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Event name[edit]

Photo trip to Begoro – Fanteakwa

Participant connections[edit]

The local people we met at the falls were hospitable but a little bit camera shy. We were a total of 13 people who went on the phototrip from Accra. I was given a chance to speak to the photographers amongst them and made them sign on. These are the list of those who signed on and their respective usernames.

  • Dume Viga - nornormetata
  • George Ofosu Darko - georgeofosu
  • Nii Amaar - Niiamaarcalabash
  • Nana Amissah - Newking2015
  • Akwesi Appiah - AkwesiAppiah


Option 3: New Creation:

I saw that the best way to engage the photographers was to go on the phototrip. When I started speaking, I saw the attentiveness given to me. First, I thought I was going to face a challenge because not all photographers like to put out their pictures for free. They gladly embraced the idea of sharing knowledge to the world through their lenses. Some were particular about getting grants to undertake projects and also letting the world know about their contributions and sharing them on the various social media platforms. I made them aware of the fact that Wikimedia does not tolerate the use of brand logos of photographers on the photos they upload on Wiki Commons.In all, I got a positive response from them.


Phototrip Ticket 70.00
Money used as Transport fare to go and collect the camera in Tema. 15.00
Transport fare from Home to Awoshie 1.40
Fare from Awoshie to Accra Mall Car park (Meeting point) 1.60
Lunch 7.00
Money Used to buy phone credit cards 3.00
Money Used to pay tour guide 2.00
Transport from Lapaz to Mallam @ 8:45pm 1.40
Bottled Water 2.00
Supper 5.00
Transport from Mallam to Home 1.50
Total 109.9

Total grant given = GHC 115.00 Amount used = GHC 109.9 Amount Left= GHC 5.1

Anything else?[edit]

Below is a gallery of the Photos I took on the trip.

I would like to say thank you to the Wikimedia Foundation for sponsoring me to go on this photo trip. I would to create an event whereby I can show participants how to use Wiki commons and possibly show them how to edit on Wikipedia.