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Welcome back from Wikimania 2018!



Asturian Wikipedia (


Dbudell from Wikitongues (left) and I (right) in AfroCrowd meeting.
Option 1: Shared Experience:

I shared my experience in the official twitter account of Asturian Wikipedia (, also, I kept other active users informed about the contacts I was having and how they could help us in the future and with interviews before and the conference (You can see it here also an interview with the Asturian public radio that is not available online)

This was my second Wikimania and, like in the previous conference, I have tried to make known what we do in our community and relate to projects similar to ours since the pre-conference, sharing with many people our initiatives to end the gender gap and our work in automatic translation and revision, being a very small group.

During the next days I mainly attended talks about education (because I'm a teacher) and about minority languages. Thanks to the permanent contact with the Asturian community I was able to solve technical doubts of our community in the Hackaton and I translated hundreds of Wikidata terms that will allow tens of thousands of tags in this project to be in our language.

I am also worried about the situation in the country with the water crisis, so I attended the event and created the article in Asturian.


Wikimedia and Education.

This year I was able to share experiences with many more people than in the previous event. Knowing better how the conference works I have been able to find the right people, with whom to share common interests and create future relationships.

My mother languages are Asturian and Spanish, so it is a pleasure to be able to speak in Spanish in a global event with Ibero-American users that I did not know before (colleagues from Peru, Bolivia and Venezuela). Even one of them, Sahaquiel9102, is learning perfecting his knowledge of Asturian and I could record a video interview. This user also helped me to meet some users of the Esperanto community with whom I met part of the city in our free time.

Some of the users with whom I had most inspiring conversations were: African hope, Vera de kok, Aerwin, Dungodung, Eranroz, Mohsen, Isla Shadow and Aaharoni (who knows the situation of my language and showed me all his support for future projects, both psychically and technically).

On the other hand, I was also able to reinforce the relationship with people that I could not otherwise see in person and that is a very pleasant experience like Dbudell and his Wikitongues project.

Anything else[edit]

It was once again an amazing experience. I really enjoyed the possibility of met people around the world with the same interests as I do. Also make known the situation of our minoritized language and see that with people like the wikimedians our local language is also global and have a future, and also to be witness of how wiki projects arise in new languages ​​that until now did not have it.

As a negative note, because of the insecurity of the country, outside the hotel my phone was stolen and I lost information and photographs of the event. And, on the other hand, it seemed to me that there were some users who do not seek to share experiences, only seek to take many photos with other users.

Returning to Asturias, I gave an interview].