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Grants:TPS/Mohammed Galib Hasan/ICEEL2017

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This Wikimedia Participation Support request was funded in the fiscal year 2014-15. A report is available.

summaryWe will conduct 30 minute workshop divided 2 segment.
event locationBangkok,Thailand
event websitehttp://iceel.org/
event date(s)November 2-4
amount requested1950$
home countryBangladesh,Taiwan
submitted on12:04, 25 August 2017 (UTC)

Proposed participation[edit]

I am Mohammed Galib Hasan Currently working for Wiki Education Outreach program. in this Conference Huang, Jui-Lin will be along with me who is very experienced Taiwanese wikipedian have 27000+ Edits. ICEEL which is recognized as International Conference on Education & E-learning is an International Conference related Education. This year we have submitted an abstract devided into two segment on Global Education and Wikipedia with a Case file and Both of Us were selected for present our Workshop. The main theme of the workshop to make understand the participants how Wikipedia can be managed as Learning platform, as in the conference we are expecting 30+ Education Enthuasists. Each of us will get 15 minute for presentation in the conference.

Goal and expected impact[edit]

In this Conference we have divided our workshop into two segments in the first segment I will talk about Education Outreach & Wikipedia.

First Segment Goal: In this segment, I will discuss our progress of Education Outreach program in my Local Wikipedia Community(Chittagong Wikipedia Community). I will try to make understand the participant that how this local Community is working for education.I will present a power point presentation on how Chittagong Community is Contributing on Education program of Wikipedia.Like it can be used as an E-learning platform as we have millions built in Educational Content in Wikipedia. In my presentation, there will a brief how we arrange this kind of movement, Outcome of the program also the future aspect.As there will be Some participant of University teacher I think they can find interest on it. I think it will explore our Education Outreach activities to the audience and they will be also interested to Join with Education program with their effort. Mainly I will focus to make them understand Wiki can be Used as a Trustable Educational platform.

In the second segment Huang, Jui-Lin will talk about a Case File of Wiki Education Program about translation workshop.

Second Segment Goal: In this section, he will present the translation project launched in Department of English Language and Literature of Tzu Chi University, Hualien, Taiwan. As It is the first project in Chinese Wikipedia that designing translating Wikipedia articles as a course in university. In this lesson, students learned how Wikipedia works, how Wikipedia reviews articles, and how to contribute to Wikipedia. In the meanwhile, Students could increase their translating skills and Wikipedia get the chance to promote and high-quality translation that reviewed by professor simultaneously. We will present the method, result, and advantages on this project, we believe that this would be an innovative model for Wikipedians designing the course.

Note that Usergroup Thailand shows their interest to arrange a meet up during our stay in Bangkok.

Budget breakdown[edit]

Sector Mohammed Galib Hasan Notes Huang, Jui-Lin Notes
Registration 300$ Registration 300$ Registration
Flight 310$ Chittagong-Bangkok-Chittagong by Regent Airways 280$ Taiwan-Bangkok-Taiwan by China Airlines
Accommodation 150$ We prefer any hotel near conference venue as per night 50$ 150$
Food 120$ Per Day 40$(3 times) 120$ Per Day 40$(3 times)
Local Transport 40$ Airport to Hotel, Hotel to conference venue transfer 40$
Visa Fee 80$ Visa fee 60$ On Arival Visa fee
Subtotal 1000$ Subtotal 950$
Total= 1950$

Other instructions[edit]

It Will be great if WMF Booked the flight Ticket,Hotel and pay the registration fees. We are also requesting for advance reimbursement.


  • Endorsed As a campus volunteer myself, I endorse it. I'm sure your participation in the conference would inspire so many people. We're also planning a meetup in Bangkok prior to the conference date. Look forward to seeing all of you soon. --Athikhun.suw (talk) 13:27, 25 August 2017 (UTC)
  • Endorsed I feel very excited to see the site visit and experience sharing can finally start to work accross asian regions. I hope this initiative can bring the inspiration beyond physical boundaries and a mile stone for a prosperous collaboration in the future. --Liang(WMTW) (talk) 12:05, 26 August 2017 (UTC)
  • Endorsed ~ Moheen (keep talking) 13:39, 26 August 2017 (UTC)
  • Endorsed The participant of the plan, the detail have mentioned in the page. Koala0090 (talk) 03:04, 27 August 2017 (UTC)
  • Endorsed This is a good opportunity for an emerging education community to gain experience, participate in an international conference and collaborate with a more experienced program from Asia. Collaborations between Wikipedians from the same region should be encouraged as they foster an inter-regional sharing culture which helps grow both communities. Best Shani Evenstein. 09:34, 27 August 2017 (UTC)
  • Endorsed This is an exciting opportunity for colloaborate Education program in Asia. I support it. S.M.Tanim (talk) 10:32, 28 August 2017 (UTC)
  • Endorsed --Kritzolina (talk) 06:12, 29 August 2017 (UTC)
  • Endorsed I know personally him for a long time. He is actively working with Wikipedia Education program. Fully support it. -Hasivetalk • 15:33, 29 August 2017 (UTC)
  • Endorsed I think this is a good opportunity to showcase the accomplishments of Chittagong Wikipedia and Wikipedia Taiwan in implementing Education Programs in Asia. I am happy to see collaboration in the Asia region, and volunteers from Taiwan and Bangladesh presenting together sets a very good example for others to emulate. NSaad (WMF) (talk) 18:51, 7 September 2017 (UTC)