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Welcome back from Wikimania 2016!





New Creation: I came back from Wikimania inspired to create a new project on the Hebrew wiki - the equivalent of the Women in Red project I first became aware of in the Gender Gap sessions. I have now opened twenty six new pages/lists of articles about women that are missing on the Hebrew Wikipeda, and have invited editors from the community to participate in creating lists. The outcome is that we have a growing, participative, list of articles, as well as community collaborations. For example, the hewiki project on the Arabian Peninsula have collaborated with me to create lists of women from Kuwait, The United Arab Emirates, Yemen, and so on. This is very exciting to me as part of my Wiki Women TLV initiative, because it both shows the extent of the content gender gap, and we can track articles as they become blue.

Here is the entry page to the project - each link is a subpage (for example, women in film, women in STEM, women in politics, etc.).


Meeting people was my favorite part of Wikimania! It was incredible to compare and contrast experiences on wiki (and in life), especially with other wikipedians who are involved with smaller wikipedias. It's amazing how much our experiences overlap, and we were able to share advice and support and enthusiasm.

Anything else[edit]

This was my first Wikimania, and it was an incredible experience. I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend, and I hope to have the opportunity again next year - the one thing I came away with knowing for sure is that the Wiki Women TLV initiative is entirely unique, and I would like to present next year on our successes, challenges and lessons learned.

Thank you so much for this opportunity!!