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Welcome back from Wikimania 2017!



Georgian Wikipedia (kawiki)


Option 1: Shared Experience: It was my second Wikimania, after Mexico City (2015). As usually Wikimania is, this event was so usefull for me and for my community. I shared my experience with my community through social media and during meetup with Georgian commuity.
Option 3: New Creation: As a result of this event, I got a huge experience about organizing events, workshops, editing contests. I also attended Wikidata related sessions, because this is one of my interests; during Wikidata and infoboxes session I learned many new things about using Wikidata data in Wikipedia. As result, got new skills about wikidata and shared them with my community. Many members of my community is especially focused in Wikidata and so, my experience was also usefull for them.


I met many interesting peoples and being very happy because of that! Yes, definitely, making connections with other people is what Wikimania is all about! I met many old Wikimedian friends from around the world and also made new connections with other wikimedians whom I met for the first time. I was so happy to had a chance to get acquainted Mervat Salman (from Jordan) beyond social media; I meet for the first time with User:Baskervill from my neighbor country — Azerbaijan and we made some plans about cooperations, about some editing contests etc. I met Ivo Kruusamägi from Estonia and he suggested me to participate Georgia in International scientific photography and videos competition WIKI CIENCIA 2017; of cource, I agreed.

Anything else[edit]

Thanks a lot to organizing team, Wikimedia Canada, Wikimedia foundation and to all who was behind of this fascinating event!