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This Wikimedia Participation Support report has been accepted by the Wikimedia Participation Support Committee.To see the original request, please visit Grants:TPS/KuboF Hromoslav/JES 2017-2018.

Event name[edit]

JES 2017-2018 (Junulara E-Semajno)

Participant connections[edit]

  • 8 training participant
  • 3 additional people are interested on joining Esperanto translation task force


Option 1: Blog post: a blog post or a link to some other way you shared back with others who could not attend the same event
blog post about about my experience as a trainer, published of Facebook page of WUG Esperanto and Free Knowledge
Option 3: New Creation: What was one useful outcome of the event for the Wikimedia movement?
File:Vikipedio kaj Vikiatumoj de interne (liveraĵo de trejnado, JES 2017-2018).pdf - hand-out I have written for the participants of the training about the topics we have covered in the training (it is going to be used as basis for future trainings' hand-out)


  • Participation fee: 35 EUR
    • approved amount: 40 EUR
    • the regular fee (for my age and date of registering) is 50 EUR but the organisers provide discount for program contributors and I did 2 trainings (1 non-wikimedian) so my fee discount was 15 EUR
  • Accomodation: 5 EUR x 7 nights = 35 EUR
    • approved amount: 35 EUR
    • in the lowest price category
  • Travel: 121,98 EUR
    • approved amount: 130 EUR
    • part was by group traveling (Szczecin -> Dressden; Dressden -> Praha)
    • calculation of PLN to EUR rate is according to for 2017/12/22
  • Outreach: 0 EUR
    • approved amount: 5 EUR
    • Finally I did poster by myself for free.

Total: 191,98 EUR

  • approved amount: 210 EUR

Amount left over[edit]

I am going to be reimbursted; no payment in advance was done.

Anything else[edit]

There was a change of program design after I have asked the grant. The first version of program calculated with only 1 program track but on the spot was reveled there are several parallel tracks.

That has 2 important consequences on the training:

  1. number of participants was lower than expected
  2. it was unable to do the photowalk (in the grant proposal I have mention it is only possible activity because of tight timeframe)