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Grants:TPS/Robert Radke/SMWCon Fall 2016/Report

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Event name[edit]

SMWCon Fall 2016

Participant connections[edit]

The focus of the event was on develop useful applications based on Semantik MediaWiki. I met of course well known Wiki(p/m)edians but also made new contacts. For me personally a project about using existing .pdf documents an provide them with data from a semantic Mediawiki was new and useful link to the slides.


Option 1: Shared Experience: What is one way you shared something from your experience with your community (either locally or globally), after the event?
Add a link here to a blog post or newsletter you wrote about your participation afterwards, or to a meet-up you organized to share your experience with your local community.

Isn't done yet. It is planned to make a session at the podcast Wikistammtisch. There I will mainly talk about semantic Mediawiki and of course about the conference. Even since Wikidata exists SMW is not obsolete because it is much easier to use and there are so many usecases around it is a solution for so many IT problems. I think this is the massage of these conferences and this has to be spread. The SMWCon should be promoted much more because all these use Cases shown there would be beneficial for the whole movement. I strongly believe that there is potential for many great projects in all kinds of sections and that there could be a lot of new input if these possibilities would be spread better. I hope I will improve this communication a bit.

Option 2: Learning Pattern: What is one useful learning pattern you can share with the Wikimedia movement?
Add a link to a learning pattern - either a new pattern you created with insights from your participation, or an existing pattern to which you added your endorsement and some significant new "considerations" or “examples” from your experience.
Option 3: New Creation: What was one useful outcome of the event for the Wikimedia movement?
Add a link to something new that was created as a result of your participation in this event (for example, you might link to a new tool that you and your co-participants made as a result of attending this event, or to a set of articles that the participants in your workshop created at the event).


  • In total I hade expenses of 324,80€
  • Travel (Berlin - Frankfurt and back): 119,40€
  • Accomodation (1 night): 59,-€
  • Participation fee: 140,-€
  • local transport: 6,40€

Amount left over[edit]

I recommended 384,50€ and used 324,80€. But since I got no money until now, it would be nice to transfer the sum used.

Anything else[edit]

A link to what I presented at the event. As you see MediaWiki can look like a fancy App and it can also be used like this. Link to a short description and some images