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Japanese Wiktionary, Japanese Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons


Option 3: New Creation: What was one useful outcome that was created at the event for the Wikimedia movement?

As some of the things that I consider useful as a result of my participation, I would like to mention knowledge and skills to expand my technical contributions (mainly learned at the Hackathon). They have resulted in improving the software by sending bug reports and patches (and more in future).

Attending the sessions above also proved to be an effective way for me to learn how to better teach others about these tools. I hope to share these pieces of knowledge as well as other parts of my Wikimania experiences with my on-wiki colleagues, online or at local meetups. I have started posting on online channels in Japanese, to start with at: [1] [2] (I plan to wrap these up and post on wiki or blog after c/e.)


I had been working on grants, OTRS, translation and bots before coming to this Wikimania, and I met and discussed with people involved with these functions at the conference. I knew little of them in person until the conference, although I had online collaboration before in these areas.

I was happy to meet an expat from Japan who is living in the Netherlands, mainly working on Japan-related articles on English Wikipedia. As I am living in Japan, we see an opportunity in diversifying resource access through resource exchange at least on a personal level. The shared accommodation at Thistle allowed me to meet and discuss a lot with Israeli Wikipedians in Residence.

Anything else[edit]

A corner at the Hackathon

I had a refreshing, energizing and inspiring time at the conference, and I was able to attend as many sessions as I can, without troubles. Thank you for having me, and thank you to organizers, Scholarship committee, WMF Grantmaking team and Wikimania participants.