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OpenSym 2014
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27th- 29th August 2014
Event location (city)
Berlin, Germany
Amount requested (remember to specify currency!)
2024 1984 2334 USD

Budget breakdown[edit]

Provide a detailed breakdown of your funding needs here. Please specify the currency for all amounts. For example:

  • Registration: 350 USD
  • Flight: Round-trip Economy seat 1520 USD (Retrieved from Lufthansa site on 29th June 2014)

From Penang, Malaysia to Berlin Tegel Airport, Germany

  • Accommodation: Single economy occupancy without breakfast (116 USD) x 4 nights = 464 USD
  • Total estimation: 2334 USD

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Proposed Participation[edit]

KEY QUESTION TO BE ANSWERED: How would your participation at this event further the Wikimedia Mission?

I am currently a Ph.D student and researcher in WOU based in Penang, Malaysia and I am interested to present my research study on OER course integration using Wikibooks in Open Distance Learning (ODL) context since 2013 till 2014 in the upcoming OpenSym 2014 conference.

I have submitted my OER research work and study entitled "Strategies for Promoting OER in Course Development and Course Delivery in ODL Environment" for presentation in OpenSym 2014 and I currently do not have any institution funding support for attending the OpenSym 2014. I wish to attend the session by motivational speakers and researchers as it will be a great learning opportunity in OER context and the knowledge and skills I will acquire will be immediately applicable to my research in open course delivery. The three OER-based courses are namely: (i)Programming Fundamentals with Java, (ii)Database Programming and (iii) Software Scalability and Reengineering. In addition I would like to get a chance by attending OpenSym 2014 to interact with researchers from diverse professional especially in open practices from different institutions.

Goal and Expected Impact[edit]

KEY QUESTION TO BE ANSWERED: What will be accomplished if your participation is successful?

By attending the conference, I wish to explore opportunities of working with delegates across multiple institutions to use Wikibooks for accessibility in educational resources and understand the challenges of the development and delivery of OER materials in ODL context. Furthermore, I wish to highlight that I am interested to present the results and surveys of OER-based course development and delivery in ODL environment mainly from adult learners in different regions during the conference sessions. I strongly believe that the exposure is important for interaction and integration of diverse ideas and approaches pertaining to OER integration in course development and delivery. I hope my considerations for travel and participation support will be accepted and given an opportunity to present and continue in contributing to the development of OER courses development and practices.

My submission detail is as following: Authors : Sheng Hung Chung Title  : Strategies for Promoting OER in Course Development and Course Delivery in ODL Environment Number  : 82 Category: Experience report short Track  : OpenSym 2014 Community Track