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Event name[edit]

Culture and Technology and Communication (CaTaC) conference in London. I had submitted a full paper which was accepted, and presented a few highlights from the paper in person. Paper and talk were titled "Clash of Cultures, Clash of Values: Wikipedia and Indigenous Communities".

Participant connections[edit]

All presentations at this conference were plenary events, so the 30 or 40 conference attendees attended the talk. I got quite a few positive comments afterwards, relating to both content and format.


As expected, the interesting conversations happened outside the session venue, at the conference dinner and in the smokers' corner. However, due to the tight deadline of this report I haven't got any document to link to, draft or final. The following new ideas emanated from the CaTaC conference:

  1. To further content creation in indigenous languages I will run an editathon for Namibian languages on 26/27 October in Windhoek. This editathon is part of the ICCCS conference at our university.
  2. A professor from the University of Tromsø suggested a mutual exchange of lecturers with my institution, the Namibia University of Science and Technology. I'm certainly on board with this one.
  3. A professor from the University of Oslo asked for Wikipedia outreach for the Saami people in far northern Norway. That would of course be a cool thing to do, and I will follow this one up, too.


(NAD = Namibian Dollar, equivalent to ZAR = South African Rand)

  • Flight ticket WHK-FRA: NAD 10,573 per emailed receipt. Please deduct NAD 438 from this; This was a one-way rail ticket within Germany which I used privately. Total amount is thus NAD 10,135.
  • Flight ticket FRA-LON: (EUR 168,09 per emailed receipt): NAD 3,063.37 charged to my credit card
  • Conference fee (140 GBP on 7 July 2016, I'll email the receipt just now): NAD 2,729.09 charged to my credit card
  • Total: NAD 15927.46

Amount left over[edit]

Anything else[edit]