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The TPS Program is closed and no longer accepting applications. Please review our current programs for funding support, resources, and other guidance.

Comment le programme fonctionne-t-il

Étape 1:Souscrire

  1. Read about how the program works and make sure you and your request meet the criteria for support. We encourage you to apply as early as possible!
  1. Create your application by typing a name for your page in the format of YourName/EventName in the input box provided. Enter all information as requested and save your application page.
  1. Email participation(_AT_) to notify the Participation Support Committee that your application is ready for review. Please include your full legal name in this email (this information will only be used internally).
  1. The committee generally reviews applications once a week. If your request has all the details needed to make a decision, your request will be approved or denied within two weeks, with a message on the discussion page of your request.
  1. If details are missing, the committee will ask for clarifications on the discussion page of your request (so be sure to add it to your watchlist and check back for updates regularly).

Étape 2:Voyagez et participez

  1. If your request is approved, the Wikimedia Foundation will send you an acceptance letter, to be signed and returned as instructed.
  1. Dans de nombreux cas, nous pouvons réserver des vols et des hébergements pour vous. Nous pouvons aussi transférer des fonds en avance dans certains cas, dans le cas où vous soumettez votre demande au moins un mois avant l’événement. Sinon, nous rembourserons vos dépenses après, une fois que vous soumettez votre rapport avec toutes les informations importantes.
  1. If you'd like to bring some Wikimedia merchandise to hand out to other event participants, please request some.
  1. Lisez notre liste de vérification pour d'autres bouts maniables de voyage!

Étape 3:Rapport

  1. Submit your report within 2 weeks after the end of the event. Use the button provided on your accepted application to start your report. Or, start it using the input box provided here, naming your report in the form of YourName/EventName/Report.
  1. In your report, you will be asked to tell us how your funds were spent, and provide a link to one outcome from your participation. Instead of writing a detailed account of the event in your report, we want you to share the benefits of your participation more widely with the community. Your outcome could be a learning pattern to teach others something you've learned, a link to something new that was co-created by you and your fellow participants at the event, or a blog post you wrote to share your experience with others after the event.
  1. Email participation(_AT_) to notify the Participation Support Committee that your report is ready for review.
  1. If details are missing, the committee will ask for clarifications on the discussion page of your request (so be sure to add it to your watchlist and check back for updates regularly).
  1. Please submit complete receipts and other information as requested so that we can get your funds to you as quickly as possible.

Décisions de financement

Critères d'acceptabilité

Être considéré pour l'appui…

  1. Vous devez avoir un nom d'utilisateur sur un projet de Wikimedia ou une approbation de quelqu'un avec un nom d'utilisateur.
  1. You must be an individual or small group (up to 4 people can apply together, if joint presenters); organizations are not eligible.
  1. Your application must demonstrate that participation in the event or activity is aligned with the Wikimedia Mission.
  1. You must agree to the reporting requirements, be willing to sign a Travel and Participation Support agreement, and provide the Wikimedia Foundation with information needed to process your funding.
  1. Nous soutenons la participation volontaire;la participation qui est attachée au travail payé n'est pas habilitée au placement.

Critères de sélection

When selecting applications, we consider the following criteria...

  • Level of participation: What kind of activities will you be engaging in at the event (e.g. presentation, sprint, workshop)? What will your participation contribute to the event?
  • Résultats et impact potentiels :Ce que sont les résultats concrets qui sont prévus en raison en cas de participation ?Quelle volonté de participation sur l'impact réalisé pour le mouvement?
  • Investissement:sont les coûts de participation bien équilibrés en ce qui concerne les résultats et l'impact potentiels ?Est ce le budget raisonnable proposé ?Vous avez suffisamment poursuivies d'autres avenues d'appui et du placement si disponibles?
  • Disque de contribution :Vous avez une histoire d'engager dans des projets et des communautés de Wikimedia, ou voulez votre participation en cas permettent de futures contributions significatives ?
  • Appui et approbation :Vous avez des approbations membre de la Communauté ou d'autres participants d'événement ?Ayez les organisateurs d'événement ou d'autres participants d'événement montrés l'intérêt de votre participation?

Attending a Wikimedia event

Are you interested in attending Wikimania or another Wikimedia-organized or Wikimedia-funded event? Many Wikimedia events already have their own scholarships process for supporting attendee travel.

Please check whether scholarships are already available from the organizers of the event you are participating in. Travel and Participation Support funding is not available for Wikimedia-funded events that already have their own scholarships process.

Par exemple :

  • Most Wikimedia chapters, user groups, or other Wikimedia event-organizers have funds set aside for scholarships as part of planning Wikimedia events (conferences, hackathons, workshops, etc).
  • Are you the organizer of a Wikimedia event? Please consider applying for funding to administer your own scholarships via the Conference Grant Program. After all, you know best who should attend your event!
  • Many non-Wikimedia events also have their own scholarships or other funding for attendees. We encourage you to apply for those funds instead of Travel and Participation Support if so!