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Cultura Digital BR: International Festival of Digital Culture, 3rd edition
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Rio de Janeiro
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  1. OTAVIO1981, Campus Ambassador in Brazil and volunteer of Wikimedia Brazil Chapter. I'll help Solstag with this event in Rio.
  2. Jonas Xavier, Volunteer of Wikimedia Brazil Chapter. It's important share the "wiki culture" inside this kind of event.
  3. Nevinho, WMBr volunteer.
  4. Rodrigo Tetsuo Argenton m 03:07, 18 November 2011 (UTC) WMBR volunteer
  5. CasteloBrancomsg 23:03, 18 November 2011 (UTC) (volunteer, Wikimedia Brasil) Solstag is a trusted member of our group and i think he can help us to introduce some important partnerships during such events. Strong support.

Budget breakdown[edit]

  • Travel: R$750 flight CGH-SDU
    Round trip São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro economy class ticket
  • Accomodation: R$70 per night x 4 nights = R$280
    Hoping they still have vacancies at a cheap hostel near the event
  • Local mobility: R$50
    Ten round trips by bus or subway, includes trips to and from the airports.
  • Additional expenses: R$100
    Material and infrastructure I might need for the activities planned.

Proposed Participation[edit]

About the event[edit]

This is the largest and most significant meeting of digital culture activists, artist, educators and researchers in Brazil. The organizers are enthusiastic about Wikimedia and friends with our community.

One of the major groups participating in this meeting are managers of Culture Spots, which are culture centers spread throughout the country with a commitment to sharing and collaboration practices, established during our previous government, and which are currently facing harder times. This is a humongous opportunity to spread the principles and practices of the Wikimedia Movement, both by inviting them to use and improve our knowledge resources and also by offering support through the WMF Grant's program, which would substantiate and strengthen their commitment to free knowledge and open collaboration.

I am encouraging other people from our community to be present there. Some of them already live in Rio and others are already trying grants from other sources.

I am friends with the event organizers.

About me[edit]

I am sysop at pt.wikiversity, regular contributor to Commons and occasional contributor to {pt,en}.wikipedia. I am also a member of the Grant Advisory Committee.

I am experienced in organizing projects with cultural institutions in the context of the Brazilian WMF chapter, including some ongoing in Rio de Janeiro.

I already presented a talk about Wikiversity during a previous edition of this festival, when it took place in São Paulo.

About me at the event[edit]

I plan to set a booth at the event to distribute promotional educational material about Wikimedia, which we already have, and organize small conversations to promote participation in Wikimedia Projects. Depending on my mood, I might also remind people to contribute to the annual fund raising campaign. ;)

I will explicitly focus on getting Culture Spots to adapt their projects to use and improve the Wikimedia Ecosystem, which many of them already do sometimes in a somewhat naive way, and apply for WMF Grants.

Goal and Expected Impact[edit]

I would be happy if I get 10 culture spots applying for WMF grants, at least 5 of which will become more engaged with Wikimedia regardless of the grant.

I hope I can get some academics to contribute to Wikiversity and Wikipedia, and talk to them about the Universities Education program, which I know well, but if I have to choose I'll throw all my chips to the culture spots.

I also think meeting Wikimedians from Rio, if they show up there, will be great, as they've been absent from our general meetings.