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This Wikimedia Participation Support request was funded in the fiscal year 2014-15. A report is available.

Big Fat Brussels Meeting Episode 3
summaryParticipating in planning and preparation of coordinated public policy initiative in EU and studying the possibility of initiating a project for detailed mapping of legal issues concerning Freedom of Panorama in all European countries.
event locationBrussels, Belgium
event date(s)Nov 20-21, 2015
amount requested431 EUR
home countryEstonia
submitted on15:18, 14 October 2015 (UTC)

Proposed participation[edit]

I am an experienced Wikipedian (since 2004) with high expertise in copyright and other legal issues concerning Wikimedia projects. I'm working actively towards a proposal for establishing FoP in Estonia, so exchange of experiences and coordinating planned activities would be of great use. Up to now, our work on public policies hasn't been very well-coordinated with the EU-level efforts of Wikimedia movement and its partner organizations, so mutual consideration is very much needed. (While I'm currently the independent expert on this field in Estonian wikicommunity, WMEE is also going to send an official representative to keep the organization in the loop, as we're working together on these issues.)

Goal and expected impact[edit]

First of all, we need to coordinate our efforts on influencing public policies between different countries and on the EU level. So, I hope to gain useful knowledge to adjust our action plan, improve the further flow of information on these issues to Estonia, and perhaps give some useful input on our experiences to the other participants. Second, to make effective proposals locally and harmonization attempts across Europe we need to map the legal situation concerning FoP in all European countries to the level of all relevant details. I hope to study the possibility for initiating such a mapping project in cooperation between different Wikimedia organizations and wikicommunities.

Budget breakdown[edit]

Provide a detailed breakdown of your funding needs here. Please specify the currency for all amounts. For example:

  • Accommodation - 3 nights in a Brussels hotel (preferrably in the midtown area, saving time on commuting; as there will be two people from Estonia, we can share a room): EUR 125+25=150
Current search 1 shows it should be possible to get a double room for about 250 (one half would be 125) but most likely the prices will rise in the couple of weeks grant application processing and money transfer will take (in the best case). I'd estimate the rise to be about 20% (25 EUR) but I might be mistaken. Unfortunately, 3 nights will be needed as there is no chance to get in time from Tartu to Brussels (or back) in the same day without missing a significant part of the event.
  • Travel
    • Round trip airfare from Riga to Brussels: EUR 130+11+49+26=216
Current search 2 gives the cheapest flight as 107 EUR but the next ones average about 125-130 EUR. The system does not show the additional expenses without already making the reservation but the last time I flew, they took 49 EUR for ticket return guarantee (in case something happens) and EUR 11 as a fast reservation fee. Also, I expect the price will rise 20% as noted above (EUR 26).
    • Bus from Tartu to Riga and back: EUR 34 3
Depending on whether I'm going to use the flights I hope to. In a couple of weeks, all kind of stuff can happen.
    • Train between Brussels Airport and Brussels City: EUR 8.5+8.5=17
"from 2nd class: Single: €8,50" 4
    • Metro in Brussels 5: EUR 14
The exact location of the venue is yet TBD but I hope metro will take me there.

All in all, 150+216+34+17+14=431 EUR.

Other instructions[edit]

  • I need advance disbursement, as I really don't have that kind of cash reserves.
  • If possible, it would be really nice to get some living costs covered. Brussels is definitely more expensive than the stuff in my own fridge at home. But I'm not sure how that might be managed.


Oop is an active and valuable member of the Estonian Wikipedia community. He has written extensively on Freedom of Panorama (FoP) issues, both on the Wiki and in national media. He is also involved in an effort to achieve full FOP in Estonia. I believe the experience he has in writing about and promoting FoP will be as valuable to the participants of the meeting as the contacts and knowledge gained will be to the Estonian FoP efforts. -Daniel Charms (talk) 15:29, 20 October 2015 (UTC)