation file prepared for the presentation can be used for another presentation.


  • travel: 68 EUR
    • part of the travel was group travel to spare money

Amount left over[edit]

The approved amount is 80 EUR, so 12 EUR is "remaining", but I will be reimbursed as I haven't received the grant in advance.

Anything else[edit]

Presentation file

For similar speaks and travels we are planning grant request for WUG Esperanto kaj Libera Scio. We hope to spare some money on bank wire fees and make the process even more simple for our activists.

I have taken photos of participating music groups. After my exams I will upload the photos to Commons.