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United States
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Fembot UnConference
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Feb 9-10
Event location (city)
Portland, Oregon
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USD 576.11

Chelsea Bullock, University of Oregon

Budget breakdown[edit]

  • Travel:
  • Flight round-trip from San Francisco to Portland: USD $204.60 (Leave Feb 8 - Return Feb 10)
  • Accomodation: USD 119 x 2 nights: USD 272.51 (with tax) (at conference hotel)
  • Per diem: USD 49.50[1] x 2 days = USD 99

Total: USD 576.11

Note: This flight is as of the day of publishing this request. This price may change until I receive confirmation of acceptance/decline of this request.

Proposed Participation[edit]

I will be participating in a two day unconference related to feminist publishing and collaboration. I was invited by the organizers of the conference to participate, in relation to my work with women and Wikimedia projects. I intend on hosting unconference discussions about ways to collaborate with feminist and women's studies and scholarly organizations to improve not only coverage of related subjects on Wikipedia, but how to also engage more women in scholarly sectors related to women's studies to edit Wikipedia. I'd also like to perhaps participate in hosting a "how to" edit hands on activity for participants. I also hope that my participation will allow me to learn what other feminist and women's studies programs have done internationally to engage scholarly collaboration and explore opportunities for collaboration with the Wikipedia community and these organizations.

Goal and Expected Impact[edit]

I hope to leave the unconference with participants having a stronger interest in engaging the Wikimedia community, and helping us work towards the hard goal of closing the gender gap - as participants and via content improvement. I also think this could be a great opportunity to engage professors about the education program that the Wikimedia Foundation has, so perhaps we'll get some contacts enthused and interested about it. I also hope that I can leave this with a stronger list of contacts for WikiWomen's History Month in March, which will mark it's second year.