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Grants:TPS/Sahaquiel9102/Encuentro de Activistas Digitales de Lenguas Indígenas/Report

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Event name


Encuentro de Activistas Digitales de Lenguas Indígenas

Participant connections


The 15 activist, speakers of indigenous languages, the organisers, collaborators and assistants (almost 30 persons), went to the talk about how Wikipedia can help to preserve indigenous languages, and 10 went to the workshop about basic editing of wiki-code and the use of Visual Editor.

We make strong connections with the organizer group (Global Voices, and it's program for small languages - Rising Voices) and the institution where all we gathered - The Caro and Cuervo Institute. We talked about organize a Editathon or something like that there. Also, and maybe the more important, we share with indigenous people, adding them as FB friends and talking in a secret group created by organizers. In that way they can keep in touch with me (and Wikimedistas de Colombia) to develop future projects and get help from us.


Option 3: New Creation: What was one useful outcome of the event for the Wikimedia movement?
Add a link to something new that was created as a result of your participation in this event (for example, you might link to a new tool that you and your co-participants made as a result of attending this event, or to a set of articles that the participants in your workshop created at the event).

I created two presentations for the meeting: One about why Wikipedia is important for indigenous languages and how it can help to keep them alive and a workshop about basic editing of wiki-code and use of the Visual Editor


Amount received: 20000 COP
Amount spent Day Reason
8200 June 17 Moving to Transport Terminal (1700), to Cali's Airport (5000), and from Bogotá's Airport to accommodation (1500)
3000 June 18 1500 for each travel from the accommodation to event place and comeback
3000 June 19 1500 for each travel from the accommodation to event place and comeback
8200 June 22 Moving from accommodation to Bogotá's Airport (1500), from Cali's Airport to Transport Terminal (5000) and from there to home (1700)
Total spent 22400 COP

The flight cost was 231.90 USD, it was booked by the GRANT administrators of WMF. Accommodation was covered by myself and food by the event organizers and me.

Amount left over



Anything else


There is Commons category about the event and a draft of blog post for Wikimedia blog. I'll write a blog post for Wikimedistas de Colombia's blog too.