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Event name[edit]

Colombo Conferences

Participant connections[edit]

My workshop was held in Management & Science Institute ,Colombo,Srilanka. It conducted in the First day of of GYLPC in a conference room. About 28 Foreign national and 15 Srilankan attended in the workshop. The Vice president of MSI Colombo, Mr. Prof Dr. Ali khatibi was there.


Shared Experience: As a Experienced Wikipedian my main workshop was divided into 5 main chapters, those are:
  1. Introduction to Wikimedia.
  2. Wikimedia & its Sister project.
  3. Biography and goals of Wikipedia.
  4. How to contribute in Wikipedia?
  5. How Wikipedia Contributing in Global Education.

In my workshop I had completed these chapters through out the workshop. After giving a introduction of Wikimedia and sisters project like Wikipedia , Commons, wiki quotes etc I discussed about Wikipedia like its Biography and goal, Wikipedia in Different language, Volunteering opportunity in WIKI etc. My next chapter was about How to contribute in Wikipedia here I discussed the main things should know before editing in Wikipedia. I discussed about notability, Source and Copyright this things in the session with live demo. My last chapter and main key chapter was about make them understand How Wikipedia Contributing in Global Education ,I present some recent data of wiki Education program, main theme of Wiki Education program, volunteering opportunity in Wiki Education.

Instant Outcome:

  1. In the audience there were some school and University teacher they showed their interest in WIKI Education Program. They will be keep in touch though Our Group Chat.
  2. Article of Management & Science Institute,Colombo was created with the help of MSI student who are in the workshop.

Question I face in workshop:

In the workshop there was a common question for me how they will trust in Wikipedia ? What’s the source of Wikipedia data. One audience also said in his University teachers told them not to use Wikipedia as of its valid source. Another question to me that sometimes data of Wikipedia not updated.

My answer:

I made them understand that now Wikipedia Using for educational Content in many school and college even university. But sometimes it break in this regards the volunteer are working. But in the Updated Data section I wasn’t able to make them happy because sometimes I am also facing this kind of problem.

Lesson from Question:

in open discussion we discussed data updating problem in Wikipedia, and I am planning to start Wiki Data Update Edit-a-thon soon if WMF grant it. as I think WMF should look into this regard. There a thousand article that’s not edited recently but need to Update.

Offline Discussion:

a lot of offline discussion held in Colombo Conference regarding Wikipedia. Student from Bio-medical and journalism asked their category of wiki contributing i made familiar them with Wiki-project Medicine and wikitribune.

Proposed Foundational Work in Srilanka:

  1. All the Srilankan audience will be in Srilanka Community User Group.
  2. Create MSI Wiki Club by MSI Student. Done
  3. Two journalist were in the Workshop add them into Wiki tribune. Done

News post: A news is available regarding this workshop in Education Outreach.


Air Fare = $600
Registration fee = $250
Visa fee = $25


Amount left over[edit]

Anything else[edit]